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Some loves have endless hurdles.
Submitted by Kaleido — 15 minutes, 41 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#1462.8892.889

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I really enjoyed this! Loved the background and animations, nice audio as well.


Very nice graphics and SFX! Simple but polished game. 


I was uselss at this. But I was smiling all the time. You don't know tragedy until you see a small horse bellyflop onto a cactus. Gravity felt quite unforgiving. The silhoutted birds although looked cool, were slightly hard to tell whether I was meant to avoid them or ignore them.  I couldn't quite tell whether if I man the colt leap constantly it would just collapse from exhaustion? I half expected the next horse to be a different colour. I liked the idea of the stablemaster coming back out to replace the one I had stupidly punished.

Jam Judge (1 edit) (+1)

Wow thats an amazing artwork. Very atmospheric game. I definitely wasted more time on this game than on a few others. That´s because the game is just awesome. The sounds, animation and movement are also mentionable.


Thank you very much! I spent more time on artwork for this jam than on other things because I've never felt like I could draw etc. Really appreciate it.

I hope that you found the secret ending of the game! It is a little hidden and most people have been so blinded by the quest to reach Old Rock that they haven't stopped to consider whether they should even go on the journey at all.

A hint (and hopefully others see this): after a couple attempts on the horse, the man might start to consider it an option to just go home...


nice entry! good job, it reminds me of that offline firefox game


Thanks so much! Definitely was inspired by the Chrome game.


My browser should have this game instead of the dinosaur jumping game when there's no connection. Nice artwork and parallax background! (I think that's what it's called?)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! You're exactly right, parallax. It was really fun to make. And I too have played the Google Chrome dinosaur game so so many times...


Wow does that horse have spirit! Look at him jump!

A very nice game, with a chill mood, though some background music would have been fun to set the scene. I never made it to Old Rock, but I gave it my best shot darn tootin'!

I'm not 100% sure where the horse's hitbox ends because I found the distance I needed to be before the cacti before I'd die to be a bit inconsistent.  Otherwise very fun and chill.


Thank you! Background music in the game itself is a good idea. The horse collider was perhaps a bit too big for the sprite. I'll consider changing that as a hotfix!

As for Old Rock -- good on you for giving it your best! Though the young man should question if it is worth the effort, or even possible at all, to complete the journey. After giving the game a few attempts, maybe stop for a bit to contemplate if you should mount the horse again! It might be smarter to just give up and try to go home ;)


Oh?? I shall do that 


Daamn those flies :D Cool game!

Is it possible to reach her town or it's endless runner?

Developer (2 edits)


After giving the journey a couple of tries, there are some other options available before you mount your horse.


Man i want that horse, he's litteraly flying ! hop hop hop

Nice work :)


Thank you!