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This is awesome! So many fun and well executed ideas. Love the artwork, and the soundtrack is fantastic. Amazing work!

Enjoyed this! Something I noticed - movement was a bit uneven, until I passed through the portal and it was smoothed out. I like the zooming out after you die for a few seconds, which gave me enough info each time to keep progressing. Though I did send J.E.F.F. to his death perhaps a few times more than I should've!

We also made a game for the jam, would really appreciate it if you checked it out and gave us a rating :)

Cool game! One small thing: it could be a little clearer that you can duck the attacks of the first enemies. Otherwise, nicely executed, and very in keeping with the theme!

We also made a game for the jam, would really appreciate it if you checked it out and gave us a rating :)

Loved this game! It felt rewarding and engaging to play, sound was great as well.

We also made a game for the jam, would really appreciate it if you checked it out and gave us a rating :)

Nice job! One thing - it would be a good idea to remove the mouse pointer when you're game (kept distracting from where I was aiming). Good work otherwise!

We also made a game for GMTK, please check it out and give us a rating!

Very cool idea! I felt the torch light area was a bit small - it felt very difficult to avoid get caught out by the enemies.  The tradeoff of visibility + weapon vs little visibility + increased movement works well - would love to see this idea developed further!

Cool gameplay, and like the story! Feels a tad brutal that you lose all progress when you die, otherwise it's great.

Great work! Really cool concept, fits your chosen theme perfectly. Level design is really good - I felt like concepts were being introduced at a good pace, and while later levels were challenging it was clear what I needed to do.

Game is challenging but fun and works really well with your chosen theme. Great choice of audio!

Really enjoyed this, very cool experience! Audio is really good.

Brief but cool experience! Really like the intro animation of the guardian. Great audio too!

Thanks for the feedback!

Tbh this game is a walking simulator more than anything - we had plans to add more dynamic gameplay elements with enemies, but as is tradition in game jams we were super tight on time.

The room should change when you go back to that room if you've been through all the other rooms - stepping halfway through the room triggers a creepier version of the room and a brief ending after seeing all the other stuff. Might be a bug though, will have to check.

The cross is there as it's a prayer room - though mainly it's just to add a creepy vibe.

Cool idea, I love how it evolves and the story that comes with it is pretty cool. I found the randomised windspeed a bit irritating - I just ended up spamming arrows which didn't feel so good. Maybe it could stay fixed per shot that you need hit on target? Also could do with some audio! Great job otherwise :)

Cool idea, sounds and visuals work well. After playing for a while it felt like there were situations in which it was impossible to avoid being hit - the instant game over felt a little brutal in these circumstances. Had fun though, nice work!

Yeah the edges are way too visible! Thanks for playing

I use Reaper as my DAW, with a bunch of different VSTs for the different sounds

Such a good game all round! I especially like the audio, I was having a lot of fun in the first few levels just jamming out with the soundtrack and vocal slices :P

This is great! Lovely art, charming writing. Would love to hear some audio in this. First playthrough, I got matched with pizza - it feels like this game knows me... :)

Thanks! Yeah I agree, definitely need to tighten up those controls. Thanks for playing!

Quite an eerie atmophere, well done! I got stuck at 14/15 items - just couldn't find the last item for whatever reason. Also, a sound effect when the ghosts are getting near could be good.  Overall, nice job!

Quite tough - I found avoiding colliding with the environment particularly tough! Cool game though, fits the theme really well and some nice animations!

That background was giving me motion sickness when you're in the rocket! I think a little less on the rotation would help a lot here. I also found it quite difficult to understand - I felt I needed more guidance as to how to make fuel for the rocket and which materials I required for that. Would love to have some sound in there as well - would be great to have audio feedback for the mining and for the crafting! I really like the idea you've got here though. Good job!

Cool concept, quite challenging but got the hang of it eventually. One small UI suggestion - it could be useful to have the power gauge overlaid onto the player when you're charging the shot, along with some kind of sound effect indicating charge level. I love the interpretation of the theme, and the mechanics work well. Nice work!

Uh oh I'd better look into that. Thanks for playing!

I enjoyed this. Combining the story + credits with the player movement works really well! I like the amount of variety you have with your enemies, each of them requiring slightly different tactics to get through. I did find it pretty difficult - the projectile-projectile interaction made it pretty tough, especially with the orange enemies - though maybe I just need to git gud. Final boss post credits is super tough for same reasons, good fun though! I liked the music throughout as well. Nice job all round!

Wow this game is amazing! For 7 days, this is pretty crazy, so much content at such a high quality. I got stuck in a couple of places - maybe a key to reset the current level would help with that. Other than that this game is pretty perfect. 5 across the board from me!

"Let's start things off easy"

*Dies over and over*

Seriously though, great game. Impressive level of polish. I like the blinding mechanic to offset the use of the slow motion, it works well. Audio could do with a little polish, but it still does the job pretty well. Nice work!

Great game! Everything is really polished, gameplay is addictive and fun. Nice job!

Great work very polished! It felt satisfying to play, and I'm impressed by the quality of the art and audio. The different towers feel like they could use a bit of balancing - I got by fine just using the cannons on one play through. I hope you keep working on this, I really enjoyed it!

The second level feels like it needs a little balancing (I ran out of planets, and the ships racing through felt nearly impossible to avoid), but overall I really enjoyed this game. I liked the audio as well!

Took me a bit of time to understand how it worked (lots of reading and I found the UI a little tricky to get used to), but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. Cool concept, leads to some very fun gameplay!

I really enjoyed this! Loved the background and animations, nice audio as well.

Yeah pretty much all that's done in FMOD. Record and export stems from Reaper, then arranged in FMOD. Yeah it's crazy useful!  You might be able to use the API directly, afaik it's compatible with C++ and C#. Having the plugin in unity does make it a lot simpler though. I haven't used before, will check that out!

Very cool game! I'm impressed with how much you got done during the jam. I like the atmosphere, the music is great

Thanks!  Yeah I made the audio, the main soundtrack is dynamic - it's a bunch of music layers that I arranged in FMOD, and certain layers get faded in / faded out at different triggers in the game. E.g the drums are triggered as you progress in the core, and are set to cut out when you get to the precipice of the final fall. I put a lot of the jam time into the audio for this game, so I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Great art and music, really cool mechanics - the line drawing worked well, and movement on the lines seemed pretty smooth! As others have said, displaying the line limit would be really useful. Great work!

Great work! I really like the art and animations. Good progression of difficulty as well - I really like that a new mechanic is introduced on it's own, and then build on. The final level is really tough!

I really like the story and the art style! A little confusing as to what I needed to do at first in the workshop (as mentioned in another comment, I think the "Map" description is a little misleading. Cool game though!

This is cool! Only real issue I had was that the movement felt a little slow when setting the initial course of the probe.  The music is great, and I really like the changes of the planet faces when you enter / leave their gravitational fields :)

The story being told through the music worked really well for me, and I liked the fragments of the school dotted around the levels, hinting at what's to come.  I'm very impressed that you got multiple endings in there as well. Great work all round!