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The spheres of course! The wolves and the red forest looks really cool! :)

Good game! :-)

I can't find my dog :( and I'm starting to hallucinating whether those trees are 3d or 2d and do I even have a dog in the first place?. Nice first game though! I love that it transfer from a 2d side-scroller (which has a very nice pixel art btw) to a top down game! Great work! :-)

I beat the game! Gosh, it's been awhile that I would get my palm sweaty on my keyboard. Pretty hard game I'd say! The visual looks great though! After a few practice with the rope and timing with the obstacle in the level, I kinda like it tbh! The rope's mechanic especially! and that fire shooting monster is one hell of a bloody sniper. Well done :)

Beautiful game! I really like the ambience and the music. I think a couple of polishing on the characters visual and some animation would make it really nice!

Pretty cool game!

The music is freaking rad dude! Awesome game! :D

I love the game feel, the gameplay, the story line, the art and the music! and it's really fun too! :D (Took me 22 minutes and 668 jumps because of those dang green ghosts xD)

Thanks for playing our game! ♥ Glad you liked it! ^^

I like the creatures' sound >< Very cute game! :>

I like how chill and relaxing this game is, nice job! :)

This is a really nice game, I love the remote controls and it stays true with the theme, well done! :D