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Shine the blinding
Submitted by _Kassjak_ (@_Kassjak_) — 7 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#173.9523.952

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Judge (1 edit)

Remarkable game with very nice artwork and particle effects. Extremely addictive game. There is a little sound bug, that music is being played multiply times, when game starts over but i am pretty sure you can fix that easily.


Thanks for your kind words!

I'll look into fixing it. Thanks for pointing that out!


Update: Got it fixed


I like this game!

The pace of the gameplay works well with the music and visuals :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Very well executed game!
Graphics remind me a little of Celeste which is good thing!
Music and sounds on point.
The only bad thing about it is that it is so short! More puzzles and levels please!


Will do!


I really had fun playing this game! It was a little bit challenging and very entertaining.

I love the graphics! The levels were good designed and I am looking forward for future updates :)

Coop sounds funny, can't wait to see that implemented :D


I love it, really good game indeed, great style and i like the fast gameplay ^^, great job!


A very great puzzle game with fitting audio and graphics! Very cool, it's like a fast paced pacman puzzle game :D


Probably the most engaging game in this jam I've played so far. Nice audio and graphics.

The only middle-difficulty level for me was the first one where you have to collect all the hearts. All the other levels were pretty simple.

Check out my game (3D-horror) as well:

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very dynamic / fast paced game! I managed to finish every levels. You did a good job in the level design and the pixel art. Good work!
Two small problems on my side: in some levels I needed to collect every heart and in some not, I was a bit confused about that; I finished the last level but I didn't get any end screen / winning screen :P


Yeah, I wasn't planning on making an end screen, just made it go back to the main menu, but I'll definitely add one if it confuses many people.

The heart collecting was meant to be like a gamemode type of thing where in some you just had to finish the level and then in others do some other stuff. But I'll probably make it so you have to collect all of the hearts cuz then you'd need to put effort to clear a level.

Thanks for your feedback! It really helps.


Really like the pacing the timer level was challenging for me :) Overall good work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great stuff! By far the most fun I had with any game of this jam so far. I love how fast and dynamic it is. The sounds, graphics and effects really helps the whole thing come to live. Awesome game!


Huge thanks!


It was a fun and lovely looking game. :) 


great pixelart, music and sfx love it!


Great pixel style and the lighting effect.  I love this color~Nice work~




I liked it very much, it was very laggy, maybe it's my computer.

I couldn't finish the game since there was this level where I had to collect all the hearts in less than 30 seconds, but I just coudn't do it, it was TOO MANY HEARTS!!! :D

The graphics were stunning, the background music was very unnoticible, which is a VERY positive thing, I liked the blinding mechanics very much, but the void ended up just hiding me, than restarting the level like 5 seconds after, I don't know if it was intended.

The game in it's whole is very fun, I had a blast!


I believe the lagging part is definitely your computer cuz mine works fine.

The void isn't supposed to hide you, but also reset the level. I'll see into that!

Thanks for your feedback!


Lovely game and loooots of fun! I was really surprised by it and the aesthetic looks really great! :D
I was a bit uncomfortable with WASD in this kind of game as I'm a righty and I tend to prefer the arrow keys for this kind of gameplay, pitty I couldn't use them, but hey it train my left hand so I guess it's ok!

Some moves where not precise, I ended up floating in the void sometimes.
I could finish the levels without collecting every heart so I thought I would have some statistics or malus about not collecting everything so there is not much of a challenge except the stary void coming to get you :)
Speaking about that it doesn't kill you, instead it just hide you, I needed to crash the game in order to start again. Don't know if that's the behaviour you seeked.
Would love to see more levels and puzzles! :) Well done !

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the nice comments!

To answer some of your problems:

  • I'll be adding arrow key movement really soon!
  • The non percise movement is a known bug that I couldn't fix while on the deadline. But now I can work on fixing that due to the deadline being over!
  • Was planning on adding a scoring system by the amount of hearts collected, but of course of the deadline, I didn't have much time to add it. But definitely will some time later.

"it doesn't kill you, instead it just hide you"

Huh, strange. I'll have to look into that. I probably just forgot to add a detector to some levels. Sorry about that!

  • I'm definitely gonna add more puzzles and levels in the future!

Thanks for your reply!