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Whewwww! My heart is racing! This is amazing for something made in a Jam. I felt a genuine joy of exploration which turned into genuine horror haha. Very Lovecraftian almost.

Absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic! I love the surreal sounds and graphics, to give a sort of soothing feeling to killing humans haha. The bright/lurid colours were an excellent choice. Oddly, I found the lack of sound effects to be a plus because it added to the sense of detachment you feel as the player.

If there were different kinds of abilities I could see this becoming a very intense strategic shooter.

I'd love to see this made into a full game honestly. I'd buy it.

Yes actually! I have an older jam game that I made:

Thanks so much for playing! :D It's just a gamejam game so I won't be adding any more to it, but I'm so happy you liked it! Thanks for including Make a Weird Heart in your video ^o^

Awesome game man! Hit a few bugs on my way where the zombies disappeared or the brain got stuck but overall this is a really cool concept and with a little polish such as shadows to show where the brain is in space this could be a really awesome game!

Loved the mechanic of the fishing rod and how fun it was to whirl the brain around hehe :D

Here's the video you requested:

Interesting game! I enjoyed the story of how Love became Blind, but it was very long before the game even started. Maybe it would have been better to have the story be told DURING the game? Maybe breaking it up a bit would also help with the fact that the audio and text didn't match up.

Ooh, or maybe the game itself could have been the myth itself! Instead of just what happened afterwards?

Either way, I enjoyed the graphics and gameplay, though the music got a bit annoying >_<

Thank you so much!! ;U;

I really enjoyed the change in tone of music and graphics as you start realizing what you've done. I did find it weird at first that it was often detrimental to your progress to kill the enemies, so I actually stopped after a while and just let dodged them (thank goodness!!)

Definitely a very cool entry, and it works really well with the theme :D

Fantastic game! :D Wonderful controls, graphics and audio. I can't judge the level design well though because  I was having a problem where every so often a level would load completely black and I had to start again. The furthest I could get was level 5 :(

Wow very well-made game! I really found this one fun to play, even though some spots were a little frustrating :P I really liked the fast-paced action that tied into the theme of Blindness.

Very cute graphics and audio. Solid entry!

A very fun and cute game, though I'm writing this comment in the time it takes for the girl to reach the end of the level >_<

Lovely graphics and audio with an interesting premise and good use of theme! If only the girl moved a bit faster hehe

A fun little game, though it might not be very well balanced. I find the enemies take a ton of damage before disappearing, and there is no break or warning in their attacks so it's tough to time >_<

I just found that running through everything as fast as possible worked pretty well so I have full health at the minotaur. Very pretty game though :)

Very cool game with awesome graphics! I liked the mix of ranged and melee attacks. The enemies were diverse and interesting with cool animations and effects :D

For me the only drawback was the music was pretty grating, which made me not want to continue playing after dying.

The point is to make a weird heart and to have fun hehe. Not really much beyond that ;P

In terms of Love is Blind? Yeah I definitely didn't take it too literally, though I guess I interpreted it as not understanding what's going on inside another person's head, and watching their reactions to figure them out? I'm glad you liked the graphics and audio!

I'm so glad you liked it! :D

I've just played and rated your game. It was very fun!

A very solid entry! I like the story and the graphics are well-executed. :)

I'm not 100% sure if the vibe of the audio really fit the mood of the underworld, since it was pretty upbeat and kind of funny but it was entertaining to listen to!

Very interesting mechanic, though in some cases it was annoying when the woman would get caught on the edge of an object and then get pushed to her death >_< However I think the implementation of health went a LONG way in making this game a bit more forgiving, since much of the game relies on knowing what's about to happen in advance, and the further you can get, the better you can plan for it in the future.

Very well done!

I’d love to give you some feedback!

Would you consider rating my game as well:

Definitely a very tricky game! I like that you had different challenge levels, but some different types of enemies might have made it more interesting. Also perhaps some special bonus activities like collecting power ups or leading the moles away from their loves?

Loved the graphics and the whole mood was nice and cheerful ^_^

A very cute and sweet game ^u^

Loved the painterly graphics, the soothing audio and the smooth movement. I don't think you needed to have so many arrows on the ground to guide people since it was usually pretty obvious what you needed to do to pass the stage, but otherwise i really enjoyed the progression of game mechanics.

And that last level! -hng!!- So perfect :'D

I'm glad the pink whale stood up for herself in the end ^o^

I kept going upside down somehow, not sure if that was supposed to happen but it made me a bit queasy :O otherwise, it was an enjoyable little game with cute whales.

Also, I see where you're going with the -use the sonar to follow the clues and find Yellow- mechanic, but when I could just see him from very far away it kind of defeated to purpose. I did like going ooOOoOOOOOoOo though.

The platforming was solid but I found it unfair in places. For example that black square would appear from nowhere and send me back to the beginning of the level!

Also, I wasn't really that motivated to chase down the triangle with the bow, since it wasn't clear exactly what had happened to it? Did it run away from us? Was it kidnapped? I'm a bit confused. :o

Cute little game with a cute mechanic :D

I liked how the puzzles taught you the mechanics and become progressively more difficult. Could have used a few more levels but I understand this was made in only 2 days :O Bravo!

Definitely reminded me of the Original Legend of Zelda! Some way to get life back would have been helpful, since I kept dying from enemies not knowing how much damage they would do >_<

The control scheme was cool and smooth, though sometimes the sword could hit enemies that were far away enough that they wouldn't even notice you.

Cool premise though!

Very cool game, though I wasn't able to get super far... I found it very difficult to judge where I was going to land sometimes, so after spending about 5 mins trying to get down from that first checkpoint I had to give up and go to work >_<

A very pretty game with soothing audio (except for that laugh! so creepy! O_O). A solid entry though it could use some polish.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! Yeah the arm is a tad slow, though it does get faster as the game progresses ^_^

And yeah I really wanted to focus on the relationship between the player and the monster and how the player interprets the monster’s emotions.

Also I’ll definitely check out your game!

Oh I wonder what happened that made the screen go black like that? I’m so glad you liked the graphics and audio though!

It is a bit of a weird little game hehe

Hey if you're still playing games here's mine:

just wanted to mention that this is still going! I’ve only done 7 of the 40 games on the list but I’m always looking for more!

How dare you give me emotions ;o;

Lolol didn’t have time to program it ;P

Lol in my next game I’ll definitely have a hug mechanic just for you ^o^

I honestly don’t think a voluntary heartbeat would have improved it. After all you can’t just make your heart pump voluntarily and I think the random wandering was actually a big draw of the game.

Oh?? I shall do that 

Wow does that horse have spirit! Look at him jump!

A very nice game, with a chill mood, though some background music would have been fun to set the scene. I never made it to Old Rock, but I gave it my best shot darn tootin'!

I'm not 100% sure where the horse's hitbox ends because I found the distance I needed to be before the cacti before I'd die to be a bit inconsistent.  Otherwise very fun and chill.

Very fun and smooth game! It suited the theme really well and the power-ups added a lot of strategy to the game ^_^ I got around 18k points and a maximum of 15 followers, which I was proud of until I saw the comments haha.

Very fun game and a cool twist on frogger!

I love this interpretation of the theme! Also the decision to add the slow-time item was very inspired. I would have like to have seen some more obstacles that required the Pillow as opposed to just the planks, and maybe a bit more verticality to the levels, but it is a jam after all and there are time constraints!

Graphics were very nice but a bit fuzzy on my monitor, and the Audio was very soothing!

Overall, a solid entry

Absolutely phenomenal.

I love the way you used very subtle elements to express the different game mechanics, and the radar-effect was intuitive and an excellent use of the theme. The movement was smooth, though I might have sometimes wished that the pulses would come closer together so I could move faster. It was tough to be patient sometimes, but that's part of love I suppose? It's rare that I play a jam game all the way to the end if lose multiple times but Heartbeats kept me going with its excellent design.

Best jam game I've played in a while, and it reminded me a lot of Thomas Was Alone. ^o^

Very cool game and it fit the theme very well :P Very nice and polished graphics also!

I didn't mind that one misplaced block meant you have to restart the level, but I would have appreciated the ability to skip the winning cutscene. As DyoXyne said below it would have been nice to have some sort of hint appear after failing a certain number of times, since I am rather dumb with puzzle games like this!

Otherwise a fantastic entry and very smooth!

Wow absolutely gorgeous minimalist style! Took a second to get the hang of the movement delay (since I'm not a huge bullet-hell fan) but I liked the trade-off of slowing down time and reducing visibility. Very well-made and polished!