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Just like everyone else is saying audio is way loud, it would be nice to have options in game to adjust that. Wasn't super sure how to get the scrolls because I didn't know I could jump and had to look on the page to find out the buttons. Probably should include some control info in the game. The style was on point, visuals and retro vibes were fantastic and the controller felt pretty good too. Also wondering why we appear to be a ninja.

Unfortunately we can't take credit for those as they were assets but thanks for playing!

I've thought about building a micro mmo for the duration of a jam similar to this. It's pretty cool!

Pretty cool game but I did find it to be rather difficult. I really like rock paper scissors style games and I think the limitations of the pico8 are what made it hard for me. Definitely some cool stuff going on here. Sounds good, looks good, very hard!

On one had having to redo the "tutorial" each time you lose is bad but also I apparently suck so much I guess if I do it enough times maybe I'll learn haha.

Biggest gripe is just reading what is happening, but I kind of like that at the same time you know.

Thanks for playing, I'll forward your feedback about to the music to the artist haha.

Definitely like the idea of having more enemies, if you play endless you can kind of get that experience a little bit, roam around anywhere and they will keep chasing you and attacking you but their ai is limited in range, I thought about making them have infinite range in that mode so they would never stop hunting. Anyway great idea.

The stylization was the main thing to try to make the assets "ours" so we weren't just throwing a full asset pack in and doing nothing to it so thanks for that.

More AI would have been good, especially for the boss, more types of enemies different amounts of health. This was the first time approaching a real "hack and slash" type game so I didn't find myself with time for that but definitely on future attempts.

Thanks for playing I'll check your game out as well.

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Thanks for playing, yeah I also like the freedom of movement. It's even more fun when you are being chased by a bunch of samurai, kinda scary too haha.

Watching through the video now. Thanks for recording it.
Yeah didn't notice the info was cut off in the webgl build, I think in the normal build it works fine actually. As for the sensitivity, we had it backwards for controller and mouse for the default values, glad you figured that you could switch it though and it was nice that you went through all the settings too.

Button South is X and a playstation controller and A on an xbox controller. As for the mouse jank I think that might just be part of the third person starter assets, but I thought I had resolved it, it could also just be due to lag since it's in webgl, playing the downloaded version might not yield that issue, also you can play multiplayer with your team if you download it.

I think the info being cut off is a resolution scaling issue. Overall the lag looked pretty bad, unfortunately that impacts the experience sorry about that. We thought about adding bamboo cutting but decided against it. Also good point on making enemies stand out more. We should definitely had some kind of enemy counter and a you win screen when you kill the boss.

There were a few different places that you could get stuck we noticed which we promptly removed from the game by trying to block them off but with such a free character controller and so many spaces on the map we should have included a respawn option to get unstuck. We thought about including a camera zoom option, but didn't get around to it. Looks like when you restarted their health wasn't reset properly the second time through which made it seem like a critical hit which is a cool idea but it was just a bug lol.

Thought about adding different attacks to the boss but it was more work than it seemed worth at the time since I was trying to implement the multiplayer aspects (which nobody probably used). No jump attack, thought about that too, but the only purpose is climbing over stuff.

Also tworking framework had me laughing.

Yeah if you want a bit more feedback on that. I liked the parry and slomo when you parry projectiles. The effects look okay on them but probably could be a bit more pronounced for what the projectile is, maybe. I feel like the sensitivity is way too high, so a slider would be nice in the settings for that. Besides that the issues I had with the melee system were the fact that it lunges and if you attack in rapid succession it like pulls you through the enemy, sometimes they aren't even dead. Perhaps something you could do to improve the overall combat is make enemies have less health, so there's some kind of flow to combat. Instead of having to turn around and back up to fight an enemy I wasn't sure I killed if I cut an enemy and knew it was dead that would be cool. So there's a possibility that one cut being enough to kill is a good idea. Some other stuff, since the movement is so strong, a cool idea would be to use enemies to string together movements, you could make it so killing enemies with your sword launches you up a little and resets double jump/dashes, and parrying could give you hang time by turning off gravity temporarily maybe during the slowmo, so you could have entire sections where you don't touch the ground.

Anyway I just wanted to elaborate on what I don't think is working about the melee system. Throwing your sword to grapple is cool, parrying is cool, and of course the movement system feels fantastic.

Very cool game. I think there's a lot to like here. I wish the buttons were a little easier, like pressing a direction to change your stance and then pushing a different button to attack or block. I was able to cheese the boss fight by jumping over it, also lanterns in a similar way. The fighting was fairly engaging. More of a dying animation could be good over them just disappearing quickly, but it had an arcadey feel so that also seemed fine. Some music would be nice, I felt like the sfx got a little tired by the end and the lack of music was noticeable. Overall though pretty sweet game.

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Neat little management game. The combat was surprisingly difficult and balanced. I feel like it would be nice to know how many samurai you have without going to battle, like when you are looking at buying them. It would also be cool if they differed in some other way, like number of hits they can take as opposed to simply different attack patterns, if you expand it maybe you can do that. Different weapons + different armors to create many samurai variants. Armor enabling more hits, weapons enabling different attack patterns. I think some transitions would be nice and some animations could help but honestly it didn't really feel that necessary the core here is very strong. Being able to deflect arrows would be nice as an alternative to armor, or perhaps a dodge that lets you pass through arrows. One more suggestion I have is just improved readability, it was hard for me to tell where an arrow might hit me.

The music and sound was pretty good too.

In endless mode you can get like 10 stacked up, it's hard to parry them all at once, but if you can do it, it feels really cool. Thanks for playing. I'll check out your game as well.

Yeah we thought about ways of healing but figured since there was respawning it was fine to forgo it.  There is a boss at the end of the path that has more health than the rest and looks a little different. That's basically it. Besides that you can just kind of free roam and run around jumping on things for fun. Endless mode is particularly good for that as the enemies will chase you up on to rooftops and everything.

Thanks for playing, I'll check your game out too.

This game was super fun, the actual combat was a bit hard to understand what was going on, but the movement was fantastic. I really enjoyed that aspect of it. 

Hey as mentioned in other comments as well as in the submission and in the in game credits we can't take credit for that. The world and all the models are part of a Synty asset, the only thing we can take credit for is styling it that way via a custom shader.

We did make the music and yeah totally agree, should have come up with a few more tracks or something to even things out a bit, but the game itself is pretty short. Good news is you can just turn off the music from the menu and listen to whatever you feel like, I suggest Hotline Miami soundtrack lol.

Thanks for playing and I'll check your game out if I'm able.

Neat little game. I like the rock paper scissors of the combat.

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Haha, I can imagine. That's so funny because yeah testing the stairs is immediately a red flag, you had to have been like, "We gotta do something about this!"

It makes me think of how the devs of TotK came up with Ascend, they were like it's annoying to try to climb out of these holes, just add a debug thing that let's you essentially teleport out. I could imagine you would do the same thing, off the top of my head you could create a teleporter for each set of stairs that keeps track of how high up you climbed ever and it moves an empty object to keep track of it, so if you happen to fall half way up, you will see a teleporter entrance at the bottom of the stairs that will instantly teleport you back up to the last known height of the stairs you went to, or if you don't care about keeping track of last known height you can just make a trigger at/near the top that opens up the center column of the elevator which is the previously mentioned mancannon or even a simple elevator that just takes you to the top, quickly.

Another suggestion I just thought of but I had thought of it before, the camera should be a little bit delayed/damped behind the player's y axis, that way running up stairs and jumping don't feel too crazy.

Truly when I started playing I was like oh it has multiplayer?! but alas I realized it didn't haha. That would be super cool, vs human local seems like it would get really intense, online is a whole other beast, but for a game jam I think (once you get to grips with how it's implemented) it's a perfect opportunity to keep training that skill. This time around I felt really bad about it, but we made a multiplayer game for a 2 day game jam and it came together so much nicer and easier than this (that game was far less complicated, this was the first time I tried to make a proper combat system with combo, parry, block etc). Sometimes I feel very good about my networking knowledge and sometimes I feel bad. The last 2 jams were in the bad category and honestly it's because I was branching out to new mechanics and I didn't start networking until the end. It's honestly so much easier if I account for networking asap.

No worries, that's what feedback is about. On our jams we tend to go back and forth between remembering to add a tutorial/controls/how to play and not. I think we should probably keep a list or something haha. Good luck with the game.

Yes there's multiplayer. You can play with your friends/team mates. The host needs to have port 7777 forwarded for it to work however and you must share with other players your public IP so they can connect.

I love me some floating damage numbers. Sounds cool. I do like the epic scale of the map, but I did read through problems someone else faced with falling down and calling it there. Truth be told I did fall off the first stair well, but I wanted to see what was up there so I ran all the way back up. It does seem like having some kind of shortcut back up like a gravity cannon or something would be helpful.

Interesting concept. I haven't played a fighting game in a long time and it was hard to get to grips with the controls while being attacked so a tutorial mode or combo list or something might be helpful to new players. Also playing on xbox controller I would say was weird due to the fact that the prompts are in playstation, except there was only the menu that showed that. No controls for keyboard (as far as I could tell) was also a little weird to me. I liked that there was 2 stances, but one seemed way cooler than the other one.

The sensitivity felt way too high. I ended up running past a ton of enemies and getting killed by the boss. Some of the mechanics were pretty neat, I liked being able to run and attack at the same time. Unfortunately the combat felt a bit clunky even with locking on. Hits didn't really feel good, blocking animations were a little weird. Overall it's a cool game, great entry!

I liked the art!

Thanks, I'm equally surprised about the netcode myself. I approached the game wrong by not incorporating it from the start and I spent a good 2 days jumbling around my spaghetti code until it worked, but I gave up at least 3 different times on it. I truly wasn't sure it was gong to work but I'm surprised by actually how decent it came out in the end.

Thanks for playing I'll check your game out too of course!

I barely managed to beat the game. It ramped up in difficulty near the end haha. Very cute, neat game. I don't know if I've ever played a game quite like this. It was like a puzzle jumper but in real time. Cool game.

Models and animations were assets so can't take any credit for that, but we did make a little shader and do some post processing at least to try to get that style going. There was only a few enemies in the main mission culminating with one final stronger guy at the end. I guess we forgot to put in a "You win!" explicitly. However we also just kind of let you free roam to go around and see what there is to see. It's rather fun jumping around on rooftops and mountains and such. Thanks for playing, I'll check your game out too.

Thanks for playing. The animations and models were all assets so unfortunately we can't really take credit for that. I'll definitely give your game a try.

Wish we could take credit for the visuals but all the models were simply an asset. However the styling of said assets was all ours. Thanks for playing. I'll check your game out as well.

Well now that the jam is over I'll probably polish it up a bit and try to get a way so you can tell where you've been before added so it's a little easier to traverse.

I unfortunately won't be playing your game because although I'm not afraid of the dark, I am afraid of spiders and those boys look like honkers haha. Got that arachnophobia D:

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing. Yeah for the marking tools +1. I was actually unhappy with how easy it is to traverse this space since the outer wall is so easy to spot amongst the crazy architecture. I am thinking I want to spice things up to make the outer walls just as crazy as the interior space and along with that I was thinking about adding in one of those little tape tools that lets you leave yourself a red tape trail to see where you've visited so great idea there, I am thinking of some stuff for a post jam update!

I also got scared playing our game and I knew what was coming but the mannequin is somehow scary and yet not at the same time.

I was able to play because I read the comment you made to IanLindsey about using a controller and your instructions on the game page. For future reference that kind of stuff might go better in the game, as a tutorial or just info card somewhere. This is some feed back I've commonly got in all manner of game jams about putting tutorials or info about how to play in the game. Which is funny because then people don't read it when it is there, but I guess including it is better than not.

The game made me kind of sick, your movement controls were not in relation to the headset but the origin, and since I use room scale my origin is not where I am standing. This makes it so that when I rotate I'm rotating around a point that is not at my center and causes some nausea. Another issue is that you move in relation to the world not the facing direction of the camera. So if I face forward and only forward the controller moves me properly but if I turn around my controls are backward.

Despite all that I ran around the maze a bit to try to find anything but I didn't find anything.

Something else I noticed was that the menu doesn't show up in the VR headset seeming, I had to click start on my PC screen and the VR screen was pitch black until the game world loaded. I thought maybe it wasn't connecting to my VR headset but when I clicked start and put the headset on I saw it was actually working.

I understand you didn't have a lot of time and this is the only Godot game I saw in the jam so kudos for putting this together in the very limited time. Keep it up!

Yeah I'm trying to figure out a good way to do the menu. Last game we put it on a button, but the other button was also an action for what was being held and people said they often ran into opening the menu when they wanted to do something else. I don't want to keep people from opening the menu if they are holding something. I'm a little stumped on this one. I'm wondering what a better way to set up the menu would be. I thought wrist or arm buttons were superior but I don't think we got the placement right this time. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for checking our game out. Maybe it's best you don't play the multiplayer until after the jam. Functionality of walking around and seeing each other walk around is totally great, animations and all. The issues come from the lack of networking on the player sockets and ownership of objects, you can quickly run into synchronization issues with objects if you try to grab them from someone else's hip holster sockets, or even grabbing stuff out of someone else's hands. Anyway thanks for playing, I'll play your game if it has PCVR haha

Hey, I'm wondering what trouble you had playing the tapes. I think maybe it just isn't clear that you have to take the previous tape out of the player before you can put a new one in? Also the floating orbs around the player are like a tape inventory you can store your tapes in. Post jam I think I'll try to make the slot snap in and out of the player so it's clear that the tape is still inside of it and needs to be removed first. There's a few things I wanted to do with the overall gameplay that I wasn't super happy with but thanks again for playing!

I couldn't get the game to work for me on my Index. The controllers weren't visible or taking input it seems. As such I couldn't close the initial menu or move around at all.

Thanks for giving it a try. I'll try out your game as well!

Hey I played your game and it was pretty cool. I was scared of the ghost until I saw what it was, then I was scared because it was indeed chasing me haha. Good job on this one. When it started the snap turn and continuous turn were both on and I had to go into the menu to swap back and forth so it was only using one. I'm assuming you used Valem's VR template from the last VR Game Jam 2023 or something maybe? I feel like it had this menu and that problem as a part of it. Also none of the continue buttons seemed to work. I always had to go back to the menu. Overall neat game concept.

Sorry you had trouble playing the tapes. I'll have to look into some bug fixes after the jam. Thanks for playing!

Is this for Oculus only? Because it isn't connecting my Index to the game instance when I run it.