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I have the same problem. I'm not a regular Discord user, today I checked Discord and also got a message I was banned. hopefully I'm still in with the same secret santa as I'm not interested in starting all over for a new Santa.

very nice. I like "at the top" most. really fits the loneliness and atmosphere when sitting on the top of a mountain.

very nice. really like the variety of songs, all nicely having just enough to make them feel like they belong together.

I smell some pirates in here. very nice and pleasant song.

paints a very smooth and happy atmosphere. very well done.

very nice and happy piece. had a very carnival like feeling to it. would fit a lot of Mario themed games.

very nice. really like the atmosphere you are creating here. only minor remark, but again this could be something on my end. felt like the volume was a bit to low. had to put my volume close to maximum to listen all of it.

very nice. I like the way it starts slowly.  has a very emotional feeling to it.

very nice. I like all of them.

I really like. in all it simplicity it tells a small sad story. Stage Fright does in a way gives us the idea someone is trying to give his best performance. but based on the way the piano sounds this is not the old piano he has at home. it sounds different and better and he hesitates. the pauses are just a bit to long. Just enough to make us understand someone, for a second, had to remember the rest of the sheet music. with the correct visuals this could end up a perfect but sad story. very well done.

very nice. I like how you start with a simple pattern on a simple instrument ans slowly build up. nice how you, at that point where we start wondering how much more can you add, simply drop it all and return to a very simple pattern and instrument. very well done, and although not part of the jam, the picture you chose fits very well with the sound. your music was exactly what I was expecting based on the picture.

the guitar definitely could use a lot more love :). I added it the last day after spending 2 days of giving up on the jam. I dislike it starts to become repetitive at the end, and tried to add a bit more melody at the end but with the time constrains of the jam I in the end kept it as it was.

I like how there sometimes is some kind of metronome sound in the background in the 'run away' parts. gives it a very 'limited time' feeling. I like the fact you played around with space in one of the lava parts. flipping sides depending on instruments. gives it a very "looking of your shoulder when running" feeling. the first song would also be a very nice opening tune for any kids program on tv.

nice. like the nostalgia feeling with all the old school handheld sounds.

very nice. all pieces have their own theme, but at the same time there is enough which binds them together into a coherent soundtrack for a game or a movie.

damn, a masterpiece again. there are so many amazing things I did discover in this jam. very nice opening and building up. was a bit disappointed Tread Lightly didn't stay "lightly". would love to hear what you would do with 1:17 minutes filled with mostly silence. 

very nice. I liked the Neon song and the 2 with tention in their name most. all in all a very nice listening experience for me. never used Bandcamp before.

very nice. I like how it is constantly dancing around the idea of 'shall I become an old western theme or not?' I like the fact you didn't go for a physical journey. So far I think you are the only one with this approach. very well executed and pleasant  to listen to.

amazing thing you got there. one of the few who managed to suck me into your world with the first second of your music.

very nice, building an atmosphere and a story in my head. using the same instruments and sometimes same patterns (or at least that's what I think I did hear) makes this all part of one thing.

one small remark, although it's possible this is a problem at my end, I had the feeling I had to turn up the volume a lot.  maybe next time see if you can increase the volume within your recording device.

one of the best things so far for me. very nice and haunting themes. I can't wait to see a game or movie with this music. it would fit an old black and white themed movie very well since it does a lot storytelling and atmosphere building.

don't understand why you made it so long, you already got me on board the first moment you hit your guitar. very nice work. a lot of different songs, but all fitting together in a nice way. can't wait for someone to post some gameplay or a trailer for the movie made with this theme.

very nice. probably wouldn't fit a slow progressing game, but when playing something fast like a car chase or a super intense boss fight it would largely increase the experience. 

very nice. I really like the storytelling in most of your music. the car crash, medical sounds, even the hidden heartbeat in the second Coma song. Clown was perfect, not the happy joker, but the sinister one hiding in the back waiting for you to turn your back on him.

very nice. I like the slow building up. the end fits the beginning very well, resulting in me listening to it twice not noticing my player was on loop.

very nice. post a link to soundcloud, it would give people a change to add your track to their list and listen to it more often because this track deserves more attention.

I like how the first three start with the same instrument. makes the fitting together although they are different.

had a very nice old computer game feeling to me. could fit into a lot of old console games or in a Japanese manga tv series. very lovely.

very nice. I like the fact you dare to step away from the expected and used reverse-stutter to tell a story.

I really like how the "toddler on a piano - no idea what I'm doing here" intro set us on the wrong foot and flow into a very nice and playful journey. the only bad thing I can find is they are all at least 24h to short. would love to hear much longer songs as they all gave the impression there is a lot more waiting around the corner.

I like the contrast between the hard/harsh sounds and the soft and sweet sound of water running down. very nice to see/hear another cyberpunk world.

very nice. I like how it's many different part, but they flow into each other very well. the only small negative thing for me was, I had the impression I had to set my sound almost to maximum to listen to this. not sure if it's me or because it is too silent.

very nice. although it's a very long track it didn't became repetitive.  it paints an atmosphere very well. I don't think it would take away your attention when played in the background of a movie or a game scene but at the same time as it paints an atmosphere it would be missed when it would stop to play.

very nice music. the exploration part really gave me the impression something was coming for us.

very nice. felt more like an evening in the inn at the fireplace to me :).  something you can play on repeat during a game. it isn't distracting, but at the same time creates a very warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Very nice, I like you have a "game over" track. most people would probably forget about that part of a game. I really like all bits, and although all different there is enough similarity to bind them all to one game. The only strange thing for me is the title, as it in no way gives me a 'nuclear winter' vibe. Didn't let this influence my rating though, the job was not 'write something post nuclear' :).

very nice. all three fitted nicely into the theme. I like the night theme most, probably because I'm off to bed after this one :). if this is the first thing you compose, can't wait to hear more of you.

was blown away right from the start. very well done.

very nice. I liked the 'Do or Die' part most.