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I don't know what is that ("rapid-fire macros")

It was unclear what to do but after the first round I got it and scored 8/5 dates on my next attempt. I failed the second level though with only 2/6 dates.

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

Ok, no problem

Check out my game (3D-horror):

I had to cut down a lot though.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I wanted to contact you to ask if you maybe want to do some collab in the future but haven't found your discord. Can you write me (@Igor Konyakhin)

which would for some reason start even if she was not near me

For simplicity it starts when she is geometrically close to you and that maybe the other floor (above/below) or on the other side of the wall.

Thanks for playing!

3d-modelling indeed took a ton of time. Thanks for playing.

I also played your game.

Some criticism:

1. The intro is too long

2. Readability is bad because of the pixel-font. This makes reading the long intro even more difficult

3. No need to ask if the player wants to load from checkpoint on every death. 95% he will

4. Sometimes it asks to reload to checkpoint a it after you've already reloaded. I suspect this happens when several enemies kill you at the same time

5. It's getting boring with time

6. It lags in WebGL. WebGL usually works slower, but it also usually runs smooth with simple graphics like this one.

Thanks for playing!

I'll be able to play your game if you make a WebGL or MacOS build.

Thanks for playing. Can't imagine playing 200+ games... :)

Very decent and quite polished game.

I would argue though that the cursor(heart) is moving very slow. In this type of games (avoid tons of particles) the controlled object's movement is usually immediate and for a good reason: because how much and fast you need to react to the environment. It might be a bit smoothed out. But in your game it follows the mouse too slowly.

Another slightly annoying thing is the intro sequence. In this type of game you restart level dozens of times and watching the same thing over and over again is boring.

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

WebGL loads audio with a big delay, but it haven't loaded audio eventually the last time I played. There was an audio this time anyway.

Check out my game (3D-horror):

Can you please upload a Mac build for yours?

I've already checked your game.

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:


Check out my game (3D-horror):


Check out my game (3D-horror):

So I played your game and I had shivers

Well, goal achieved!

Some collision are slowing you

I probably forgot to set frictionless physics material to some objects

I liked the peaceful voice of your player that finds that totally normal

Voice-acting turned out to be harder than expected and I was recording it around 8am in the morning, 3 hours before the deadline

Thanks for playing!

Nice game but might be too hard.

I searched all of the places and only found antidote in the last searched one so I guess I have to redo the full search for each of the three objects. The problem is it took 3 full days to search everything so if unlucky the player won't get it in time and on average it should take (3/2 (average per object))*3(number of objects)=4.5 full days to find all three objects so basically there is very little margin of error. At least it seems this way.

I kept an eye on the map more than I looked on the main-screen itself. I was very cautious and was ready to throw some rocks or meat but then received a message that a guard was killed. Ah, forgot about that rule:)

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

Cool, dynamic and nice-looking game. One of the best in the jam. No audio though:(

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

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Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it!

I'll play your game today. It would be cool if you can make a Mac build.

That folder which Unity builds is enough. It doesn't need to be approved for mac store (unless you publish to mac store).


I can't believe that people haven't noticed this beautiful game.

Probably because he wasn't doing marketing like crazy like we did:) And he doesn't have a WebGl build (he already wrote that something breaks in WebGL so he can't do it).

Thanks for playing!

I think the sharper sound is played when she is close, right?


just had to wander about in circles, opening every drawer

I had to cut down a lot on many aspects because of how much time 3d-modelling took. Opening every drawer is the intended way of playing this version and keys are spawned at different locations every time.

Can you build your game for Mac? WebGL lags on my MacBook even on "low" quality settings.

Music changes (most of the time) when she is close by. She talks every now and then which you might hear sometimes when you are close.

Thanks for streaming!

Ah. It's not marked as an Mac-executable that is why Itch app showed it's not available on Mac. Mark that file as an executable.

79k, seriously? Does it start multiplying score afterwards?

Because with linearly increasing score you would need to complete ~80x what I did which seems insane.

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So far, it's by far the best game of the jam I played (and I played around 35). The only all-five-rating for me.

Little criticism goes for when playing with a gamepad, up and down arrow-keys (D-pad) for some reason also move the character left and right, so when I came to the exit door I had to use joystick to move-up in order to exit.

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

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WebGL build lags a lot on a MacBook. Can you do a native Mac build? 

Responding in a bit more detail, to what you said on a stream.

2. Especially for you, I played Mario ( once again and... wow, how slow controls in Mario also feel. But that's a very old game and not necessarily an all-good game design. Take a look at something more modern. For example, Celeste (which you absolutely should play if you like platformers):

Note how much momentum is involved in the game, but the controls themselves are very responsive: you press - you move.

Or Rogue Legacy:

Same here - immediate moves.

Yes, in real life you don't move immediately but game is not real life and the main goal is to be fun, not realistic.

Besides that, characters in your game actually move and turn slower than humans in real life. Try it:)

And I don't mean you need to remove smooth turning all-together - no. I like that it's smooth, I just suggest to decrease momentum influence.

4. I played the first level and I can say it's very hard. It requires players to do many pixel/frame-perfect jumps. Jump slightly more or slightly less and you are dead. Took around 15 minutes to complete seeing both sides. Can't imagine someone completing it as intended. Have you playtested it with someone?

Are you counting for the fact that the longer you press the spacebar the higher you jump?

I mean some extra high, like 10-15x high normal jump. I feel it usually happened when I was jumping when near/touching the wall. I wouldn't be able to be that fast to catch a screenshot.

951, 362, 916 on my first three attempts. How bad is that?

Very nice graphics and gameplay. I would really like to play this with a joystick.

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

It's really missing some sounds.

Check out my game as well:

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It's unclear what you are supposed to do. I managed to research something, open the door, tried to sleep, but I couldn't interact with anything else. Soon the character got stuck walking inplace in the bottom-right corner.

Check out my game as well:

It's also one of the few 3D games in the jam

Yes, I did the voice-acting myself.

You are safe nowhere in the house:)

Really glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing and recording a video!

Yeah, with 2D there is actually more time to polish a game, it's easier for beginner and you don't need to know how to model. So I am not surprised there are few 3D-games

No idea why mouse sensitivity changed.

Yes, she has a knife.

Voice acting turned out to be harder than it seemed. I am far from satisfied with how I did it.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks, glad you liked it