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Lovely game so romantic! Just kidding! Really well made game which can give you some goosebumps! Love to see a 3D game in here. I dont know why but my mouse sensitivity rapidly increased while ingame - I had to change my settings. Also I've got a little stuck here & there. Also some of the commentaries were funny: is that a knife? Cracked me up I'm sorry. I've never voice acted so I can't judge. Anyway really great game highrated.


Yeah, with 2D there is actually more time to polish a game, it's easier for beginner and you don't need to know how to model. So I am not surprised there are few 3D-games

No idea why mouse sensitivity changed.

Yes, she has a knife.

Voice acting turned out to be harder than it seemed. I am far from satisfied with how I did it.

Thanks for playing.

You did great, did not want to bring you down. The modelling done in the game is high quality,almost unbelievable that it was made that fast - thats really admirable.