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The Last Thing She SawView game page

A photon makes its way to someone's eyes, while listening to her story.
Submitted by Snowy (@Snowy_Too) — 11 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#54.1904.190

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  • nice game, makes alot of fun to play.

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I really really love the aesthetic of this game, visuals, sound, and narrative delivery. The controls, for me at least, are just not worth sticking around for. Sorry. 

It's definitely something I think I would enjoy if I felt like I had better control of the player. I learned a valuable lesson in the last (and only) jam I submitted a 2D platformer: keyboard controls just don't work for precise movement and jumps.

Awesome job on everything else, though. Seriously I loved it.


I can understand the problems you find with the controls and how precision platformers don't really work on keyboard. When it comes to the latter problem: there's full controller support in the game (or at least there should be on Windows, might be broken on Mac) because of that. But I'll definitely keep it in mind for the post-jam game!
It's arguably a bold move to make a precision platformer as a game jam entry (mostly because of the time investment it takes to actually finish it), but I thought it was the best way to strengthen the (implicit) story I'm trying to tell.

Nevertheless though, thank you very much for playing! <3


I can tell you made a really good game here, with a unique twist to the platforming genre and some nice audio-visual flair to back it up. However, I personally just hate these kind of extremely difficult game jam entries; they always seem to lack that certain je-ne-c'est-quoi that makes Super Meat Boy challenging but fair. I think it might be lack of playtime to get accustomed to the game's mechanics that leads to my frustration.


Just finished playing after downloading and here's what I think:

  1. The art/design is very well made. The bright colours on the dark background mixed in with the simplistic looks works really well. Simplistic and well executed, I like it.
  2. The controls are alright. The A and D keys work really well and feel really well, however the jump feels a little strange, but that's probably because of the constant jumping mechanic. It still doesn't mean that it's a bad mechanic, it just takes getting used to.
  3. The sounds are minimalistic but well executed, and the same goes for the music. It compliments the simplistic gameplay and graphics, creating some form of atmosphere around this game, which all makes sense since you are playing as a basic photon.
  4. The concept is certainly unique. A photon trying to get to the eyes is interesting, and I can see how it ties in with the theme 'Love is blind'. Good job, very creative :).
  5. The menu screen is very nice. It is good to see that there was effort put into the presentation of this entry. The same can be said for the whole game, as each screen looks, feels and sound as if they are well intertwined. 

In conclusion In think that this game is a well executed and presented platformer with a unique theme and consistent design, a fine entry into this game jam. Congratulations!

-Caleb (LebbyFoxx)


Beatiful and challenging game. Everything is on point here really!


That is one solid game! I like how it looks and I love the flow-y movement! The difficulty might feel too much at parts but, at least as far as I got, it seemed that the levels are designed in such a way that you have to actually combine the various movement mechanics (i.e. hold down to jump lower/go downwards faster) in order to pass through the obstacles. And their learning curve is very good.

I'd like something more from the audio (mostly music) but I'm probably just too picky on this one! :D The biggest issue I had was that the font was a bit tiring.

Will definitely revisit this after the jam to complete it. Good job!


Really loved this game. The menu was cleverly done and the game didn't just look nice but it also felt nice. Also like the way the story was told. Great job! :)  


I am really being engaged by the story as i get through the levels. Although i haven't finished the game due to my limited time, i think it's a really good one. Would love to finish it to know the whole story. Love the soundtrack too. Great work!


This frustratingly evil game is one of the highlights from this jam. I haven't been able to beat it yet due to how much it seems to require precise platforming skills, but it makes great use of simple graphics, a beautiful soundtrack, and some strong game mechanics and turns them in a truly awesome way to tell a story about love. 


"Frustratingly evil" really isn't what I was going for.
"Diabolical, menacing, maddening, nefarious, malevolent, despicably devilish" sounds more like it.

But hey... at least it has cute green hearts!

(Thanks for playing though, Gregory, good luck with the 110% <3)


Nice graphics and fun game play. I really like the main menu UI design, very unique!

Jam Judge(+1)

Very nice and addictive game, i can only recommend this game. Audio, particle, movement, artwork, everything on this game seems to be just perfect .Great job on this one!


The game design, graphics and audio were amazing! I loved the little story and peaceful soundtrack! Though the hearts being way too close to the spikes was kind of a pain to get due to... uuuh.... spikes.

Anyways, awesome stuff!