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2D Plataform Drawing
Submitted by Leonardo Dantas (@ldgamedev), Vinicius Lima, Zangold (@ViniCarli), Gabriel Cassimiro (@gabrielcass09), DaniAA, Heric Felipe — 4 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#673.4003.400

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really nice game and pixel art, I wish I could say more, but the other comments already describes pretty much of my experience with the game lol, anyways rated.


thank you for the rated :D


Great art and music, really cool mechanics - the line drawing worked well, and movement on the lines seemed pretty smooth! As others have said, displaying the line limit would be really useful. Great work!


Thanks for playing! We very happy for you enjoyed the game! We will work on the game to improve it!!


A really cool looking game with cute sprites and some nice sound effects/background music! I was able to "cheat" my way through the level by drawing a line and walking at the top. Still a really fun experience and a great game!


You have discovered our secret !! We'll fix this! XD


The graphics are cute and catchy, really liked that.
I don't understand why you need Z to open the dialog box and C to close it, why not putting on the same key? Having too much keys to press on was a bit overwhelming. Also I thought that putting W as a jump key would rather be more comfortable, but that's my taste :)

Also collision boxes were a bit hazardous as sometimes my character was "bumping" from corners. There was no grace periods at the edge of platforms which was a bit frustrating. The camera movement were a bit hectic. And I don't know if that's normal but at some point I couldn't draw anymore.
I thought I used too much drawing, so I playd the game with minimum drawing in case there was a limit. But even that at some point I couldn't draw unfortunately. Don't know i that's normal ? It often happens when you respawn.

Also I liked that when you die you don't loose your drawings, that was nice :)
The music was discret but enjoyable and I didn't hear any sound fx. But well done on your entry, that's a cute little game you have here.


Thanks for the feedback!

For an upcoming release we can think about what you said.
We put a limit of times that can make the line, so in the video we talk about using carefully, but for the next version we will put a counter to make it more explicit and we will arrange the collisions.

I was very happy with your comment!

Jam Judge(+2)

Words can not describe this game. Draw lines where player can interact with them. Amazing. Deserves every single star.

Developer (1 edit)

We are very happy that you have enjoyed the game so much! XD


This comment is very motivating, thanks for this!


The Pixel art is great. Drawing limit confused me like everyone else. Controls weren't very sharp, jumping seemed to lag a bit/ not register. Music was good and the dialogue was funny


Thanks for the feedback and comment, we will improve on the next version


I like the cute pixel arts with character animations! Movement of the character could have been a bit better I think. The line mechanics work fine! Nice little game! 


Thanks for the feedback and comment!


Very nice art and music.
I would reccomend adding indicator of how much ink  do u have.
And movement/colission is a little glitchy so fixing that would definetly increase the gameplay ;)
Overall cool game


We will improve this to the next version so that the gameplay becomes even more fun.

Thanks for the comment :D


This is amazong and really promising! But after like 2m of playing I wasn't able to place any line anymore :(

Is there a drawing limit that I'm not aware of?


Hello GerardB, thank you for playing :D, we apologize for not having commented that it is drawing limit to solve the puzzles to pass the map. Then yes has limits, and do not be discouraged until you pass the map!


Cool game, however there's a bug that stops me from placing down lines. I am not sure what causes it, but it happened 2/3 times i played the game.


Hi iv2b, thanks for playing! we were happy to have liked. hehe :D. We forget to comment that there is a limit to the drawing, so it is not a bug, it is intentional for pass the map.

Submitted (3 edits) (+2)

Ooh good to know, make sure to add that information to the game page! :)


Actually, it only happens when fiddling with the rainy clouds!

I got to the first cloud only making a few small lines and it stopped working just as i made a line to protect myself from the rain.

However i've been able to essentially fill the starting area with lines and still get to that point and further beyond.

*bonus edit*

Actually it looks like there's a cap to the number of lines, but not the length, i've been able to get to the end of the game using just 5 lines (i only released the mouse button to shield from rain)


Thank you very much for the feedback! we will rectify this to make it more challenging. and hope you had fun playing LoveSaur! :D


Really fun game but maybe a bit short!


In the next version we will increase the number of phases.

Thanks for the comment :D