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Very fitting for the theme.

Nice game overall, tough only thing I would point out was with the sound from when you get something right. Maybe it is just my computer but it was quite loud and stingy. :D 

Other than that well done. 

Quite polished game with nice details added to it. 

It was quite fun to play it, good job!

Thank you very much for reviewing and commenting.  I totally agree with you!

Ended up having problems with my computer. I was originally planning on having it  a bit of a feel like Project zero/Fatal frame (no horror but a bit of the feel of creepiness) With small one lamp puzzles but I kind of ended up a bit like this with nothing much to it. :D 

Thank you! Going to later add more stuff and improve it.  :) 

Now added some files. I didn't fully understand how you wanted them so the UOSC is a built unity file and the zip file under that is the Unity Project. :)

Sorry didn't realize that, ill fix it right away.  :) 

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We wanted it to be mainly how you self interpret it.

SPOILER of our idea of the story:

Our base idea where we decided to start building it from was that you see this from a view of a friend who so to say has an obsession with this person who's apartment you are in. (which is pretty much why you  start digging the persons belongings to get into places) Pretty much a one way love where the other one is a bit twisted. 

There where originally suppose to be stronger hints to the story by messages being  a lot stronger. Hopefully I was able to explain that well enough.. 

//Might remove this part later to not show spoilers.

Thank you for playing though! :)


Thank you for taking your time and playing it and commenting! 


thank you very much for taking your time playing and commenting! :) 

Hi, thank you for playing!

It does have a ending, just had problems uploading it in the end and the time pretty much run out but it would mainly just have moved to a scene where you leave with your ship (or if time runs out you die in space..) 

I actually added the on the game page for the game a video with the full version that I had problems exporting, in case someone wanted to see the end and hopefully be a bit less confused about the end. :) 

For those that feel a bit stuck in the game. :)

Had problems uploading the last update to the game before uploading closed, but here is the version of the game that was suppose to be uploaded in case someone wanted to see the end. :) 

Yea it has quite a bit problems, I was having some fixes + sounds added but had some problems uploading the file and then it become a bit too late since editing closed. Hope you still where able to get something out of it and thank you for playing!  :D

(1 edit)

This one currently has a lot things that are not fixed and some missing but uploading this one here in case I over sleep. 

More updates coming right after I have slept awhile... :)

Thank you very much for playing  and  for leaving such a kind comment.  :) 

If you have time would you mind checking our game out? :)

Played and rated yours. If you have time would you be able to check out our game? :)

Really nice game mechanics. At times though I was having a problem with the lady getting stuck in places. But over all a good game and I enjoyed it. :) 

Really loved this game. The menu was cleverly done and the game didn't just look nice but it also felt nice. Also like the way the story was told. Great job! :)  

Really nice game made in such a short time. Only problem I had was the same as other people had. (checkpoint)  :) 


thank you for pointing it out. It should be fixed now. :)

Also sorry for not having it fixed sooner.

Wonderful game.  Really fun to play and fits the game jam perfectly. 

Thank you for playing/rating! 

Its the end when you enter the room of "truth".  I am at the moment aware of that problem and planning on fixing it on next update, when I find more free time.  :) 

If you haven't already rated, then could you check out our game?

Played and rated yours. :)

I like the idea but would love to play more levels of it. :D

Yea I didn't think about that. Maybe I'll test that in  next fix. :) 

The solution to the phone is in the bag. :)

Which part was it you did not find the answer to? :)

Hi, thank you for playing and thank you for your feedback. 

Ill try to fix those object clicking  issues by next update of the game! :) 

Thank you for such a nice comment and thank you for playing.

I actually have the sounds for that just didn't have time to edit them but will definitely add them when I find time.  Also going to add some sounds to the next to room. :) 

Loved the game mechanic and overall game but the difficulty  gets maybe a bit too hard too fast.  I really love seeing co-op games and would love to play them with my loved one.  I hope you will continue working on it, because I think it would be really fun to play these kind of games more. :) 

Hi, I would love if you could play/rate  me and my friends made game

Already played/rated yours yesterday. :) 

Hi, this game is made by me and my friend. I would love to know what you think about it.  :)

It was a fun and lovely looking game. :) 

Hi, thank you for commenting and playing. 

There was suppose to be some more noises from the next to room (someone hitting the wall/doing something else)  but ended up not having enough time to actually add that. I will most likely be add it later though. :) 

Hi, unfortunately the heart at the moment does not have a bigger meaning. It was suppose to be originally there to show that the person who's view you are watching this life from is getting more "angry" from what they see. (Like when they see something specific in the end it would be pumping hard and fast). Still planning on adding that but sadly had some a bit hard life events happening so I will be adding/fixing that later. :) 

Thank you for commenting! 

Really lovely game. Really satisfying looking at the  colors filling the darkness, not to mention it was also really cleverly used.  :) 

Really cute little game.  :) 

Really nice and smooth 2D controls. :) 

I am actually trying to fix the jump at the moment. (I used rb.velocity = Vector2.up * float) I would love if it would be smooth . Also planning on fixing the screen size later in the newer version when I get there. :) 

For now fixing the jump..  :D