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The Hammer GamesView game page

Entry for VR Jam 2020 - A series of hammer based minigames!
Submitted by Zed Poirier (@ZedPoirier) — 2 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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  • I love the look. The phone was a nice addition.

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Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

I love the look. The phone was a nice addition!


Hey Thank you! The clayxels did all the heavy lifting on the look side of things! :)


Game was a bit glitchy, couldn't really do much, immediately was locked out of egg smashing, hammering was fun for the 60 seconds I got to do it but the hit detection wasn't so great. The whole game was kind of lagging and low framerate. After hammering nails I couldn't move to the other side because only being able to reset your playspace is a terrible move mechanic, having to walk in the opposite direction you want to move to reset is just annoying.


Thanks for the feedback! A lot of good points and I agree with basically everything you said.


Great job getting something done anyway, no offense to anyone else but a lot of games seemed like they straight up didn't work.


I haven't had a chance to play many other entries yet? Any you recommend?


Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I'm sure you've run through a few of them but:
Top overall imo: The Stick, great mesh deformation stuff, really cool, fits the theme, kind of funny, pretty fun.
Onirogu was super fun, decent looking and it's just really fun, I went back and played some more.
Scavenger VR if only for the aesthetic
I couldn't play it but I watched a frien play treasure hunt, not treasure hunter, and it looked pretty good.
Orb and Sorcery was somewhat interesting, but I got tired of the movement fast.
Leaf Blower Sim was cool, like a combination of Portal and a gravity gun, decent humor and cool mechanics
The disciples of elemental harmony was pretty neato.


Awesome thanks for the suggestions! Sorting through all 90+ games has been daunting :D


For real, my team and I blew through them in a week but it was hard haha


Cute little idea. I assume the idea of the egg game would've been to move them into the pan with two hammers without breaking them? The nail minigame is surprisingly engaging, but pressing the phone keys is a little janky :D ... maybe it would help to add a little bit of space between them? I could definitely see this expanded into a fun minigame collection with stuff like whackamole or table cricket.


That's basically the right idea! I was still playing with some other ones, like having the eggs shoot upward and you'd have to hit them midair

Thanks for playing :) I'm excited to try out Orb & Sorcery! It's on my list to try soon


HTC Vive User here: We start with two hammers and *lol* can hammer anything in the whole scene. 

My scores: Nails: 45 in 60 sec, Eggs are crossed maybe I can start it later in the game...?

5 star rating sent, because you deserve it! Thanks for your submission!

While you are here I've played yours, so please check my game out in the button below. I wonder if you can play it with your headset.


Oh thanks for playing! The egg game didn't get finished so that's why its crossed out. And I was planning to include a hand but also ran out of  time so I decided to just put a second hammer for the heck of it!

I'll be sure to check out your game as soon as I can! Your escape the room game looks very interesting too, I may try that out later!


double hammer equals double fun :D