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Try mine out! Looking at yours now.

Check mine out! Playing yours now.

Thanks so much! Definitely was inspired by the Chrome game.

Thank you very much! I spent more time on artwork for this jam than on other things because I've never felt like I could draw etc. Really appreciate it.

I hope that you found the secret ending of the game! It is a little hidden and most people have been so blinded by the quest to reach Old Rock that they haven't stopped to consider whether they should even go on the journey at all.

A hint (and hopefully others see this): after a couple attempts on the horse, the man might start to consider it an option to just go home...

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Thank you! You're exactly right, parallax. It was really fun to make. And I too have played the Google Chrome dinosaur game so so many times...

Thank you very much!

Thank you! Background music in the game itself is a good idea. The horse collider was perhaps a bit too big for the sprite. I'll consider changing that as a hotfix!

As for Old Rock -- good on you for giving it your best! Though the young man should question if it is worth the effort, or even possible at all, to complete the journey. After giving the game a few attempts, maybe stop for a bit to contemplate if you should mount the horse again! It might be smarter to just give up and try to go home ;)

Wonderful! Congratulations on a clever and fun game. I loved the artwork. Once the door is opened, I wish that I wouldn't have to wait until she gets to the door for the level to be completed. You also should consider putting controls as indicators in the actual game (e.g. when you approach the button, have an "E" key appear above it. I forgot how to use things and needed to go back to the main menu to read that. Assume that the gamer is as stupid as me!!! :D 

Sound was OK. I noticed the repetitiveness of the background music as it started over on every level. Having the music be continuous makes your game have nicer flow that aligns with the character moving directly to the next room. It also lets you forget that the background music is there, which is really the ultimate goal -- to set the tone of the environment and then fade into the background. Having abrupt changes/replays on every do-over breaks the immersion. 

Overall a well executed game. Looking forward to more!

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Incredible! This is one of my favorites so far and I have little to say for critical feedback. AMAZING artwork to do in one week. Lovely concept that marries love and blindness. We endlessly chase after our heart's desire, unable to see the risks that are created by doing so. Here is an opportunity to help someone overcome those risks. Music was polished. Clarity for some of the obstacles could be improved (e.g. I didn't know that the manhole was uncovered until I fell through). Perhaps putting an exclamation point above the obstacles as they come on screen will help convey that. The tutorial was very cute but could be slowed down a bit or even put into the game rather than as a visual infodump (e.g. teach the player about the tools as they need them -- spray bottle and pillow are not needed for awhile, so gradual introduction would be fine). Tremendous work! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Loved this! The audio could use a little more work, but it is a great mood and fun gameplay. You have the player make the tough decision between slow motion and full vision -- that makes it feel like less of a gimmick and more of a meaningful choice. Very fun! I think that this fits "love is blind" as a separation of words ("love" -- the graphics -- and "blind" -- the mechanics) rather than a unified concept. Maybe there would have been some way to connect the two. The name of the game itself shows how these two ideas are pretty separate: Bullet and Heart smashed together. One idea for how to unify them and keep your vision the same would be to have the player need to stay near someone that they "love" and dodge the bullets as they come. This is fantastic execution and a polished game jam game. Well done!

I liked the idea of an alternate world. But who is placing the traps? I'm a little confused as to how the love mixes with the danger. Also, I think that there was a bug where the soldier/skaters were rolling on the ground -- may need to constrain rigid body rotation. Also they were pushing the girl around, so something was messed up. A little confusing but I liked the artwork and idea!

Really funny. I couldn't figure out the pattern but every profile had me laughing. Cute audio too. One suggestion I have is to make your UI more neat and crisp!

In all great fit to the theme. Nice!

Unfortunately the error makes your game unplayable. Congrats on submitting to your first jam, but make sure you manage your time well enough to fix bugs! It is also completely fine to make changes to it now so that your game is in a playable state. Just make it playable without worrying about anything else. I'll come back to rate this if you end up fixing the bug! Good luck!

I LOVED the graphics. You could have had static text, but it makes it so much more charming to have the whole game feel alive and hand-drawn. Good game mechanic too. And well done on introducing the controls gradually. Not sure if you adjusted the platforms already, but I thought that they were timed fine. Appropriate for a platformer game.

Good job!

Great dialogue! My only suggestion would be to have the text appear faster when you hold down the mouse button (i.e. speed up). You want to cater to people who read slowly and fast.

Well done!

Loved the scene transition into the game! Flows nicely. There should be more visual feedback for what items you can pick up. I was clicking around on everything and was unsure what I would be able to grab. Also there seems to be a bug in displaying the dialogue bubble where you click on the door multiple times.

I liked the atmosphere and the background of this relationship which has fallen apart. Well done!

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After giving the journey a couple of tries, there are some other options available before you mount your horse.

Loved, loved, LOVED this! The artwork and music need improvement but the theme is spot on! The puzzles were introduced in a clear and fun manner. A very unique entry that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I enjoyed the mood of this game! Fits the theme well. And great job considering that you recently started with Unity. I had difficulty with the movement too as @magneticduck said. I think that may not be where the "fun" is in the game, and so maybe look into different approaches for character movement controllers (e.g. when arrow keys are held down, set the velocity to a fixed value instead of adding a force, or maybe some drag). That needs tweaking. But wonderful entry! I really did enjoy this, and there were lovely sound effects too which is often overlooked but crucial.

I do think that this worked as the "experimental" experience that you were trying to make! I did felt like I was trying to catch people's eye at a bar to spark a conversation. That fits the theme pretty well. But you need to spend more time on usability and feedback, even in an "experimental" game! I shouldn't need to read the instructions to see that I need to right-click and drag. Also, the transition to the win state was confusing. It just faded to black -- was that because I made contact with the right person? I don't think the person was looking at me. In any case, I think that this was successful as you billed it as trying to replicate an experience.

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Wonderful idea and execution! I think it is a striking visual piece, starting even from the menu screen. I enjoyed the music too. But some diegetic sound would be nice. Or if the music toggles slightly depending on which character you are playing as. The audio was not integrated into the experience. In all, tremendous work!!

Thank you!

Thank you! The player is driven by a range-based decision tree and A* pathfinding. So the behavior is not predetermined at all and should seem somewhat natural! I am glad that it came across in that way.

Thanks so much! Very kind comments. More jams and games to come!

Haha, love it! Maybe I should have made it a game development "sabotage" game... You infiltrate a rival game company and try to make it as bad as possible...

Fun to play! I played through 17 waves and then stepped away. My comments are below.

Decent fit to the theme. I liked the time crunch to be typing to buy turrets as fast as I could. Reminded me of writing software! I think it would be fun to squeeze this more. For example, you could have had the whole game be executed in a console. E.g. turret placement and upgrades and selling would be entirely done in console by specifying coordinates. BuyTurret(2, 1) for example. Would have driven your theme home. Add on some more time pressure, and that is a recipe for a really great browser game.

I would also work on some small formatting issues. Make sure that aspect ratios of your sprites are maintained to look crisp. Ensure that your assets and camera settings are pixel perfect ( Make sure that your text has adequate margins from the borders of containers for visual separation.

Good work! Best of luck. Please review my game if you have time.

Awesome game! Love the style of it. Very clever concept.

Few things to consider for changes is to add in some ambient noises/music in the background. Also some good visual feedback for when the player picks up a gem would help. Also would clean up some of the layout in the tutorial screen. Just make sure all of your text is neat to give it a good polish.

Fantastic work! I think that this has a good shot at winning in certain categories.

Fun game! My comments are below.

The responsiveness of various objects to your movements in the world really gives a sense of belonging and agency (which I know that you have covered in some of your YouTube videos). It helps to immerse the player and feels very organic. I hope that more small indie games really take this approach on.

I know that you have a signature style of artwork, which certainly helps people recognize your work from a glance. But it may be fun to break out from your comfort! I think that this game has wonderful style -- I was always excited to see what interesting little creature I would encounter next. But from a more meta-standpoint (and as is fitting with the theme of this game jam), I think that you should explore new game styles in future projects. I am always able to recognize a character of Noa's creation from scrolling through a lengthy list of videogames in a jam. That is a double-edged sword however. Don't put yourself in a box! Try to branch out a bit in your digital artwork, the sound effects, and animation/transition style. 

Besides those comments, this is terrific design work as always. Thanks for hosting this game jam.

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Very clever! Really gives people a sense of ownership and agency in playing this small game. Evokes a nostalgia of the  early 2000s for me. My critical comments are below.

Some improved usability and UI clarity would go a long way here for the player. It is unclear what is and what isn't interactable. I was not sure how the pens at the bottom worked at first, and didn't know that I needed to draw a sprite for the player too (although I know you gave some instruction outside of the game). I think that this is a wonderful idea for fitting the theme of "game development" from an artist's point of view. But for your next game, make sure that you spend a good amount of time on usability! It gets in the way of experiencing how fun of a little game this is. 

For example, you could have had the player start the game by "flipping through" a few "pages" (the tutorial) before getting to the actual game. The first page could say something like "draw a picture of yourself." Then you draw on that page and click to turn to the next page when you are finished. The second page could say "draw your favorite weapon"... Then the next, "draw your worst enemy, your first home" etc. Your UI would be less cluttered (i.e. when you are in the "drawing mode", you literally just have things on screen for drawing, and not any other buttons). It would also give people a sense of what the game is trying to evoke here, that game development can be a very personal process! Once they get to the main menu page, you can allow people to go back and change their drawings or proceed to the meat of your game using their drawings from their own experiences.

Overall, great work on the idea and great execution! Best of luck.

Great idea to convey the frustration that many of us feel when making a game! Having to keep up with a time crunch.

I didn't understand the purpose of "jumping" and I wish that I could move just a bit faster. It just felt a little *too* frustrating to chase the pieces. Though I know that is part of the point.

Love the artwork!

Very clever way of havi(ng people beat a platformer! Really makes you think how many more cool mechanics there could be if you continue with this.

Agree that the music was a repetitive (have to admit that I muted it after awhile). I'd also make the block placing mechanic a bit more visually clear (i.e. sometimes if I accidentally double-clicked on one of the blocks up top it would place them right on the spot and I had to figure out that it was placed ON the bar). But that is a minor detail.

Great puzzle design!

Love the choice of music! And a great idea for a game fitting the theme -- build your own platformer!

The play of the game felt a little unresponsive to me though. I would suggest that when you make animations/controllers you make the character start moving right when the player tries to move. It felt like I was playing in molasses!

Wonderful idea and cute execution.

Review my game in turn!