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Thanks for your comment.

You really showed me that what I wanted is what happened,which is not driving people crazy by the way XD but making the game challenging in THAT way, thanks again :)


Thanks for rating too:)

ow yea, sorry XD

Thanks man, nice comment :)

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nice, so you finish all the bosses and instead of going right at the end- the home- you entered the glitch "prison" on the left and freed the glitch ghost? If so congratulations you are the first one till now to tell me the ending he got XD if any other finished the game.;(

The lie is at the end of the game- there is two actually, you will see one only in a run- and there is some "Easter eggs" to one of them.

lol I didn't notice it was reversed at all XD

The game is really fun, however, I see no relation between it and the theme of the jam.

Didn't expect the ending, Funny idea to be honest XD.

Thanks, which ending did you get? what did you see in the end?

Thanks, which one did you stuck on, I will tell you the way if you want

Thanks, and I will as soon as I can don't worry, just give me a couple of hours.

Thanks, when will you stream tomorrow? Grenache time line please. controls are in the credit, please read the description before playing.

I really want to try this game but it doesn't work for me, doesn't get any input from my keyboard and I don't have a controller controls are in the credit credit for credit and controls

If you please read the credit before playing, it have the controls in it, thanks. I may not be able to see it on twitch sorry, I really hope if I would though


Shift to sprint 

read the credits the controls are in it

you finished it? what did you see in the end? and how many restarts?

I just noticed I actually played your game, didn't notice it was you XD

Thanks warning Very challenging.