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Grandma's Cookies (Check Description)View game page

Made for the BlackThornProd Game Jam - Theme Mini Planets.
Submitted by Merlin3000 Productions (@FelixTheWolfrik) — 8 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

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Grandma's Cookies (Check Description)'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sounds and Music#932.8583.500
The Experience#1542.0412.500

Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really like the story and the art style! A little confusing as to what I needed to do at first in the workshop (as mentioned in another comment, I think the "Map" description is a little misleading. Cool game though!


I really wanted to try this game, but its doesn't seem to be able to start in any way, I just get an error. Either you have done this in a way that I can't figure out, and in that case I would recommend writing a "How to install" on the project or you have only  uploaded one of the files needed to play the game, when you build the game in Unity - cause that's what your'e using, right, I mean the icon of the program is unity - you get like six files or so whereever you build it and all of them are needed to play the game, therefore most people upload their game with all the files inside a .zip file. But if I'm doing wrong then I just do wrong.


Hey! Thanks for the info! It was our first time using Unity so were still learning how it all works, and since it's a Game Jam I can't update it yet so I put it in a google drive. I'll include the fact it has to be downloaded through the google drive for now but once the Game Jam is over I'll update the downloadable file, but thanks for the tip!


I  downloaded all the files and then it worked! Pretty good  game! I don't know if you want feedback but I got a few things to say. First of all, I really liked the story, you know, cookies. I also liked the style of the planets and the cutscenes, they looked good. The music were okay, just a little irritating. But there are a few things that coul have been improved.  It was hard to know what to do in the workshop, I mean the map-button were very small and it should have had the text "Go to planet" or "Choose planet" instead of "Map"  because it were hard to know what you were supposed to do there, that guy said that we would choose a place to go to, but I just got a shop and that were confusing. Or you could just make the guy pop up and say like "Check the map and choose where you want to go.". I also felt like the fear-meter gone up way to fast, because I could not even reach an enemy before the charcter an away. It might have been because of that I choose the wrong planets, but in that case the easier planets should have been recommended in some way and the others locked or something. I also had the problem with that the money disappeared when I went back to the Workshop-planet, so I could not buy anything and go further into the game. Also, some of the enemies dropped coins that were impossible to reach. 

But it were a pretty good game, really liked the story.


Thanks for the feedback! There's no order for the planets, we'll just decrease the speed of the fear meter. We'll make sure to go back through and change up some things to make it more clear. The coins being too far we thought might be an issue but we ran out of time to fix it but we'll smooth things out after the jams over. 


Yeah, time were an issue for me too, and with that much content that you have got I get you couldn’t polish everything. But cool game anyways!