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Leonardo Dantas

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O jogo está muito divertido! Adorei os diálogos e como a gameplay flui

Muito bom!

it's a fun game

Muito legal o vídeo! Obrigado por ter feito uma gameplay do nosso jogo :D

I really liked the art and sound, they gave the game a really nice tone and I also liked the way they approached the theme, I would like to see the full game

I loved the game, even though it is very difficult! The art and music made it even cooler, congratulations for the great work!

Thank for playing! :D

It drops to infinity sometimes, but the art is very cute. Good job!

The mechanics were very different from what I imagined, I liked it!

Simple and fun game! I liked random weapons

Thank you! Yes I can :)

Thank you, we are happy for the comment!

I had great difficulties playing because of the mouse sensitivity :(

Nice game, good job!

I didn't understand the game controls well, but good work for the first game

I didn't expect this, not this time

A good idea, but the controls are confusing

Simple and short but with good puzzles I would like to see more after the jam

I liked the puzzles, but I missed the soundtrack a lot

I expected that

Nice graphics!

I thought it was a lie and would only have the menu, but the game started and I found a great job with great mechanics!

The puzzles were great! Good job

The game is too short :( 

The way you worked with the theme was amazing! Good job

The art and soundtrack are amazing, but even with the hints of what to do, I failed to reach the end of the game.

Good job!

I had a lot of problems with the movement, but I liked the soundtrack

Simple and fun, good job

I enjoyed the game, good job

The soundtrack and art are amazing, I really enjoyed your game, good job

Thank you, we are happy for the comment :D

The dialogs really messed up my experience inside the game, at the bottom it would have been more interesting, but good job

I loved the level design applied in this game, good job

Very nice, but very short.

I wish I had played more, any way good job!

Thanks for the comment!

We're thinking of adding awesome more levels after game jam :)

Thank you, we are happy for the comment :)

Thanks for the comment!

We are happy for that, after the game jam we will see if we put more levels :)

Thanks for the comment!

We're thinking of adding more levels after game jam :)

Yes, it would help a lot

I really liked it, but there should be sounds other than the sound effect