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Igor Konyakhin

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Doesn't work on MacOS (BigSur Version 11.7.10)

“giac” needs to be updated.
The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information.

Looks like I was relatively fast compared to other completions

Nice and funny game

31:32 (first play-through)

Cool minimalistic concept

Yes, it was me :)

I'll check it out when I have time and Windows (currently only have Mac)

Programming is done in a simple language similar to python

How did you implement the execution part? Did you implemented custom interpreter yourself or found some library for that?

Cool idea! I wonder what would it be like with some automation aspects (conveyors, assemblers, etc.)

Looking at the pictures, I remember the game, but it has been one year, so it's hard to give any feedback

Here is how

To answer your concerns:

1) Yes, a lot of people (~30-60%) spam-comment. You can often find this out by going to commenters' profile and see times/intervals at which they post comments. Some people comment on different games as often as every 1-3 minutes, which obviously means they haven't played

2) There are two types of ratings: game rating (general ones - a single 1-5 star) and jam ratings (jam specific - several categories, 1-5 star each). Your analytics page likely shows general Itch rating.

Thank you for encouraging words! :)


I hope your time playing my game was well-worth it and you enjoyed every minute of it

I am glad you liked it!

What is your highscore?

Furthermore, the game will filter out sheep, who just can't appreciate the art,
so I'll have 1M+ of elite subscribers, not random ones

I actually abstained from asking my subscriber base to rate me, which highlights my integrity and humility

Indeed :)


Love was put into it :D Glad you liked it!

I personally don't mind, but just letting you know that linking to an updated version is specifically forbidden in the rules this time. - one with deep lore

Cool :)

Someone downvoted your comment. People seem not to understand a fair competition these days.

Yes, there are jams you want to grind, but for this one I chose to make a small highly polished game and have fun!

Regarding winning, it's hard to reason about "fairness" with certainty, because public vote is highly random - look at the public vote winners from Brackeys 2021.2:) I'd say exchanging 5-star ratings would be unfair, though

I am glad you enjoyed it

UI took a significant portion of time and years of experience to perfect

Thanks for an unbiased and objective review of my game ;)

Remember that Russians are Australians best friends after your takeover

Here is how it works:

  • You play my game
  • You rate it 5 stars in all categories

The game:

Actually, playing it is not necessary, you can just skip playing and rate it 5 stars straight away - that is ok as well


Your style reminds me of BlackThornProd

I am 99% sure my game is bug free this time

(1 edit)

There is often some (1-2 hours) grace period, but it's been 2h45 minutes past the deadline, so it's very unlikely you can still get in

Edit: Oh, I see you submitted, but just don't have WebGL. Still no - you can't change game uploads

My game with deep lore:

Hi Cyklan!

This time I made a game which you don't need to log into, it's not online and there are no GDPR issues: 

with deep lore

That should take quite a while, maybe a few months :)

thank you

(1 edit)

Thanks for trying out!

As I was doing it for a short game jam and I happened to be busy part of the time, my main problem was to at least finish the main loop (buy seed, plant, extract, sell crop) somehow, which I barely managed to do.

But then - yes, I know it's overwhelming. Tutorial and incremental progression is critically missing. Ideally, it would start with only ~5 lines of boilerplate code that you'll expand yourself.