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Awesome game Very fond of the graphics & animations. Sound FX are very good as well! Background music was very subtle & low on volume - heard it almost by an accident :) Also I did not make it far - there are so many angry villagers on me or my witch wife. Sometimes when I moved a bit to side from angry villager I could hit him with my mighty club & he could not hit me with his poor fork! Not sure if intended - but this way i was able to almost make it alive out of that crazy good looking village. Very good game, loved playing it.

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yes it was intended, the hitbox of the fork is long but slender and your club swings are wide to cleave through enemies. you are just positioned right so the other one wont hit you. havent focused much time on the bg music tho, i just made it literally in the last 30 mins before deadline so i lowered the volume so it will not be as distracting when playing. also theres a small stun each hit so you can kill without getting damaged on one on one but 2 or more they can land a hit on you. you gotta watch out tho if there are peasants hitting the witch. her health is not as much as yours. thanks for the feedback