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Thank you for your feedback , i learned a ton from feedbacks :)

Can we kill that pudding like creature with throwing coins on him? :D

Reminds me to stanley parable, you did a really good job here, maybe you can improve the graphics. rated: please rate my game :

Nice job , played and rated. Please rate mine  :

Was a little bit boring for me after a few minutes, but really good job :) Please rate my game :

Liked your game, very fun to play. Please rate my game :)

Basically an okey game, simple  , matches with the theme .  Accidently i realized i can double jump and stick to walls. 

Please rate my game :

The web build

Good concept.  Not would be better to put the Help/Tutorial for the first level, and also make the mouse visible, or with the enter start the level. Overall very nice idea and great game design. Don't forget to play and rate my game :)

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Played and rated. Really liked the story you made around the theme. For strange reasons the enemies ofter stuck into trees, and attacking the turrents not me after the first wave so i just chilled and collected the money and the ui is barely visible.  Don't forget to play and rate my game :)

Played and rated.  Without audio is kinda boring and flat, and i dont really got it what happened after the "boss fight". But overall i enjoyed it. Don't forget to play and rate my game jam game :)

Thank you for your comment, you are right, I'm using an 21:9 wide monitor.  I modified the placement for the bar, now its in the upper center.  This was my very first time to make sfx for a game, its kinda amatuer but pretty funny, and also was fun to make :) .

Thank you for tried out  :)

*Known issue : the Medicine bar goes off the screen if you are not playing at 2560x1080

i have time at the next week , i'll will rate your game, :) you are made it alone?

yes, i know but i can't upload the new version of the game until the rating period is over :(

well yes i didn't tested on all resolution, my bad , but i'll keep this in my in the future jams. Thank you for your rate and comment, i'll out your game :)

here is the link:

well, its built for windows,mac and linux in unity, so yes i guess you can, but im not tested , because i dont have a mac :D

Ahh crap you are right, its because i tested on an 2560x1080 screen,  i cannot update it until the rating is over, so if you would like try to play at 2560x1080. Also thanks to the report. :)

Here is mine :-)

Here is mine, i hope you will enjoy that few minutes when you playing :)

Great job, hopefully you will enjoy my short game  :)

Thank you for your comment. The time to take medicine is in the upper left corner :)

Good luck!!!