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TitanopolesView game page

Community game jam
Submitted by The Guntech — 4 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#6102.3332.333

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This is a pretty good game. But this game is incredibly hard! there were just 2 things I have to remember.

  1. Never kick a ball into a corner or a pit.
  2. Never Forget to bring the box.

What had me rage quit was kicking the ball into a pit after choosing the wrong path.


Thanks for your comment.

You really showed me that what I wanted is what happened,which is not driving people crazy by the way XD but making the game challenging in THAT way, thanks again :)



 nice game, played and rated. I managed to kick the ball in a corner and never got it out again :). make your character a bit slower to fit the speed of the walking cycle. 

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,



well job


Loved the little minigame puzzles. Made the game feel very open, even when it was not!


Thanks man, nice comment :)


Got stuck like 15 minutes trying to score that three goals xD

I've reached I think that what is one end (whith a black screen and a glitchy-style face) maybe?

Developer (1 edit)

nice, so you finish all the bosses and instead of going right at the end- the home- you entered the glitch "prison" on the left and freed the glitch ghost? If so congratulations you are the first one till now to tell me the ending he got XD if any other finished the game.;(


i was confused the entire time... was that the lie? xD


The lie is at the end of the game- there is two actually, you will see one only in a run- and there is some "Easter eggs" to one of them.


Damn that's unforgiving, after scoring 3 goals my box got destroyed by those spiders. Anyway i made it there and had fun! Good job :)


Thanks, which ending did you get? what did you see in the end?


Fun game! Sadly I got stuck and couldn't finish it. Audio is pretty nice. Nice game.


Thanks, which one did you stuck on, I will tell you the way if you want


You need to make the start text skippable. It is a good game for a first one though.

Rate my game too :)


If you please read the credit before playing, it have the controls in it, thanks.


cool game! i wish the character was a little faster as you move a lot, but not bad for a first jam :]. it kinda reminds me of a 2kliksphillip game.


Shift to sprint 

read the credits the controls are in it


sorry. got it!


The scene transitions are very abrupt and jarring. They would be much smoother if the camera stopped at the edge of the room as the character walked, this would be clearer that you are going off screen. 

It's also unfortunate that you have to line up precisely when you want to rest, it would be nicer if you only had to be in front of the bench. With these changes and some tweaks like having the character face a better direction on a diagonal and tighter object controls this could be a really entertaining game. 


This is my very first ever game but thanks XD.

Could you tell me the ending you got and the number of restarts you made please?


I was struggling with moving the obstacles around, especially when they get stuck in a corner... I didn't make it all the way to the end -- kept getting stuck at the second net (with the three soccer balls), and everything was falling down the holes haha. But congrats on your entry!!


Thanks, and sorry you couldn't finish it

The wanted "The game is a liar" but I couldn't do it in the gameplay, I did it in the story instead and made the game very challenging to the point of kind trolly I guess!

Also if you know all the secrets you could finish it quickly, took me 10 minutes and no restart, well I am the developer but still counts, right?


Very interesting art, I appreciate the style! However the game is a bit frustrating when you have to restart all the time because the objects are hard to control (they tend to slide too far). Also the music is a little bit to repetitive for my taste. Still enjoyed it :)


So you managed to finish it? -please say yes- if so congratulations.

also tell me what did you see in the end and  the number of restarts you did if you please ;)