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Heya! I'm curious if this game was inspired by Hamsterball in any way? I honestly thought this was some sort of remake of it at first haha

I'm glad you found them useful! <3

This IS my job! :((

What the fuck are you doing here

Hey there, everyone!

I released a new tileset about a month ago that I forgot to post here which includes:

  • Brick tiles
  • Grass tiles
  • Grass details
  • Cave props
  • Outside props


I really hope this tileset helps with your development!

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Hey, sorry for the late response, but the backgrounds don't come with the set.

Though, if you want to make the cloudy sky then I recommend checking out my last asset:


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Hey there!

I recently published a new pack full of clouds free to use! They all range from big to small and short to long.

You can check the pack out here:

I would love to know what you think about the style and for what games you might use these for!

No problem!

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Fly left me blind


Kube community · Created a new topic Feedback

Post your feedback for the game here and what you'd like to see!

Thanks for your offer, but I'm not into collabing right now due to some projects.

Sorry about that. I hope you understand.

Update: Got it fixed

Thanks for your kind words!

I'll look into fixing it. Thanks for pointing that out!

I like the mirror idea! Arrows became really overwelming after some time though.

Great horror game!

Not a lot manages to scare me, but this one is pretty good.

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Yeah, I rated it two days ago but didn't comment.

Got to level 2 then gave up

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No audio bummed me out a bit. Also not really a fan of the strange gravity. Climax was a hard one for me tbh.

Didn't notice the timer till a little bit after

The art was pretty good though.

Very cute art and short story! Although there are other games with this type of story, this one sticks out to me, but I don't know why.

But like Flightyfelon said, the arrows were quite unnecessary since it was obvious where you had to go.

Otherwise, really great game!

Art looked fine and so was the audio.

I think the sword should be longer so it would be easier to attack the enemy without getting hurt so quickly. Checkpoints were great, but the long empty room walking became quite the bore.

Not sure if other people have encountered this bug, but when I'm on the death menu and click on the last checkpoint button, there would be a 50/50 chance of getting the same screen again.

Overall I think it's an alright game!

Was quite fun to play. You saying that this game is in early development is surprising because it looks really polished and maybe even finished.

The things that should be worked on more though is the audio and animation.

The wings moving was great, although the tweening (Atleast I think it's tweening) can be worked on more so it would be like a sine in and out than just going at one steady speed.

Ambient audio were fine, but maybe a little bit of music would've been a +1.

Quite an original idea in this jam!

Good job!

Thanks! I'll get into rating your game tomorrow cuz I'm super tired today. I'm really sorry about that.

Will do!

Sorry TheLuigiplayer, MrBrego and NullGameExc for the rating taking a long time.

For anyone interested posting their games here, go ahead and post!

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Really interesting puzzle game. I don't really have much to say about this but Nice job!

Game really reminded me of Overcooked, but without the cooking.

Really fun to play and has great graphics and audio. Good job!

The art and music were great!

Was pretty challenging to play ngl.

Was really basic, but interesting to play! The light up squares were a great choice rather than just sticking to the walls for vision.

Really reminded me of The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac.

It was actually fun to play even without sounds which rarely happens for me!

Nice job!

Yeah, I wasn't planning on making an end screen, just made it go back to the main menu, but I'll definitely add one if it confuses many people.

The heart collecting was meant to be like a gamemode type of thing where in some you just had to finish the level and then in others do some other stuff. But I'll probably make it so you have to collect all of the hearts cuz then you'd need to put effort to clear a level.

Thanks for your feedback! It really helps.

So I see that you're still accepting games. Well here ya go:

I also rated your game 15 hours ago. It's pretty cool!

Will do!

It's alright

Oh my... I'm good.

Super fun game to play! I really love the snake + frogger type of gameplay!

No sure if it's the people dying or the crossy road feel that makes the game even better. (I swear I'm not a psychopath)


Great puzzle game! Took me a little bit of time to understand what I had to do.

Graphics super simple, but beautiful.

Sound effects and music are great!

Overall 9.5/10

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Became confused because I didn't know what to do. Can't really say much about it, but

Goodbye friend :(


Edit: Played it again


Really loved the concept and puzzles! Sometimes it became challenging for me. But I guess that's what a puzzle game is about.

Music and sound effects were great and so were he graphics!

I'm giving this a 10/10 cuz of how fun and cute it is

Simple platformer, but was fun to play. The growing blindness made it more challenging when hopping over tight spaces. Though definitely needs to be worked on more.

Audio would've also made it better.

Overall a 4/10

Don't let the score demotivate you though, you'll evolve more when working harder.

No problem!

Huge thanks!