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Drop your games!

A topic by Hasnain Noorani created Feb 23, 2019 Views: 380 Replies: 20
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Hey! Hopefully you had fun in the gamejam. So I decided to make a gameplay series on my YouTube Channel ( Link ), it's not a famous channel but I'll do it anyway.
Drop your games in the spreadsheet below if you wanna get a gameplay, I'll probably do 10-15 games:



My game :


I am late to the party, but just in case you would like to play/stream more game afterwards, here is mine:


Sure, I'll see if I can do it or not <3


Thanks. Please let me know if/when you are going to stream it. I am (@Igor Konyakhin) on Discord.


Played my game? L'oeuf the blind?


Yes! Rated also!


Wow thanks! Care to share your views in the comments


Submitted thanks in advance

Is it too late to ask for your playing? XD

Submitted can be played also ;)


Hi I would like you to play my game :)



In case you'll decide to do more games, please consider playing mine. Thx!

Hello ! We made a puzzle-game, have fun trying it ! <3


Wow looks nice. Here' mine: will appreciate any feedback. This is our game. Can you guys rate it please ? Hope you will enjoy it :) I wish i am not too late.

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Here's my entry.  I'd love to hear some feedback! It really helps me progress as a  game developer/designer. I'd like to know if the concept is good or not, and if it is worthy of developing further on. Any other feedback would be good as well such as level design, mechanics or presentation maybe (such as how it plays controls wise, or how it looks). I'll try and find some time to test other games as well! I have a couple of games that I want to play from this jam, and I still haven't gotten round to doing that!  Thank you for your time.

-Caleb (LebbyFoxx)


Played and rated. Also I left comments and very liked it.

Also If you have time, Plz rate mine although i guess my game is not better than you. But I want to get improvements later.

here is the links:


Here's my game if anyone wants to have a go! I've been asked to make more levels for it and I'm more than happy to, would anyone else be interested in that? My game can be found here:

Thanks guys!