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Submitted by saucygames (@TheSaucyGames) — 5 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#783.2923.292

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Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

You did a fairly good job on this game concept! Next time try to scope your work hours realistically ;) I almost failed once, because I planned too much and finished so little, the result was many hours put into a wonky thing, but they are still your hours of EXPERIENCE and LEARNING METHODS! 

This game feels a lot like Super meat boy, where you retried a level 125+ times, got real frustrated, but the reward was well worth it at the end! You don't need to pull off something like that lol. 

Here's what I think would make your game more easy and fun:  i know you made player rigidbody accelerate and decelerate based on player input, and this results in loooong decelerations when players needs to stop from a high speed. That's ok too, IF the player has enough landing space (without any punisher spikes covering half of that landing zone you know) I still think making the player more "sticky" would be a huge help in maintaining precice control. Super meat boy was frustrating due to this slipperiness too...


Very nice graphics and beautiful audio. I must admit I didn't finished it cause it is little bit too hard. I agree with Igor comment that first level was too hard. I sometime was feeling that it's not my lack of skill but fault of the game that I'm constantly dying. Anyway I think it is very nice game generally.


I beat the game! Gosh, it's been awhile that I would get my palm sweaty on my keyboard. Pretty hard game I'd say! The visual looks great though! After a few practice with the rope and timing with the obstacle in the level, I kinda like it tbh! The rope's mechanic especially! and that fire shooting monster is one hell of a bloody sniper. Well done :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Awesome game, astonishing graphics & animations & particles :) Downside was already described by nns2009 and I totally agree. Nevertheless you made a great game which with some polish could get far. Thank you for making it!

Jam Judge(+1)

Fantastic gameart here, with a very ncie concept. Looks like an interesting game to me. I had a lot of problems with the grapple technique, i think you can fix this somehow and make it easier. Would be nice if grapple only release, if player releases button. That is all i can criticise, rest is amaizing. Hats off.


Some criticism:

1.The easiest to fix: why start every time with controls screen? This is unnecessary and very annoying to see it hundred times.

2. The first level is too hard for the first level. Took probably around 50-100 deaths to complete and I am an experienced platformer player.

3. Controls feel not very responsive because there is too much momentum involved.

4. Why grapple with mouse? Mouse is slower to control and in the long run won't allow for even harder levels.

Completed first two levels.

Check out my game as well:

Developer (1 edit)

To answer your questions  / responses 1) we kind of threw those in at the end due to time constraints unfortunately. 2) we wanted to include progressional  levels and unfortunately got to level creation late. 3) you're right about that gonna tune. 4) that was setup for the proto and didnt change to an appropriate bind in time

ty for playing / response, will check out your game soon.


The grapple controlls are a bit clunky. Other than that this game is completely amazing and blew me away. And those graphics, omg, they are just the best. Congrats!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Maybe just a tad bit too hard