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Thanks for playing! Yeah i should have made the colours more distinct for colourblind people XD sorry!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Heres my game! I'll be sure to rate yours too!

Here's my game!

A really cool looking game with cute sprites and some nice sound effects/background music! I was able to "cheat" my way through the level by drawing a line and walking at the top. Still a really fun experience and a great game!

A really fun to play game with relaxing music and cute looking sprites! I like the screen transitions in between each level and also how the pig falls asleep after a while. Overall a great game!

Nice game idea and music. Sometimes the 'friend' spawned inside a wall though. Still, great work!

Amazing visuals, sound effects and music! They really help to add to the overall feel of the game! The gameplay was also really fun and unique (but them sticky keys though)

A game with a great concept and idea! I like the minimalist feel it has and the notes that play when u collide with the walls. Would be great if there were more levels!

Here's my game if you have the time to play it!

Here's my game Hope u can try it out if you have the time!

Here's my game : I'll get to playing yours too! 

Here's my game, I'll play yours too!

Hey, would really appreciate it if you played my game I already played and rated yours :)

Hi! I would appreciate if you rated my game :)

Thanks for the nice comments! Regarding level 8, did the AI get stuck inside the block you placed down or beside it? I'll try to fix the bug, sorry about that! 

A simple and fun game concept with some neat sound effects and very nicely done graphics! I liked that it saves your highscores as well.