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Thank you :)

Love the graphics and audio.
Very nice entry.
Good job :)

Finally a game that tells a story and lets u play at the same time. (w/o walls of texts)
Very nice graphics! Since she is blind, less saturated  and dark colors fit so well.
Good job!

Very cool and fun game.
Love the graphics :)

Really cool game and very nice puzzles.
Good job :)

Very cool game.
Really like the concept :)

What a cute game :D
Had fun playing it and reading about his story :D
Good job!

Really pleasing and beautiful art!
Good work :)

I think its the best game ive played in this jam
Very cool use of mechanics, nice leveldesign and good puzzles.
I think the last level need to be fixed tho :D coz u can just look at the sensor and u r free to go.
Very good job!

For first few tries i had no idea whats killing me.
Maybe instead of "Your opponent appears as a red gradient" putting "Don't get caught by the red gradient" would be clearer?
Other than that very short and simple game.
Adding more randomly generated levels would definietly make it more enjoyable :)

Realy nice graphics and animations
Audio is also very good, simple yet catchy soundtrack and fitting sfx
Good job :)

Sorry for making u uncomfortable but if u wait long enough we will make opposite and pug versions just like spelunky did.
Then u can replay the game and enjoy every second!

Really good entry for a 1 person game.
Very simple mechanics but leveldesign made it really fun :)
And ofc i cant deny that the soundtrack is awesome - i wish i had skills to make music like this :D
Good job :)

Thanks for feedback!
Yeah we have worked hard to make it and still much content had to be cancelled :D
I thought i got rid of "stuck" issue by adding more spikes on levels that u could get stuck in but i guess ill have to check it again :(
Thanks again for playing and rating :)

Thank u  :)

Cool concept
Adding few more levels and sounds would help for sure
1Tip: u should make both characters jump with the same key so your game usess less buttons and its less confusing
Good job tho :)

(1 edit)

Thank u really appreciate that :)
I think u r right and ill add few screenshots :D
Also ive left a lil something in your games comments :)

I played it alone so my brain is not functioning very well atm
Controlling left character with arrows and right one with wasd is confusing :D

For the 1st level i think the switch that u need to jump on is useless tbh and its frustrating when u made it with the girl and then u realise u have to use her to help the boy go up and then! 2nd switch is actually above and does the same thing as 1st one so u start wondering why would u even bother playing with the 1st one

2nd level (got 7 hearts, 3 diamonds, 4 spades and 7 clubs?) i dont remember but i couldnt open the door and i felt stupid coz i didnt want to write everything down + i wasnt sure if im inputing the code correctly

3rd level! Best one imho. I think playing that level with friend and yelling: Little more to the left! Fast! would be great and very fun!

I like that u have tried implementing few puzzles and if tbh i liked all of them :D
Only if i wasnt so lazy i would probably solve the 2nd level :D
Really like the simplicity of graphics and the mood of music.
Overall very cool idea and on point with the theme
Good job

ok i feel dumb now
for some reason i couldnt to do it the 1st time i played
maybe coz i was jumping straight up idk
but now that ive finished it i can say thats pretty fun game
good job :D

I thought that when u fill a container and something happens its clear enough that something will happen when container gets empty

Guess I was wrong :)

Thanks :)

Platforms with tanks move back when the tank is empty :D
So now that u r unstuck u can use continute button and continue on the same level that u left :)

Thank you!

So simple yet so satisfying
Well done :)

Hey im getting stuck
doors r not opening and clouds r blocking my way up
i killed all enemies

Iike the idea but it needs few fixes.
I think adding 0 friction material on both characters would help avoiding getting stuck when jumping close to eachother.
And adding a bigger trigger collider onto the fat one to make destroying easier ( it doesnt always work) would also work out better.
I realy like the simlpe art and your sounds :D
Overall very good entry for a 1st jam

Thank you :)
U mean levels at the end felt repetitive? :D
Just kidding :P But i think thats what gamejams r about to reuse the same assets to create different expiriences coz of time constrains :)
So im glad u liked it! :D

Thanks for the feedback and finding those bugs! :D
Just uploaded version with fixed cheating jump and w/o levels that u can get stuck on.
For some reason player prefab on one of the levels had looping adudiosource so fixed that aswell.
About the levels i tried to introduce player to new mechanics gradually so its awesome u liked it :)
I hope u didnt skip levels but if u did u will now have a chance to replay the game w/o cheating :D

Thanks again for playing and im glad u enjoyed it :)

I am falling through map when  i do that :D

208 :D

Guys ive read the lore and the elevator takes me to start scene instead of to dungeon!
Very nice graphics and music and love the platforming mechanics
*U have left Button text on HeavyFun logo :P*

Ive made it to the truning slope! Did i win!?
Very nice music and pretty cool game :D
Good job :)

Very cool simple platformer.
I really like the humor! :D
Whole game i was like - why r those shells just laying everywhere?
And then i realised but it was too late....
Good job on your entry :)

Very cool concept!
I really like that cartoony art :D
Saddly no sounds i bet it would make a big difference :)

Cool :)

Cool audio and reveal mechanic!
But its too short! More!

(1 edit)

Very well executed game!
Graphics remind me a little of Celeste which is good thing!
Music and sounds on point.
The only bad thing about it is that it is so short! More puzzles and levels please!

Really good puzzlegame!
I love the mechanics and leveldesign
*i think there is a bug when the music isnt palying in all the levels*
Very good job!

(1 edit)

I would reccomend adding background or some texture to platform so player can actually see if and how fast he is moving :)
Cute graphics tho, I really like that purple heart ;)

Ive tried it but boy glitched out in 3rd level he stoped following me
Very cool concpet and i would love to play fixed version with some logic puzzles :)