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Only complaint is I wish I could have gone into the park! Looking forward to see more of this.

Is there anyway to be notified or keep track of when the servers are up/down? Im very curious about the game

I know almost nothing about synths and music creation... Would this be a good learning tool? Any sort of tutorials???

Played it. Loved it. 10/10 Game of the year! But I may be biased 😎

Awesome thanks for the suggestions! Sorting through all 90+ games has been daunting :D

Oh great! I would look forward to playing more levels if you got around to building some :)

Also one more bug I noticed in the second last room (with the dropping boxes) when i was trying to solve the room i tried to connect the button to the pad on the ground and then I was unable to disconnect them and the game began glitching out pretty bad whenever I tried to disconnect them, I had to restart the game to progress... It was odd.... I'm using an Index if that helps you narrow it down!

I enjoyed playing this felt like the good ol' portal days, but with a new toy. Couple of minor glitches here in there, like I'm not sure if I heard all of the ending voice recordings because the game suddenly quit, although that may have been the end, but it coulda used some time to breathe.

Overall I liked this a lot!

Awesome game! My favorite part was spending way too long trying to throw the orb onto the balcony... and I did it!

I'd say the only points of improvement would be adding sounds and more game to play!

The loved the idea! My biggest wish would have been for a cute voice actor to voice robochan and have more dialogue throughout the game. Would give totally Portal type vibes!

I haven't had a chance to play many other entries yet? Any you recommend?

Thanks for the feedback! A lot of good points and I agree with basically everything you said.

Hey Thank you! The clayxels did all the heavy lifting on the look side of things! :)

That's basically the right idea! I was still playing with some other ones, like having the eggs shoot upward and you'd have to hit them midair

Thanks for playing :) I'm excited to try out Orb & Sorcery! It's on my list to try soon

I want to play this but I have a valve index! :'(

Oh thanks for playing! The egg game didn't get finished so that's why its crossed out. And I was planning to include a hand but also ran out of  time so I decided to just put a second hammer for the heck of it!

I'll be sure to check out your game as soon as I can! Your escape the room game looks very interesting too, I may try that out later!

Haha yea I certainly did! Feel free to mess around with the files if anything seems cool to you!

And thanks for playing!

Good job!

I loved this. Random weapons upgrades is quite fun.

Hey I loved the art style. Using the buttons felt really good and smooth. Great job, looking forward to more!

Took me tooooo long to figure out how to move, but cool once I did! XD

Okay I added another link for a MAC build in a .zip folder.

Hey I'll try to get Mac support soon. For now I've recently updated the page with a link to a version that isn't incredibly laggy.

Thank you very much!