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Did you try getting as many balls as there are holes? ;)

You're not supposed to fall altought i think everyone did so. In the room before there is a color code in the cealing that you were supposed to follow. Thanks for playing!

Cool game. The art is really nice! I dont really understand the goal is, do i win after i eat all the little globs, or am i doing something wrong? Also, i think you should turn from the head and not from the middle of the body. But otherwise, Nice job!

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Pretty fun, the star counter doesnt tho and restarting from the start is kinda annoying. The starting puzzle was very creative and the platforming after was pretty good. Overall nice game!

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Good game! At first you really tricked me before i understood what was happening, really good job with that! And after i had figured it out, the game was still fun with really solid platforming and good levels. One thing is that i think the game over screen is a bit too long and should maybe be skippable. The music was also nice. Really solid game, Great job!

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This game looks amazing! It took while to finish, mainly due to the fact that you have to walk back everytime you die. Maybe you should start a couple of rooms back from where you died instead. Great Job!

Oh, Guess imma go beat the game now ;P

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This game is pretty fun but even tho is has cool models and such, the game itself is full of noise and has what feels like low resulution. Also it is a bit too fast paced to really understand whats going on. 

I think you should remove all posible noise, and crank up the resolution, because in the editor screenshots the game looks sick!

Lastly i feel like the ship should be more free. Maybe have the player controlling it at all times (it steers kinda automaticly now) and if they miss a circle they lose. (And also dont put that your game is playable in browser when it isnt.)

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Pretty cool, Its a bit hard tho (but maybe thats what youre going for). I think that either, the balls should move slower, or only have one ball. Otherwise it looks really pretty and the music and sfx are really good so i say good job!

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Ah i see, ill have tro try it again when i have some more free time.

a bit weird but still nice, and also idk if its my headphones breaking, but sometimes i the sounds got really distant and were very quiet, idk.

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Nice game, although i dont think you should restart from the very start when you die, maybe just att the beginning at a new level. The background is also very nice!

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Guess i got clickbaited ;)

Nice game, didnt quite understand how to play tho, maybe a tutorial?

Very cool! shame theres no sound tho, and i feel like i fall a bit to fast, but otherwise, Fun!

Ah, i understand now.

The controlls are a bit too stiff and not very reliable. For example, sometimes when the player is standing on a slope, he cant jump.

For the camera, its vert twitchy, and doesnt always keep the player on the middle of the screen. Sometimes i would teleport and the player for be in the very top left of the screen instead of the middle.

Great Game! Definitley need sound! and the camera is a bit too smooth for my liking. But i enjoyed going from world to world and seeing all the "easter eggs"! Great Job!

This game looks amazing! Were all the effects made in unity? At first i didnt like the timer, but now i realise its actually really nice.

This is probably my favorite game from the jam so far! Keep it up!

I like this mechanic of not doing what the "tutorial" tells you too, and i got really spooked the first time i jumped. The boss fight is kinda hard, which might be a good thing. I enjoyed it!

Controlls are a bit confusing, maybe you should use A&D to shift perspective kinda like in PEZ. The camera can glitch out sometimes but other than that, it was really fun and tricky!

Fun Game! I love combining things to try and make new things, its great.

Maybe the items should spawn closer to the combining spots and i think there should be a "Clear all" Button.

Otherwise, really fun!

I dont really understand why you can play music and do platforming or how it works, or how its related to the theme, But, If i stand still and play the music, its actually kinda relaxing and i like it! However, i think you should put the name of the keys (asdfghjk) instead of the numbers. Overall, good job!

pretty good, but the controlls and the camera movement needs to be more consistent. I also dont really get what this has to do with the theme.

I like the game and the art, defenitly needs sound tho. The combat is a bit flawed in that if you jump over the enemies and use S, you dont take any damage. Its a shame that you ran out of time, it would have been fun to continue with the story! Good Job!

Really solid game with many types of enemies as well as weapons! The graphics are nice, the music is nice, And most importantly, Its really fun! I get how it works with the theme but i didnt feel like the modifiers made any impact, but maybe that was just because i had too much fun to notice them! Great Work!

So, i tried to make wave 29 and 30 impossible o that no one would get past them (i didnt have time for a win screen) I didnt expect anyone to get past them so good job! Zombies stopped spawning because i had no time to add more waves

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Originally the purchase button was om LMB but i found that sometimes you would accidentally buy something because you were shooting before, Anyways Thanks for playing!

I Really liked this game, at first i didnt really get it and just started a bunch of wars but then when i tried again i got the hang of it and enjoyed it a bunch! The only complaint is that its a bit hard to controlls with only two buttons but thats not your fault. This game had me playing for a while! Great Job!
Feel free to check out my submission and give some feedback, i would really appreciate it!

Good job! I like the art of the game aswell as the sound, The controlls are good and innovative and the game fells nice overall. The one problem is that i didnt really understand how the enemies work, i just hid behind the boxes and they would sometimes die but not all the time. Otherwise, great job!

This game looks amazing. And the grappling hook feels great. It was a little difficult to understand what i was supposed to do at first but then i got the hang of it. While having a score based game like this is great, i think it would work better with levels. Otherwise, great game, keep it up!

Feel free to check out my submission and give some feedback, i would really appreciate it!

I like the gameplay although i think that maybe you should move up a bit faster, also the music stopped after a while but other wise great! Keep it Up!

Feel free to also give some  feedback to my game here :

The game feels and looks great, but it gets a little repetetive after a while, maybe add some different obstacles? Otherwise i like this game i like how it sounds!

Thank You!

What Programm do you use for music?

Thanks! I really enjoyed making this one!

I dont normaly continue to work on games after jams but i really like this concept so i might continue working on it!

Thank you!

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Thanks for playing!

The first five levels are man made but after that they are autogenerated

Yeah that could work