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Submitted by BalthyDevs (@BalthyDevs), Souei_Takumi — 10 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#283.7923.792

Ranked from 48 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I love the visuals!
The characters design is very nice

The concept of painting the level is unique and the mechanic itself works well

The bg music is fitting as welI as the sfxs
I especially like the sfx when the girl finally gets through the door. Feels like an accomplishment :D 

If I have a grip it is how long the girl takes to cross the level :P

Finished the game and had fun :D


Very Nice Game!!!!


Cool game idea :)! Nice own made artwork. Sound was also a bonus to the atmosphere. Fun to play. Good jon :)!


Nice game, i love the visual and the ideia. And good level design.

Jam Judge(+1)

I guess this is what they call lovely art work. Fantastic job done here. The music, the animations the player movement, absolutely everything seem to be perfect. You got your stars my friends.


Wonderful game.  Really fun to play and fits the game jam perfectly. 


Thank you for playing as well! :)


A very good concept and really innovative. Music is great, not too loud or too harsh, just great. It might seem a bit easy but still very fun to play.
Very good game !


I like the concept a lot, It's a bit easy because it needs some polishing here and there but overall it felt quite cool to play the game. I like the minimalistic design and sounds, it adds to its cuteness. There is a little bug when you crouch and release the S button, the player immediately get up and you can run in spaces where you have to be crouched to pass. Other than that it was pleasant, well done :)


Very cool! Love the idea


Really impressed by this one. Gorgeous art, design, fun and challenging.

I wouldn't place the tutorial as a separate menu option though. Just have it appear before the actual game.

Anyways, really good job, congrats!


Really good entry
Nice pixelart and good music
Also cool interpretation of the theme :)


One of the best games of this jam, I really like it..
Level are well made, same for the pixel art, musics very nice and it is simple to understand what I have to do.. Also, the game fits well the theme..

Congratulations on your entry for the gamejam, very good game :D


To hear this warms my heart <3 Thank you!


Good pixel art and interesting game mechanic with the blindness. I think the revealing mechanic should be more limited so the player has to play a bit more in the dark from memory.


Thank you for playing & feedback! Yes it might, but I usually tend to make my games too hard so I tried to make this game playable! <3 The drawing mechanic should be polished a bit I agree.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

great game! thanks for making it

(1 edit) (+1)

Very nice idea. its so unique and matches the theme perfectly. And i liked the art style.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice idea of having the player to draw some visible area and remember the other.

I would say though that level design doesn't make a good use of this idea: you can draw too much so you can basically draw pretty much everything you need and complete a level without remembering anything. I think it would be cool to make remembering the focus of the game and change the game flow to highlight it:

Level Show -> Unlimited time to draw very limited visible areas -> Button "Go" -> Player tries to complete the level from memory and a few drawn visible areas.

Minor thing: pressing 'E' to interact is redundant and a thus bit annoying. It would be smoother if it auto-pressed when close enough.

Check out my game as well:


Thank you for playing & your feedback! I will take your suggestions to consideration of implementing in future, these are solid tips. Yes if you're fast at the free draw mode (timer countdown) you can pretty much almost draw entire level - if youre very fast. When I playtested it though I felt this would make the game less hard. I will definately check your game.


Nice little game ! I enjoyed playing it, very well done. It's cute, even if this is pixel art and the concept is great !


Love to hear this! Thank you!


Wonderful! Congratulations on a clever and fun game. I loved the artwork. Once the door is opened, I wish that I wouldn't have to wait until she gets to the door for the level to be completed. You also should consider putting controls as indicators in the actual game (e.g. when you approach the button, have an "E" key appear above it. I forgot how to use things and needed to go back to the main menu to read that. Assume that the gamer is as stupid as me!!! :D 

Sound was OK. I noticed the repetitiveness of the background music as it started over on every level. Having the music be continuous makes your game have nicer flow that aligns with the character moving directly to the next room. It also lets you forget that the background music is there, which is really the ultimate goal -- to set the tone of the environment and then fade into the background. Having abrupt changes/replays on every do-over breaks the immersion. 

Overall a well executed game. Looking forward to more!


Thank you for your feedback! Love to hear you enjoyed it! I agree with your suggestions - some of them was meant to be implemented - was at my TODO list, but as it is a game jam I had no time for it in the end. Feel free to follow :)


Very nice art style, simple but fun idea for gameplay. Unfortunately audio ruins little bit the experience, I don't mean music but SFXs are low quality. Also everything runs smooth except the moving platforms which gives some weird feeling


Thank you for playing! I agree with those moving platforms not moving smoothly. Will fix that after review phase! Thank you for feedback, much appreciated :)


The game was fun, I liked the art and the music was good too I think it just needed some sfx. And yes, if u release the down button the character will stand up no matter if there is ceiling on top or not. 
Anyways the game was good :']


Thank you for playing! Yes the crouch is buggy - you can stand inside a platform once youre inside crouching. Revealed this bug few hours before submission & considered it a minor bug. Will fix it after reviews are done. Feedback much appreciated!

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