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Thanks for your positive feedback! Nice that you enjoyed it :)! That was my goal of course. And yes, the movement could be improved for my next jam. Luckily you got used to it :)!

Nice game :)! Like the graphics style and the blood (a lot if it) :D! Fun to play and enjoyed the game mechanics!

Thanks for your positive comment :)!

Everyone is welcome to rate mine too ;)

You are always welcome to rate mine too :) :

You are always welcome to rate mine too:

Thanks for the feedback :)! And thanks for the particle effect & audio compliment. Hope you had fun playing :)!

Nice graphics :)! Fun to play and sound and music also ok. Good game jam entry!

Nice game :)! Like the fact that it is a kind of memory test game. Music and sound effects were also cool. Fun to play and also nice artwork!

Nice game. Liked the music and the light effects. Overall good game!

Cool game. Nice graphics. Sound and effects were good also. Bit difficult at first but that makes it a nice challenge. Well done game jam entry.

Nice puzzle game. Good idea between switching worlds. Like the voxel art style. Controls were a bit hard but after some while I got used to it and the levels were easier to maneuver. Music and sound were ok. Fun to play!

The scary laugh was very nice/scary :).  E does not always worked for me. But the game was fun to play and a bit scary and overall a good job :)!

Graphics are top notch :)! Special mood because of it. Not really a game as we know it.  Out of the box thinking. I like that. Fun to do and to see all the animations and reactions. Fun to play! Well done.

Nice game idea :). Did need some minutes to understand what to do, but then it was easy to play. Nice own made artwork. Fun to play. Music and sound could be better to add some extra ambiance. Overall..good job!

Visually very nice game :)! And this in just 1! Controls were not so easy. Could be a bit more smooth I think.  Intro was cool also. Music and sound were also ok. Theme...maybe.. :) Fun to play and that is most important and nice to see what a team of students can do.

Cool game idea :)! Nice own made artwork. Sound was also a bonus to the atmosphere. Fun to play. Good jon :)!

Nice idea with the voice commands :)! Some extra sound or music would make it even better. A bit hard to learn controls but a challenge is not bad ;). Good job!

Nice idea, but my movement and camera was a bit off. Sometimes upside down. Some extra music or sound effects would be a bonus. But the concept has potential and nice 3d game :)!

Fun to play co-op game :). Nice idea. Also with the different color platforms. Cool long jump mechanism. Some extra music or sound effects would be nice. Good job!

Great visual style! Fun to play game. Nice idea of the wisps turning to the light side ;)! Fun to play.  Bit more sound or a back ground music would add to the overall ambiance. Good job for this game jam :)!

Nice game idea. Like that the dog is your guidance. Good visual and sound effects. Some music would make the ambiance even better. Fun to play :)!

Nice game :)! Visual style is top and really one of a kind game idea :). Music is good and just fun to experience it.

Nice variation of the Flappy Bird theme :)! Fun challenge, a bit difficult also sometimes :), and fun to play.  Good game jam entry.

Nice game :)! Sound was good, nice own made graphics. Bit difficult game and died a lot :) and some more variation would be nice. But overall a good job :)!

Different view on the memory game. Nice idea. Well done audio in this game. Graphics are simple but do the trick and it was fun to play, but it does get  a little bit repetitive. Overall good job :)!

Unfortunately  I got an error while trying to play...

Unfortunately it would not start in my browser :(

Nice game :)! I was not so good and took a while to get somewhere in the level ;). But I like the idea with the heartbeat and when you see something and when not. The beat makes you anxious also and extra excitement to each jump :). Fun to play, good job!

Thank you :)

Thank you for the compliment :)! Yes, the movement could be a bit better ;) Thanks for your feedback.

You are totally right :)! And having fun with these jams is what it is all about. Thanks again :)!

Thanks for the nice words :)! I also like that you could appreciate the context :). Yes, the moving should be a bit of a challenge  (but not so much as seems now...,-) ) but I need to test that better maybe in other version/game/jam. Good tip! I do hope that besides that issue you still had a bit of fun playing the game :)?! I shall try your game also. Once again, thanks for playing and the positive feedback and tips!

Very nice that you had fun playing the game :)! That was the ambition. Yes the movement is slightly difficult (maybe a bit too hard to control) ;). And thanks for the compliment about the atmosphere. 

Thanks for the positive feedback :)! I am happy that you enjoyed the idea & playing the game, that was the intention :).

Thanks for the compliment :)! Fun was the goal :)! 

Nice game :)! Like the art work & graphics. Animations were nice too. The sight was a  bit limited but also an extra challenge ;). Fun to play and that is the most important. Good jam entry! 

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This was a pleasant surprise. The main characters seem simple graphics but are much more than that :)! Cool duo play and the background art works looks very nice! This was fun to play!

Nice game. Simple but fun. Artwork good and fits the game style. 

Good game jam entry :)! Like to play and has some nice puzzles. Art work also fine and most important it was fun to play :)! Audio would have been nice as stated below.