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Wonderful! Congratulations on a clever and fun game. I loved the artwork. Once the door is opened, I wish that I wouldn't have to wait until she gets to the door for the level to be completed. You also should consider putting controls as indicators in the actual game (e.g. when you approach the button, have an "E" key appear above it. I forgot how to use things and needed to go back to the main menu to read that. Assume that the gamer is as stupid as me!!! :D 

Sound was OK. I noticed the repetitiveness of the background music as it started over on every level. Having the music be continuous makes your game have nicer flow that aligns with the character moving directly to the next room. It also lets you forget that the background music is there, which is really the ultimate goal -- to set the tone of the environment and then fade into the background. Having abrupt changes/replays on every do-over breaks the immersion. 

Overall a well executed game. Looking forward to more!

Thank you for your feedback! Love to hear you enjoyed it! I agree with your suggestions - some of them was meant to be implemented - was at my TODO list, but as it is a game jam I had no time for it in the end. Feel free to follow :)