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Hi my name is Kyle, I'm a developer from Saucy Games. I've been making games for  6+ years and have participated in about 50+ game jams. I'm currently looking for a team to join. I specialize in doing the art / sound  for our games whether that's with 2D / 3D and some coding when possible. Feel free to browse our portfolio to see my work. I live in GMT -8.  I do have a day job so my  availability is  after work hours. Hit me up on discord - Kyle#6710

if you're on windows, go to your explorer in the folder of your game exe location and type "cmd" then type in your exe name so "gamename.exe" it will show you the debug of what's happening. if you dont understand let me know comment back 

Hello, we used the following software,

Game engine: Unity 2018, Visual Studio 2017.

Art: Photoshop, Illustrator, flash(Animate).

Sound: Audacity, Caustic.

Some fun mechanics! i wish i could move the character by standing on each others head haha.  I tried!! I love the noir look! 

At first its hard to determine which one I'm moving at the correct time and the position im at in order go to the correct point to match them but I caught on and it turned out to be really fun! I love it. I thing maybe you can make the field switch unfold and look like those possible fold em 3D paper cubes.  I could see myself playing this on mobile!!

Food will never cheat, and food will never lie to me the perfect companion :) 

I like these kinds of games!! I think the flip over could be a little bit faster, but it was nice  and clean gameplay

This was a nice concept, I love the idea! it was a little hard at first but i quickly picked it up and had tht ahhh moment!

I love that freeze time mechanic!  if the enemies spawning in is a bug you should embrace it! i got humbled real quick when i tried to rush the game 

i loved how everyone farted on me lol accurate real life sim of finding love 

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To answer your questions  / responses 1) we kind of threw those in at the end due to time constraints unfortunately. 2) we wanted to include progressional  levels and unfortunately got to level creation late. 3) you're right about that gonna tune. 4) that was setup for the proto and didnt change to an appropriate bind in time

ty for playing / response, will check out your game soon.

i like the bush sound effects and the birds in the bg sound nice as well. flute anims are good and i like the music note particle effect. increasing the text speed even more would feel good though as well. im not able to summon and i get stuck on each end of the map but theres some nice game feels in here.

this game is sicc, i beat the boss on my third try

all this game needs is microtransactions lol the second cat is cute 

these kind of games are fun, i like when the owo changes to red lol, the functionality is good but i was losing health even when hitting the discs other than i like that you included health as a feature to make it potentially an endless rhythm game haha

thts a chonky owo!

I too got the white screen :(, I enjoyed the tutorial for teaching the player the controls.  

I would save give it a shot, make the freq of the sound a little harsh. but maybe a clicking noise or snare should work 

Charming mystery game!! 

*** glitch in possible spoilers***** when you're close to the end talking to rupurt to decide whos the thief if u click too fast the choosing menu disappears and the game freezes

This game is best played with Terence Fletcher from Whiplash yelling at you as u play. this was fun but i suck at keeping tempo lol. the metronome kinda cuts out when u play a note so its hard to really feel it. love the character! hes cute 

i really enjoyed this entry, the music was great to go along with a fun use of the theme.

I like the idea of taking turns, my brother and I felt like we were going around in circles? felt as if we were repeating same moves just seperate tiles to earn points. There's something here you can expand on. Almost chess-like ideas 

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its pretty fun, i like the look of your health system. the only problem i had was with the colliders, especially it seemed on the little guys and the helicopter. 

Oh yee Tempest!! I dig the idea! really needs a way to show you used the close range attack throw some VFX in there! the CA made it feel Arcadic. miss the arcade days!  

This concept has a lot of potential i think to be a fun little arena type platformer. the player having free movement while the blocks are falling on a grid feels a little weird but you could build some really nice platforming mechanics to the point where you can traverse through around in multiple ways and maybe challenge other players. gg though.

I do like the nice melody in the bg, i think the clouds being on a seperate layer would be nice to feel like they're moving and a little downward force on the player controls would help with the floatyness, gg though.

Me - "why do you gotta hit so hard"

I like the idea concept,  little hard to predict when and where the opponent will land the blow at. 

Nice music and sound effects! controlling the fire rate felt a little unusual. Not sure if it was my keyboard or not. Sometimes my press would shoot 3 or 1 bullet. 

Like how the centipede becomes faster Up the stress levels! 

This is  pretty nice thank you!

oh sweet!

You're welcome!!

I found this website that shows off a screenshot from games in the gameboy resolution helps with inspiration check it out

This is pretty awesome!! Love it when you can super aggressive with combat in a video game!

I can agree it gets hard fast.  could polish it up a bit and give it a little story and quirky art be pretty cool. i like the concept. Will say when the customer wants multiple of the same color it can get kind of confusing. Id also say the Gameplay is cool for mobile too. If you decide PC you should probably add in keyboard controls/mouse :)

This was a lot of fun, I used to think I was good at these games lol. The stress play of the line chasing you!

Very cool, furthest I made it was to phase 3 about mid way through.

Instantly reminded me of Downwell for obvious reasons. Great game and very well polished, great use of the color palettes as well. Would like to see this pushed further maybe for a mobile release someday. Gg.