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One of the best game from this jam! Simply concept, not to hard but still challenging, easy to understand and get in to, Good Work!

Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your game too!


Thank you!


Thanks for playing! A lot of people got stuck on that level so its a bit too hard.

Thank you! I'll make sure to done down the speed of the player a bit!

Thanks a lot! Ill definitely try your game too!

Great game!

Thank you!

Cool game!

I guess we did hahaha. Well with almost 2000 entries some are bound to have the same ideas ;). Thanks for playing!

Awesome game!

Thank you! Audio was definitely one of the things added last minute so i agree.

This game is really cool and definitely has potential. I think the main thing to be improved upon is the learning curve which is very steep. Maybe the game should start a bit slower and then speed up. Otherwise, great work!


This game looks really cool and i like how the ghost mechanic. I think this game could use checkpoint because if rewinding while having made some progress feels kinda annoying having to walk all the way back. Great game!

Thanks everyone for posting! Its late  so ill head to bed and rate the rest tomorow. Cheers!

Done! Rated and left feedback in the comments!

Thanks a lot!

Really cool game! Playing this at 1am in my dark room maybe wasnt the best idea cuz it really scared me! Great work!

Thanks! I have rated your game and left feedback in the comments!

Thank you!

Managed to get a score of 312! Felt really satisfying when multiple enemies lined up and I killed all of them! Maybe in a post jam version you could add different gun types! like a shotgun that shoots 3 pellets than can rewind back! Great work!

Thanks! Yes i had major issues with the physics. Didnt have time to fix it but will definitly spend more time on it in a post jam version!

Really cool game! Really like the trails that the player leaves behind when he rewinds. I feel like the horizontal movement of the player is a bit too slow, so maybe speed that up a bit. Otherwise great game!

Thank you!

I have rated it and given some feedback in the comments!

Great game for your first jam! The controlls are a bit loose but otherwise great job!

Highly appreciated! I'll also rate your game!

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If you rate and leave feedback on my game, i will do the same for yours!

Highly appreciated! I'll rate it right now!

Highly appreciated! I'll also rate your game!

Highly appreciated! I'll also rate your game!

Highly appreciated! I'll also rate your game!

Its a puzzle platformer where you can rewind certain objects in time in your favour! A lot of people are saying its to hard but it never hurts to get another opinion! Thanks!

Highly appreciated! I'll also rate your game!

Highly appreciated! I'll also rate your game!

Cool game! Some music or sound would be nice tho

Thanks! Theres always some bug that you dont think of! So thanks for letting me know! Ill be sure to try your game too!

Really fun game! I like the paralax on the background! And winding in ropes was a really creative take on the theme!