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The Curse of MalnoirView game page

Will you survive enough nights to find a cure for your werewolf lover?
Submitted by Corbak Games (@CorbakGames) — 7 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#263.8183.818

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Brilliant! It was a real challenge. I didn't make the ending, but the attempts were atmospheric enough. This is the sort of jam game where you can really see the potential. The aesthetic reminded me of 'Don't Starve' and really suited the vibe of the town and the arrival of the werewolf. I'm not quite sure abotu the motive of the guard, I presume it was to enforce a curfew. Audio was great and the effects were nice. I could really see how give more time this game could be something really special. Perhaps even with a multiplayer element.


Thank you for your kind words, It's nice to see that you liked it and you took time to write me. Thank you for that :)
The graphic style were a bit inspired by don't starve yes, although their artists is much more better and their animators too. :P

Actually you are totally right, the guard was here to enforce a curfew because they heard that someone steal things from places (you) so they try to find the thief. They have no clue that there is a werewolf roaming. But due to time constraint we unfortunately couldn't implement enough information for the player to understand what is happening.
We will see if the idea gets popular, it might be an idea to expand it into something, why not. Wait & see.

Thank you again !


Nice game but might be too hard.

I searched all of the places and only found antidote in the last searched one so I guess I have to redo the full search for each of the three objects. The problem is it took 3 full days to search everything so if unlucky the player won't get it in time and on average it should take (3/2 (average per object))*3(number of objects)=4.5 full days to find all three objects so basically there is very little margin of error. At least it seems this way.

I kept an eye on the map more than I looked on the main-screen itself. I was very cautious and was ready to throw some rocks or meat but then received a message that a guard was killed. Ah, forgot about that rule:)

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:


Thank you for your feedback.
There is some balancing issue here and there I give you that. Sometimes you can by really lucky and find 2 objects in a day, some other times you dond't find it until looking to the very end. Sorry if you experienced that kind of issue.
And lucky you didn't try the post-jam version because the wolf is faster and there is a guard during the day Ah! :D

Anyway glad you played it and your feedback will be taken into account (like everybody) if we tend to extend the experience one day.
Thank you




Thank you


One of the gems in this game jam! Only downside is that it's kind of dependent on one's luck rather than strategy - maybe I'm mistaken & i'm a bad player. Anyway this game totally rocks & meats! Love music, sound fx, graphics, interface, all responsive, minimap. Well almost unbelievable that this was made in such short time, you have my admiration sir! GG

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your comment, that's very nice of you. And you are being too nice :)
Music wasn't us, we took it from and sounds too. We just arranged them to match the gameplay.
It was made in a bit more than 2/3 days. We couldn't work the full week unfortunately. It would have been nice because we would have liked to add many more things :)

And you are right, it's unfortunately based and randomised object placement. So we didn't have time to add a kind of gamification where things to be unlocked in a certain order. Let's say it's a "prototype" for an idea that could be expanded. But the base gameplay is there, and that is the most important. I'm sorry that it felt a bit biaised by winning with luck or unluck for you but hopefully you enjoyed this scratched idead.

Anyway thank you very much for you kind words.

Jam Judge(+1)

I have good news for you my friend. This game is epic and pur fun and pretty much everything is perfect. Nothing to say here. Let the stars speak.


You are being too nice really :D But thank you very much for those kind words :)


Good and fun game. Cool sound effects. And some tension when the wolf is coming to you. Graphic style is also nice. Did not manage to finish it yet, but it was fun and that is the most important :)!


Thank you very much. I'm glad that it gave you a nice time even though it's not perfect due to time constraints. Anyway thank you for your kind words :)