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This is pretty awesome!! Love it when you can super aggressive with combat in a video game!

I can agree it gets hard fast.  could polish it up a bit and give it a little story and quirky art be pretty cool. i like the concept. Will say when the customer wants multiple of the same color it can get kind of confusing. Id also say the Gameplay is cool for mobile too. If you decide PC you should probably add in keyboard controls/mouse :)

This was a lot of fun, I used to think I was good at these games lol. The stress play of the line chasing you!

Very cool, furthest I made it was to phase 3 about mid way through.

Instantly reminded me of Downwell for obvious reasons. Great game and very well polished, great use of the color palettes as well. Would like to see this pushed further maybe for a mobile release someday. Gg. 

Couldn't find her after going South for a bit :(

Music was a bit loud, but not bad.

Didn't like how the compass rotated and the letters would be side ways :) but other than that, gg.

I like the aesthetic of the game, it is nice looking.

 My critiques for improvement would be that the text is a little hard to read. It also broke mid way through and would only appear for half a second at a time.

I do like the main characters heart tail. When in combat I do not like that I have to hold down the up control to shoot upwards because of the character turning around.

Also was not able to beat the game after killing on the fish in the cavern.

Overall, gg though look forward to seeing more games from you.

I like this idea!! I couldn't get passed the second druid :( he hits like a truck. I love the graphic look!

Loving the feel of this, on the third transition for some reason I wouldn't respond. The twitchy feel of the gameplay feels great. Definitely keep the color palette!!

This is cool, one level the spawn kill was real :( but was fun. This might be one your list but a change of where the goal is would keep the flow going.