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Thanks for the jam and the judgement! I am sure other participants long-awaited it as well:)
It would be interesting to share some thoughts about the jam, but I am quite busy at the moment so for now I will just write my email:
Igor Konyakhin

I join Ratuspro in looking forward! :)

Hi @GameCult! I see I am not the only one completing the jam the last minute:)

I can feel your pain. I also started to work on an RPG game but had to change plans because Unity 2018.3 is buggy (at least for Mac). I encountered several big bugs before but new Prefab workflow was to good to say "no" to new Unity. This time I encountered major terrain bug: collider wasn't updating with mesh. You can't play an RPG like that:( So I had to make the game not as big as I initially planned to.

Made it to the boss from the first try and beaten the game from the second try.

Pretty nice game.

Keep in mind though that even east difficulty is quite hard at the first attempts (which may discourage the player). I was able to get 54 kills on maybe 7-8th attempt.

Also, it seems that the hero shoots ahead of the supposed direction.

If you have Mac you can do right click by clicking touchpad with two fingers.

It's Unity3D

The idea is nice!

"18 people and 7 chickens.", - I didn't pass a test.

The huge problem is that with such a simple graphics it lags a lot, at least in WebGL (the last level plays at around 1-3 frames per second!)

Hi! It's Igor. Can you please update the game. I would like to add it to my teaching portfolio:)

Maybe they have different colliders? I wasn't able to jump on the boxes with the big chick even once

Small chick seems to jump just a bit higher. For example it can jump on the boxes on the first level while the big chick can't.

For me it ran on Windows 10.

Red blocks often appear right next to you when you enter the room.

Before reading the description on the game page the movement of the dragon seemed absolutely random. After reading the description I was able to complete the tutorial level from the second try though with only one heart left.

It is very hard to have precise controls over the dragon. It either goes up fast, stays at the same height or goes down fast. With left/right movement you have a bit more control but it is still either very fast or very slow movement.

Is the game supposed to shut down after white screen after 1251 are shown on TVs?

One of the few original games for the jam!

Problem: it only works when launched from Windows explorer. When trying to launch from Itch I get "application crashed. process exited with code 127"

Game lags to the point it is unplayable. It feels like 3-6 frames per second

I also fall into abyss the first time. "i didn't think many people would turn around at the very beginning", - I didn't turn around, I just went backwards from the vilaggers.

I don't understand how to cause any damage to villagers. Somehow I managed to score 1-2 souls but firing with right mouse seems to do them absolutely nothing.

I don't understand. I tried to make my army avoid bullets. At the end all my army is destroyed but there is my(?) ship left at the bottom which I cannot control.

Cool game. I liked how you can dash when you buy an upgrade. But

  1. Is there any way to avoid light? (It moves slower than you but at some point you reach the left border and light inevitably reaches you)
  2. Is there any way to restore health?

I loved the different attack, especially flying and teleporting but it feels that they are executed arbitrarily.

As already noted, inability to look down to see if there are spikes there is a problem.

The amount of story-text at the beginning is way too much.

+1 to show mouse cursor.

Another thing with controls is that left/right movement is swapped so when I press left it moves to the right side of the ship (when looking in the center which is the most common aim at this game) and the same with another side: when I press right, ship moves left.

A lot of labels on buttons don't fit in size and thus are not displayed.

👍 Thumbs Up for supporting gamepad 👍

The controls seem reversed. When I press left it turns right and when I press right it turns left.

Some criticism:

  1. It is not clear how to kill someone without being noticed. I didn't manage to do it even once.
  2. Move to cancel-poisoning only works with WASD keys. Moving with arrows doesn't cancel. 
  3. Dialog boxes obscure the most important area where you need to look for villagers.

Wow! Actually a decent game on this jam. Can't believe I played this 2 hours 50 minutes. Completed all 100 floors.

Some constructive criticism:

  1. It wasn't clear from the start that I have an inventory besides what is shown at the bottom of the screen. Same for levels up
  2. It wasn't clear how to reassign items to slots. Just pressing the digit is very convinient but I think it should have been explicitly written somewhere
  3. Hero picks up useless items. He picks up items he already has and items which are worse by all parameters than what he has. Near the middle of the game this leads to the necessity to often check inventory and trash bad items.
  4. Fights get boring very fast. On level 29 I had a one on one fight with blue fire (I think that is water elemental). We caused each other 1 point of damage each turn. It was long boring fight. I tried to avoid fights as much as possible but this elemental just blocked my path.
  5. Attacks happen fast which is good, but spells happen very slowly which annoys because, as I mentioned fights take a long time.
  6. Savings. Does the game save itself?

I tried to clear the whole floor until I think floor #80-70. Then it started to get boring so I just started to run in the search of the stairs. Starting floor ~#60 at the beginning of each floor I used "Find Stairs" which speeded up the completion of the game immensely. As I already mentioned I avoided fights where possible and just ran in the direction of the stairs.

Overall, one of the best games of the jam.

Day 4. Got promotion, people riot, company being sued (all on day 4). No new requests - is the game supposed to end this day?

Cool game, but controls are not clear. The first two times I tried to press the whole keyboard to shoot. The third time I managed to shoot by doing double jump but this is very far from obvious and should be explicitly stated. This time I scored 17230

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Here is what every button on Xbox One S bluetooth gamepad does:

LT - Nothing
RT - Nothing
LB - Sword
RB - Map

Left joystick - Movement left/right and changing gun direction (all four directions work)
Arrows - Nothing
Right joystick - Nothing

Left Menu Button (Two rectangles) - Menu/Controls
Right Menu Button (Three lines) - Nothing

A - Nothing (Correction: A does checkpointing)
Y - Nothing
X - Sword
B - Gun

I've managed to reach checkpoint Charlie (first) without dodging, shielding and when absolutely necessary pressing Space to jump.

Two other problems:

Seems like game doesn't run completely smoothly (60fps). I understand Mac is not the best for gaming but I think that 2D games (especially platformers) can (and should) run very smoothly. My Processor: Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2,6 Ghz. 8 Gb RAM.

I had to run back and forth sometimes to shoot enemies diagonally (slightly up).

Edit: Forgot to mention: I didn't find how to quit the game so I had to use Cmd+Q (Mac shortcut to close the app)

I am not sure if you already know or not but the game currently is completely unplayable on Mac with Xbox One S bluetooth gamepad because button assignments are messed. The most prominent is that it is impossible to press A (jump)