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yes, there is indeed. But only on the standalone version located below the browser version. 

There are 3 levels in total, although you will find the next level button on the third one because we forgot to change it.

Thanks. After ratings I'll be sure to add those and some others. 

Thank you for your feedback yet again. 

Played, rated and commented.

Here's mine:

Actually played this with my GF. She's bad at games. Can say I had fun watching her flip. 10/10 will play again.

Also the blinder thing feels like, the days off sticking screen layers on TVs. 

Great job. 5*

Thanks for the feedback 43ther.

About the enemy variety, if we are talking about the shape of the enemies then that would be a little rough, since we barely got them done. They have a script where they predict where you will be going and shoot towards  your position if you continue. On level 1, though this is not true, enemies shoot where you stand and not where you are going thus, like you pointed out, just strafe and its fine. Level 2/3  enemies have bosses, which we could have made them bigger but it would interfere with some gameplay aspects and we never really got around a solution for it with the available time. Also bosses, use indeed a faster fire rate, more health and due predict a little bit where the player is going.

Levels 2 and 3  are indeed too big.  especially level 2 where we had such good modern looking buildings are they are barely shown.

Taking advantage of this conversation. On projectile behaviour, what if the harder enemies had a seeking projectile that the player had to shoot down in order to make it go away or run away ?

Kind regards,


Thank you for the feedback BeaverJoe.

Great,  we will be adding some audio, like bullets hitting surfaces.

Kinda regards,


Thanks for the comment Corbak Games.

Glad you figured out that the camera dialogue is a real-time display XD.

Pushing dead enemy bodies I agree. The reason for this is that we were using unity character controller just so we could avoid other buggy movement behaviour from rigidbody. But the drawback is that one. Enemies passing is due the nav-mesh. Since the nav-mesh is static and it doesn't take into account the enemies itself because that would mean having a dynamic nav-mesh. Still something I can fix after rating.

I already have a version with dialogue skip and intro skip XD, but again after rating.

I did notice the cross-hair misalignment, but changing in unity the reticule offset didn't seem to have an effect. I have to figure out a bit more.

Next level is on the standalone version, but i checked and on the last level we didn't change the text so your argument is still valid.

Once again, thanks for the feedback Corbak Games.

Kind regards,


5* played/rated/commented

What I like the most was that you didn't explore the Theme has blindness being a mechanic but instead of a reason for your gameplay .

The graphics although pretty I think it makes, in certain times, player deaths seem random as i wasn't really sure from what I died from. Example was level 2 tent area, when I slowly about to bang that chick XD and apparently some c***blocker was in the way. Even though I laughed after I realised what was happening.

Music is fantastic, although sounds triggering when you did certain actions would be an amazing addition. 

Great job overall.

Hope you had fun during the jam. played it/rated/commented

Did all 5 levels. 

In a Game Design stand-view, IMHO its good. Main objective is go to point A to B, to reconnect with a loved one. You show level mechanics level by level. I think the game would shine more if you added more level mechanics like the blue squares. Also the last level would be interesting if a little more short.

Fun is there no need to say more.

Innovation is kinda a difficult to say, so average?? It would be smashing, to see like ripple waves when touch a wall and with that we would have to navigate.

Theme is there. Lover is part of love, blindness is a mechanic.

Graphics are simple shape objects, which just could have used a little more texturing.

Audio is okay. I'm the last person to judge someone audio.

Hope you had fun during Jam Week :D

Ok has I previously said the browser version had to be cut off a bit since it was taking a longer time to load, hence story wise you don't the full story and how it ends. 

As for the blind part, it comes from the expression itself. "Love is Blind" for us meant that whenever we are in love we are able to see past someones flaws (no matter how bad they are). With that said, as a popular end of world theory, robots are to replace us because when they look at us we are kinda flawed in many aspects. Except the player, which found his companion to be perfect. Dialogue through out the game is to personify the character and give us an idea of whats currently going through his thought process.

So to clarify, you think the blind part wasn't well explained then correct?

Hi MattFett

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the story did you play the browser or the standalone? I know this is a repeating question, but the game was taking a long time to load on WebGL, so we decided to cut levels and story just so the player can play in a reasonable loading time.

Either way, could you elaborate on how does the story seem forced? Since none of us are a writer, this is a chance for us to learn how not to make a story seem forced.

Thanks for the feedback nns2009. 

From my standpoint, I agree with what you said. If you could, I would like to clarify some aspects.

Did you play the browser version or standalone?

First level there are a few parts where we could have done a better job on filling those invisible wall.

If you play the standalone, on the second level there is just on invisible wall on purpose right where you start just to signify the direction the player came from.

Dialogues being long and non-skippable is indeed another fault. we just didn't have enough time to work the kinks. I can add easily that to the game but if I do it, it'll be after the rating of the brackeys game jam, Because that is not considered a bug and it just a feature lack.

Once again, thank you for the feedback nns2009. Let us know more about the game.

Kind regards,



Side note:

I'm the one to blame for the attempt on a star wars like intro. I just really wanted to do one. And I can take full charge on that XD thanks in advance

I going to assume this is for the GGJ18. If its not then doesn't matter, my opinion is still valid. 

Love the idea breaking the messaging system between social media, and us being the boyfriend. Really hope you (Alone or team) continue to pursue this game, which is something I would like to know.

From the gameplay itself, its very intuitive, easy to play, and if I understood what I think is Swedish, I would love to see what those messages say.

Interesting artwork, very well made. The only thing to point out is that looking at the right and the sign I think the girl is outdoors, but looking at left that high table makes me think we are inside, especially because its more shadowed. 

Nice work, keep at it