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Kill an endless swarm of enemies, modifiers spice up the gameplay but they're told to you in reverse!
Submitted by iv2b, Conciliator (@Concili8or), Sleepwalk Studios, spfan009, Igor Konyakhin — 18 minutes, 6 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#813.5763.576

Ranked from 125 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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i got wreckedeys.


Liked your game, very fun to play. Please rate my game :)


Really like the amount of polish and juice this one had!  Really fun!


Very fun! The platformer feels nice, as the shooting. Great variety of weapons, modifiers and enemies. Great fast paced game to spend some time!


Expected a joke game instead of good game. very nice 


That's a super fun game. Visuals are good even if they remain simple, music is chill, but the most important point is the gameplay which is very well balanced. Nice controls using the keyboard.

I'm just no convinced it respects the theme, or I maybe didn't understand how you did it. Also, since the game is quite fast, it would like more feedbacks when I get hit. The faster is the game, the better should be the information you send to the player.

My last point will be the fact that the UI is quite poor compared to the quality of the other elements. Menus are very basic, and when playing the text elements are very simple. I didn't notice I had ammo and hp during my first run and it's hard to see how many HP are remaining when fighting because everything is white and raw texts.

Thank you for this game, was fun!


Yeah we rushed the menus and variety of modifiers due to lack of time. :P
The idea for the theme was to have modifiers that affect gameplay, but told in reverse. That way the player doesn't feel cheated (as you know what's really going on) but you're still being lied to, ideally by switching frequently enough in a fast paced game the game will trick you (at least it did work on us while testing and on a few streamers).

Feedback and UI will be improved in the future. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it (especially the balance part <3), thanks for playing!


Really fun game with solid gameplay. Graphics were crispy and soundtrack was a banger. Nice job!


A fun little game with some decent juice behind it. Great job! My only complaint is that when an enemy was hit by a bullet there wasn't much feedback. I spent the first part of the game thinking they were immune to damage. 


Wow!! This game is actually amazing!! I could literally play this for hours with the catchy music and awesome graphics (and guns and explosions and enemies). Really great job!


Oh man! I had some much fun playing this amazing game. The game is so fun to play. The particle effects looks so nice. The artwork and visual looks amazing. The game movement felt so smooth and right. Music went well with the environment. Overall a really well made game.



The game is so much fun!!! the movement is snappy and i love that! Great job!

Please consider playing our game and drop your views on it :)


Simple and fun game! I liked random weapons


I loved this. Random weapons upgrades is quite fun.


Its a very fun game - well done :)


Very fun game but I dont know if it suits the theme.


The idea was to have a game with modifiers that impact the gameplay significantly but told in reverse (hence are lies).

Unfortunately we ran out of time before adding really spicy modifiers and the menus were rushed, so this information is poorly conveyed.

I'm glad you liked it! :)


The game is really cool, i really liked the character movement and the replayability of it is really great :D


The game movement is so smooth and satisfying! The characters are cute as well.

If you have time, please have a try of my game!


Really liked this! maybe could do with a little more space in the maps, otherwise a great game! The fake modifiers were good, movement felt great and I likethe little features like enemies looking at you and the way that the bullets have some inaccuracy/spread when shot.  Really good job 

Viewing comments 76 to 57 of 76 · Next page · Last page