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Streaming and try to play all the game!

A topic by NowPlaying created Feb 24, 2019 Views: 391 Replies: 25
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Hello everyone.

This is my first game jam, and I really learned a lot from it.
I really put a lot of effort in my game, and I believe everyone reading this topic must be the same.
That's why I want to try other's game as much as I can on stream (just for recording),
and expand my "Game horizons" !

You can leave your link in this form, and I will definitely give it a try  :)
( I try to complete every game people send me, so it would take a little times though. )

And also this is my game, I would be very appreciate if you try it too, thanks :D

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By the way these are the games I already played and rated.
(Sort by the episode I played in streaming video)


@ZephyrExtreme - In The Love Of Light
@Sniffle6  - Path to Love
@Alakeram  - Cupid late for valentine's
@Raghav - L'oeuf The Blind
@Aramilion - Significant Otter
@Marcus Rocket - Blind Affection
@Pdev - TheCleverLover


@dyoxyne - Heartbeats
@hajsman - Sir Dogget
@mdsitton - Sightless
@shefasf - Heartblade
@Wallkysek - Help, Valentine Is Here!


@Haaxor1689 - The Pied Fisherman of Hamelin
@Adranor - Blind Deadly Love
@hmarkus9 - Rose-colored glasses
@Taiga - FIND THEM 


@Securas - White hearts
@Evil Abed - Verona
@Jlot - BlackOutLove


@iv2b - Geometry Love
@Nielisson - Note to self:
@Nibilli - Blind's Best Friend
@Aeron - Heartman
@JohnnyOuh - BulletHeart
@Recnacas - Love is blind and also a maze


@Sheyne - AAA Face Creator
@mstanimirov - Blind Dating
@CDisco - First Sight
@r2cris - Mismatch!
@Arcader - A path of Arrows
@CoolGamer4747AC - Valentine's Nightmare


@Mum ⅠⅠ (Snowy) - The Last Thing She Saw
@guygir - Insecurities
@Igor Konyakhin - Love Full House


@43ther - Lovers Melody 
@Kipoka - Love is blind and murder


@Jar - Follovers
@hadar185 - City In Love
@flightyfelon - Make a Weird Heart


@TheLuigiplayer - MoleMan
@mohammad - SquaryLovers
@BeaverJoe - Love never change


Just rated your game also, if you like to rate mine:


Ok, I will try it tomorrow


Complete, nice game :D


Thank you :)


Hi, I would like you to play my game :)

Thanks I'm also gonna play and rate your game!


Ok, I will try it tomorrow


Thank you! When do you stream? :)

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Hey I have rated your game and here is my game :

Thanks for spending time to play and leave comments. We will improve later and update/fix any problems because we know that we need to improve more~


Ok, I will try it tomorrow


Nice game, played and rated :)


Thanks Sir~!~!

There it is ;), have fun playing it ! We appreciate the feedbacks. 

Can't wait to play your game !


Played and rated your game.
It is very interesting to see a co-op game which idea just like mine, but is a 3D version.
I really like the graphic in your game, especially when the bridge combine and shine at the Stage 1.
And it looks so amazing when camera move its position, just like watching the couples from the mountain peak.
What a great game! Really enjoy playing it :D


Played, rated and commented on your game.

Would really appreciate if you stream mine:


played and rated, nice horror game :)


Please play my game: WALK, 

Made by a 9 year old... 


Nice game, I wish I can make game like this when I was 9.
I believe you will achieve something big in the future, cheers !


Played, rated and commented.

Here's mine:


Nice game, I complete the Stage 1 with full health :D
Really enjoy the sci-fi background music, and I have a lot of fun in your game.

By the way, is there stage 2 in your game?
I press "next level", but it took me back to the menu though, weird.


yes, there is indeed. But only on the standalone version located below the browser version. 

There are 3 levels in total, although you will find the next level button on the third one because we forgot to change it.


ok, maybe I will check it out later, thanks:)


Here's my entry, I'll try and play yours when I can, but I'm currently doing another game jam at the moment, so. I'll have to fit play time around that! :)


Cool, I will play and rate it in no time!
Thanks :D


Thanks, I'll try and do the same!