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Funny idea :D Love the pixelart! At first I thought the ordering is a bit hard but maaan those rhythm games :D Simple and challenging, good job!

That's something I haven't thought of. When the jam is over I'll try post few updates adding new things and making it more "juicy".
Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Btw I found a bug but decided to not fix it cuz it can help you a lot at the harder levels - if you make two or more shields go on the same spot at the same time they stand on top of each other unable to move and attack :D

Yeah I fell into the trap were you extra polish before even finishing the core mechanics :D I was not in the mood for programming this week, so I decided to improve my graphic skills and seeing your comment really made my day! 

Aside from that the game is too easy I like how it worked out in the end and maybe I'll continue working on it.
Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Simple and addictive! Amazing level design!

For a first time it's pretty well done! The idea is cool and fits the theme nice. The game itself has a lot of potential!

Love the artwork! Nice interpretation of the theme. It was fun to play :)

Thanks a lot! After the rating period I'll post some updates!


Amazing work! Has a lot of potential!

Thanks a lot! I joined the jam too late so my goal was to make something thats at least playable :D

Nice little game! The snowman looks cool, you can make him fall of the edge if you go too far :)

Maybe it's the browser I was able to run it on last version of chrome

Thanks man!

Amazing Work! Great concept and the audio fits perfectly!

Nice game! Really liked the sound effects. It's kinda funny how the bear walks backwards :D

Thanks a lot! My main goal was to make it funny, because well... what we do for love can be hilarious sometimes :D

Nice mechanics and challenging puzzles! Really good work!

Where did she go :(

Liked the game, nice work!

Daamn those flies :D Cool game!

Is it possible to reach her town or it's endless runner?

So this is game for 3 jams at once? Nice work!

Pretty cool game, although shooting with z was little bit uncomfortable. Love the character design, with some sound it would be fun to play :)

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I saw this on the Discord server and since then I waited impatiently :D Great work!

Did not expected that level endings :D Cool game, I like it!

Thanks! The audio is my weak spot, hope next time I'll be able to make some :)

Great game! I really liked the combat system

Hi guys!

I'm glad to show you my first game Switchy Circle!

I would really appreciate some feedback