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Enjoyed it alot. Music is beyond awesome :) Great job!

I felt I was famous! Cool & very hard game. Rotation in web glitches a little. Good work anyway :)

Very cool game, loved playing it! <3

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Awesome game, astonishing graphics & animations & particles :) Downside was already described by nns2009 and I totally agree. Nevertheless you made a great game which with some polish could get far. Thank you for making it!

Thank you for playing as well! :)

Loved playing this game! Cool concept, great controls - not laggy very responsive, cute graphics & juicy death effect. 

Enjoyed playing it! The music might be too loud I'd say, other than that cool cool game indeed.

Cool game - quite frantic, spammed bark&attack all the time :D Funny game, replayable.

Cool and funny game! Love the art & music. Controlling (my input) felt a bit chaotic - mostly slow in responsivity to my actions. Really enjoyed it anyhow! This game's origin is truly out of space!

Cool hack & slash & shield game! Epic boss fight! So cute! Sometimes the game lagged & kind of teleported me & ogres a little bit, idk if this happens only to me, or it is a bug. Anyway this is solid game, enjoyed playing it alot!

This was fun! Really enjoyed playing this but... Argh Princesses! Cool idea, interesting concept of her singing & revealing (activating) platforms to be walkable. Really really cool.

Cool puzzle room game! I found 2 keys & opened door & couldnt progress more - was that a game over or the end? I layed there near the sink (dont want to spoiler it). Here and there it's a little buggy - you interact with drawer paper puzzle pick up the pieces & sometimes open monitor in the background. Great game - highrated.

Funny idea - love the concept. The game is missing audio & i can't switch between bat & hose in 4th level i think. Good game anyway, keep it up! :)

Quite a puzzle! Very good job on this game! Too bad that there was no audio - but i understand the time pressure - on the other hand you came up with 25 levels thats cool!

Cool game, enjoyed playing it!

You did great, did not want to bring you down. The modelling done in the game is high quality,almost unbelievable that it was made that fast - thats really admirable. 

I thought I make hard games! Well no more! This game is sooo challenging! Loved it, even when I could not beat it! I made it through at least 8 levels but I was stuck for a decent time and quit xD Love the mechanics & animations especially the death gore one! I guess inspiration was mostly taken from Happy wheels? Awesome job I had a great time playing it!

Lovely game so romantic! Just kidding! Really well made game which can give you some goosebumps! Love to see a 3D game in here. I dont know why but my mouse sensitivity rapidly increased while ingame - I had to change my settings. Also I've got a little stuck here & there. Also some of the commentaries were funny: is that a knife? Cracked me up I'm sorry. I've never voice acted so I can't judge. Anyway really great game highrated.

Again one of the gems in this game jam. Everything is well executed! In few minutes ingame i understood the mechanics & controls but occasionally my input wasnt taken. For example you run left & pick your blind love and try to go right & they both keep on going left. Also jumps with lover holding sometimes do not jump & often fall on spikes :D Just some playtesting insight. Very well done, love this game!

One of the gems in this game jam! Only downside is that it's kind of dependent on one's luck rather than strategy - maybe I'm mistaken & i'm a bad player. Anyway this game totally rocks & meats! Love music, sound fx, graphics, interface, all responsive, minimap. Well almost unbelievable that this was made in such short time, you have my admiration sir! GG

To hear this warms my heart <3 Thank you!

One of the gems in this jam! Very great job!

Cool game! Even after tutorial I was quite confused about what to do. My highscore was 4! Great job on graphics - loved it.

Cool game you made sir! Enjoyed it & felt a little sad for the guy in the end! Cool melee mechanics! I guess only downside is the background music to be honest - other than that i enjoyed it alot!

Thank you for playing & feedback! Yes it might, but I usually tend to make my games too hard so I tried to make this game playable! <3 The drawing mechanic should be polished a bit I agree.

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Great game I heart it <3 haha! Can't say anything i could criticise about this one. Great job! Also I wish Mr. Heart & Mrs. Heart to live happily ever after!

Great idea on this one - i like the mechanics. I found this game to be really hard & couldnt finish it. Switching between them & having each heart its special ability (shoot OR shield) was awesome. I might suggest making enemies melee to be less hardcore & instead of shield have some area effect or area shield for a brief moment.

This game deserves a lot more plays. Very good job. Story & puzzle elements were very well made although this game made me a little sad.

Music outshines a bit everything in this game. Also the tutorial part was well done - thumbs up for that. Downside might be a bit of doing the same thing over & over again. Lovely game nevertheless.

Very cool game idea! I totally agree with the controls to be a bit weird - it feels as there are input values powered over power & grow exponentially - which is a bit hard to control. Also the music might be a little less repetitive. I would love to see these fixed & play it again - cool idea I love it!

Awesome game Very fond of the graphics & animations. Sound FX are very good as well! Background music was very subtle & low on volume - heard it almost by an accident :) Also I did not make it far - there are so many angry villagers on me or my witch wife. Sometimes when I moved a bit to side from angry villager I could hit him with my mighty club & he could not hit me with his poor fork! Not sure if intended - but this way i was able to almost make it alive out of that crazy good looking village. Very good game, loved playing it.

Funny game! Enjoyed playing it - I like there is plenty of objects trying to crack you & make an omelete out of you! Movement is a bit unresponsive (might say lil slow) - it takes a little time to get a firm grip on it & occasional sounds were played a bit too loudly. Other than that awesome little egg escape game. Good job!

Thank you for playing & your feedback! I will take your suggestions to consideration of implementing in future, these are solid tips. Yes if you're fast at the free draw mode (timer countdown) you can pretty much almost draw entire level - if youre very fast. When I playtested it though I felt this would make the game less hard. I will definately check your game.

Love to hear this! Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! Love to hear you enjoyed it! I agree with your suggestions - some of them was meant to be implemented - was at my TODO list, but as it is a game jam I had no time for it in the end. Feel free to follow :)

Thank you for playing! I agree with those moving platforms not moving smoothly. Will fix that after review phase! Thank you for feedback, much appreciated :)

Thank you for playing! Yes the crouch is buggy - you can stand inside a platform once youre inside crouching. Revealed this bug few hours before submission & considered it a minor bug. Will fix it after reviews are done. Feedback much appreciated!

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Good game! Love platformers :) Game feel is nice, art is simple yet appealing, sound FX are good and the background music is not bad, but a longer loop would make it less repetetive & better. Also that chasing black square gave me a hard time haha! Just a question was it intended, that after level restart (when I died) that chasing square remained at the position at when I died? If yes - it kind of helped me beat this game! :)

Firstly thank you for playing! Much appreciated! Secondly I totally agree that the final level is very difficult! On the other hand it's the FINAL level! xD Yes, I sadly know about the falling through platform & dying (this happens when you fall & hold down S for crouch [or press S during fall]). Afraid to make changes past jam submit [I will however fix it after the reviews are done to NOT violate any rules] ;) Thirdly & lastly this detailed feedback is awesome! Love it.

Love to see this here Joshua <3 Much appreciated.