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Super unintuitive:( It should have been in the description

Thanks for clarifying!

I think it was around five, but I can say for sure that there was one hex left after I picked up my last hex. The hex left was "hex tiles appear" - as my previous run showed, taking this hex is almost certain almost instant death, so if I were not to complete this "run" this Limbo-"enter", I would likely not be able to do it in this run.

Cool as the previous one!

Although ~5 minutes per playthrough is way underestimated, but I completed it.

Nicely looking game (as usual) and I guess it would be nice to play ... if the controls were nice.

  1. No gamepad support
  2. Why mouse? Mouse has no place in platformers
  3. Moving is done with left hand (which is normal), but jumping is also done with left hand (because the right hand is on the mouse) - this is very unusual

I haven't made it past the first level either (although I collected all except one keys), but I think the difficulty is probably ok - it's just the controls which make it unreasonably hard

Thanks for playing!

The video about the process is finally up!

The video is up:


Glad you liked it!

Video is finally ready: 

Wow! That's cool:)

You'll see soon!

> I usually need to convince myself that I should start working
That is the hard part for many


Thanks! The game itself is quite easy, but it was a big challenge to cram all of that in such a short time

Thanks! There will be a video soon with the process:)


Can you mark it as Windows executable?

It's too much effort to download manually instead of installing via Itch app

(1 edit)

I am proud to present the game I've made for Low Effort Jam 2 as part of the Brackeys 10 minute game challenge! (Move with WASD)

The time (8 minutes 23 seconds) includes:

  • Random maze generation
  • Art
  • Shader Graph
  • Lights and Shadows
  • Cinemachine
  • Trail

I recorded the entire process and I'll soon make a video about it (give me a couple days) and maybe also a tutorial about random maze generation, but for now you can watch how I made a game in just 1 minute (although a much simpler one) for the previous Low Effort game jam: 

Update - and here is the video:

I demand more levels!

Storytelling is immersive

It took longer (and honestly more effort) than I planed, but after some delay, I am finally ready to post a video about making a game in 1 minute.

You can play the web version here:

> "Wrong! take car!"
There will be an option to take bus in an update. I actually didn't have enough time for it:)

> Also I must be an awful person because the first thing I do in a game when they give me a car is drive it right into a crowd. 
Quite expected. The initial intention was to have a policeman, who would come in case you crash into other cars/people, but I didn't have time for that either and now, having filled this part with destruction I don't want to remove it, so I don't exactly know how should I fit a policeman here.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing:)

Yes, while loading


Implementing user-input control would be too high effort for the jam, so you can input whatever string you want and get a result depending on however JavaScript handles conversion to number by default.

I also have a problem with this level starting with step 1 one your instruction.

First, it seems that it matters whether you just "Press" wasd or "Hold" wasd. If that is the case you should absolutely include it in the description, because in 99% of games it doesn't matter and it's very unintuitive control.

Then it still works unreliably: sometimes it pulls the block towards you, sometimes it pulls you towards the block. For example here (on the screenshot) it always pulled me towards the block instead of pulling the block towards me.

Take a look at other jam submissions - no one has nearly as many comments as you

"Smaller" means "my (computer's) number is smaller", I knew there might be misunderstanding here so I wrote it in the "How to play" section.

And then, there is lying: computer might randomly flip an answer sometimes to make your job harder.

I like math!

But I didn't have time to think about the optimal strategy for my game yet so, to be honest, I have no idea at the moment

> The first game of a lot of programmers I think
Yes, mine too. My father taught me how to program in Basic when I was around 8-9 or so and we made this game.

> I like the UI too.
That's where most of the work is:)

How did you get so many comments?

So the enemies approach you, but only if it brings them closer to the center...? What is the logic behind this piece of art?

Check out my game. I also made it in pure JavaScript

And you just made the problem worse, by making this page higher with your comment.

And I did too...

This is actually very cool!

But, have you managed to complete the game?

That level with 4 clicks seems almost impossible. I was able to horizontally launch the ball into the final top-right platform several times, but it always was too far so ball only bumped into the wall of the last platform. One time, with extra pricise movement and some luck, I managed to hit top-left corner of the last platform and at that point I gave up, as the clicks were really precise this time and the ball still didn't make it.

Check out my game as well:)

Not too bad! ... which in the context of this jam is bad though

Score: 25

This is actually pretty cool, although I hoped there would be other chess pieces as well.

My score: 332

How many people were on your team? Did you have a narrative designer?