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You're a fish, you should be strong against fire types.
And despite what it may look like, I didn't use a single line of Snow#. How crazy is that?

The gameplay itself was fun, but confusing. The sign next to the blue portal just repeated the controls to me, and I don't think I understood how the portal itself worked?
It seemed to teleport me the opposite way of where I was pointing my cursor, and then I got a massive jump boost for a few seconds.
The former effect caused me to fall outside the map, which I could reset by pressing "R", but that didn't seem to reset the enemies, so I couldn't retrieve the portal again, effectively soft-locking me.

The game's art style is very unique though, and I mean that in the best way possible. Together with the music and sounds, it seems just masterfully crafted.

Overall, great entry!

It's a neat game with a very cool concept. Unfortunately, the level design didn't really give me a sense of direction; I didn't really know where I was supposed to go next (might just be me though), and the controls felt a little floaty to me, making it difficult to navigate the platforms.
The music's very enjoyable, however, and definitely gives me positive vibes when playing the game, together with the cutest little chipmunk of course.

Simple but fun game. Love the low-fi music in the background, very soothing to listen to!
I didn't like the completely invisible blocks, but besides that, I think you got a pretty well-designed game over here.

Very simple in concept and execution, but very well done nonetheless. It shows you don't need a highly complex or conceptual game for it to be a solid game jam entry.
There's also something strangely aesthetically pleasing about the whole scene.
The only two minor complaints I have, are that the sensitivity of the hammer could've been higher, and that the sound for a mole getting away was... a little painful.
Besides those, though, you did a fantastic job!

No real "bugs" (admittedly I didn't go out of my way to find them either), more-so game design issues/choices I personally disliked.
The difficulty curve felt a bit all over the place; there's a point where like 8 Meetles and portals suddenly spawn all at once, but right after that it reverts back to one spawning spot with only a few portals that are so out-of-the-way they aren't very relevant.
I also mildly disliked the fact the spaceship vanishes for a while when a single Meetle drops into it. Lost a fair few lives dropping two of the same color in at once. I suppose it's part of the chaotic nature of the game, and that's fine, but you're already having to constantly manage your Meetles to get them all safely down and into the right ship.

Good gameplay (although it arguably has its own problems, but it's a jam game after all), cute art and very solid sound design. Wasn't a fan of the music choice myself, but it's definitely technically well-made as well.
Overall, very nicely polished as well. Great job!

First of all, fantastic title.
Secondly, I never expected a game like this to have such a smooth wall jumping ability. Did an amazing job on that, honestly.
Overall, it's a solid entry. The graphics are good (although I'd argue the guns don't fit the style of the rest of the game), and the gameplay was actually pretty fun. Definitely also appreciated the secret ending, adds a lot of charm to the game.

This is by far one of the best games I've played this jam. It's subverted my expectations in such a beautiful way. Solid visuals, booming music, and looking very polished overall. Fantastically done!

Wow, I wouldn't have expected an essay review on this game. Thanks Pixel, I very much appreciate it!

I probably won't be continuing this game post-jam (because the code is a mess and it's a pain to do anything at all), but I'll be taking note of your advice/critique for the next thing I decide to fabricate!

Very cute game. Was pretty fun, despite being quite short and luck-based.
Feel like I should also point out that the music is a genuine banger.

Fantastic puzzle game! Difficulty curve was well-managed, and I got lowkey stumped by the last one for a good while.
Very disappointed that the Baba is You graphics got taken out, but at least the replacements are cute and fluffy.

Graphics and sound were absolutely astounding. Bit of a rough ending, but a very enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Extremely impressive game! Love the aesthetic of it.
Don't know if bug or intentional, but the hole just kinda vanished the moment I picked up the minigun upgrade.
Either way, for being so simple in design, it was still very fun and satisfying to play. Would love to see more of it!

Player does a backflip while Electroman Adventures is playing in the background.
10/10 honestly.

Something something portal mechanics aren't intuitive
I don't particularly like the dull and muted art style, but I can definitely respect it. Very well-designed puzzles though, would love to see more of this post-jam!

It's like snake, but slower.
Also zoomer music in the background which, admittedly, sounds pretty funky.

Fantastic puzzle game with some great music to groove to, honestly.

Absolutely astounding music, but I found it almost impossible to navigate the levels properly with the current lighting setup, unfortunately.

Very cute game. Music is very peaceful, I like it!

Very neat idea! The controls are a bit whack (especially on AZERTY keyboards), but I appreciate the concept.
Art style is also very aesthetically pleasing.

Forget Baba is You, this is the new Dark Souls of puzzle games.
No complaints. Extremely well-made!

I can understand the problems you find with the controls and how precision platformers don't really work on keyboard. When it comes to the latter problem: there's full controller support in the game (or at least there should be on Windows, might be broken on Mac) because of that. But I'll definitely keep it in mind for the post-jam game!
It's arguably a bold move to make a precision platformer as a game jam entry (mostly because of the time investment it takes to actually finish it), but I thought it was the best way to strengthen the (implicit) story I'm trying to tell.

Nevertheless though, thank you very much for playing! <3

Thank you! <3

Looks neat already! Thanks for sharing!

Will do! Thanks for sharing :)


Yes, no worries. All VODs of the stream will be saved to Twitch for a week (because I'm not partnered, so one week is all I get), and will also be uploaded to my VOD-dump-archive youtube channel!

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Hey, I'm Snowy (or @Mum II (Snowy) for you lovely discord people) and I'm planning on streaming some game jam games as possible over the rating period.

That means I'm very much looking for jam games to stream, so if you have one and you want to share it, be my guest!
Either post it below, or be kind and fill in this google forms, for my own convenience.
I apply a "first come, first served" principle, meaning I'll just go down the list chronologically no matter what. You can view the queue here.

Stream times will be Wednesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon (~3pm CET), with maybe an extra stream on Sundays in the evening, depending on how I feel. You can find the stream over here.

If you're interested in my own game, you can find it over here.
Massive thanks already! <3

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Hello. I am Snowy.
And you are a photon. A very important photon, actually; you are the last thing she saw.

The Last Thing She Saw is a precision platformer, akin to Super Meat Boy and The End is Nigh, that is driven by a deeply personal story.
A beautiful story of love. Blind love.

There's 21 devilish stages in the game - some less forgiving than others - that will truly test your platforming skill and patience.
For those not satisfied by the "Any%" challenge: each stage has a heart collectible in a harder-to-reach spot that rewards you with an extra bit of the story.
And if, beyond rhyme and reason, that diabolical "100%" challenge is still too easy for you, behold the "110% completion" goal; after gathering all 21 hearts, you will have the ability to face the ultimate challenge this game has to offer. Agonizingly difficult, but very much beatable.

Can you make it?
Will you be The Last Thing She Saw?

Download the game by clicking here.

"Frick Stage 3"

The notorious "Stage 3"

Stage 9

Love is the challenge.

Good luck

"Frustratingly evil" really isn't what I was going for.
"Diabolical, menacing, maddening, nefarious, malevolent, despicably devilish" sounds more like it.

But hey... at least it has cute green hearts!

(Thanks for playing though, Gregory, good luck with the 110% <3)

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Needs more otters holding hands when they fall asleep so they don't drift away from each otter. 0/10.

Seriously though, this game is amazingly adorable in every aspect of its presentation; story, graphics and audio.
Quite short, sedly, but I can appreciate the game nonetheless!

This was a blast to play, honestly. Just about every profile had me cracking up.
Was kinda disappointed to see the Hitler profile being a fake with the description "Yo, I'm back". It would've been a good reference to the totally obscure German movie "Er ist wieder da", but can't have it all, I guess.
Great game regardless! 
(Plus points for having the French person be fake. We all know France is fake anyway.)

It's a cute little game. Good base for a nice puzzle game, but a little on the short side (even if it's a jam game).
Background music - as pointed out - would've been nice, but I didn't really mind the absence of it here.
I also tried my hardest to see if I could abuse the cube-rotation, and I can proudly say it's possible to get one of them into a wall in level 5 (though the level isn't complete-able like that.

Regardless, good game!

This reminded me a lot of Crayon Physics or Line Rider, in a good way.
I really like how you incorporated the idea of using the pencil to manipulate the environment instead of just building a bridge for the player, just quite sed there's only 5 levels to play with.

Good game nonetheless!

No cat girls. 0/10.
(but seriously, amazing work to get this done in less than a week. Pity it's only very tangentially related to the theme... or to being a game at all lol)