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This game is really amazing. It's very juicy and it hits all the retro vibes I remember from playing NES. The music is great and the difficulty is high. I gave up on level 7.

The game was really interesting. It got hard really fast but that was indeed when the levels were getting more... FUN! Honestly it was really fun but I did get stuck when the crates poured down on top of the spawn. Good physics.

Really neat idea. I think the execution could have been a little better but the music was great and the concept was spot on.

The art work and music were great. I feel like it was kind of annoying to restart the entire phase when you fail though.

Really cool game. I really liked the menu and the pixel perfect tree sway. I thought it was funny that all the menu items say coming soon though. The gameplay was tough but the music was cool, probably super loud for headphone users though.


I love this game, the style, the music, the gameplay. I do wish I could move faster by perhaps flying through the trees or something haha. I am a little stuck. I've gone around and interacted with everything and I still haven't figured out how to get the garden or the letter, but I'm going to keep trying. Excellent work.

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We will take the FoV issue to heart, my brother had even mentioned in response to your comment that he isn't sure why it hadn't occurred to him so thanks for the great feedback. We usually do an update post jam to fix any remaining issues and kind of spruce it up so maybe look out for a fov slider! Thanks again.

Also as mentioned yup I am obsessed with multi-player sometimes to the detriment of the game but I really want to be able to play the games I make with my friends. You should see our previous game jam game (Reapers Never Die) haha, it was a 48 hour jam.

Thanks for the feedback. We did think about some kind of time gating thing but we didn't really have time for that, however it wasn't really considered how much mess you would need to have stuff to constantly do while listening to the tapes. Truth be told the story stuff and the general gameplay were being worked on in parallel and we didn't have a ton of integration there so we will definitely be more cognizant of that in the future thank you.

Thanks for the feedback. I think there is a bug that causes the tape player to get paused for some reason so if you do end up giving it another try to get some more of that story try checking the tape deck to see if it is switched to on. If not you might need to switch it on for it to continue to play. Sorry about that. As for the physics of space flight it was kind od intentional for it to spin you about as its ohysically realistic and we thought it was kind of fun that way. The rigidity of the ground movement is that way because its meant to be simulated gravity so basically no different than a normal platformer. As for garbage collecting not being fun I bet being a janitor isn't much fun either but being in space with a laser to clean messes could definitely  help out there maybe. Again thanks for the feedback it helps us make better games in the future.

It's probably working but you might not be rolling in the right range. Wish we would have had a tutorial or something to explain how to play. After the jam we'll have an updated version go out and it has a hit/miss text that flies off the enemies.

Thanks, wish we had time to add a boss but I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Pretty neat game, wish it was fleshed out a bit more with more types of towers and stuff but it was a pretty good tower defense game.

I mean I don't think I got that defensive just saying I've got git history to prove that we worked on it during the jam but if you are really curious and not actually just being a jerk about this: Look at all the other games I make for all the other jams I've been in. Most of them have had multiplayer of some kind built into them. And I've been doing this a long time. I am basically only interested in making multiplayer games and I want to get good at that so I focus on doing that even during jams that have very minimal timelines, it proves that I'm getting better. I can guarantee you that I did not have a preexisting game that I just dropped dice into. If you don't want to believe it that is fine. My team's growing and we are all getting better at stuff. I think I'm finally at a point where my multiplayer network code doesn't suck and it doesn't take me a ton of tries to get stuff to work correctly. As for the files you think are sus, those are just build files Unity puts into your builds, the creation date would be the same for many other Unity projects using the same version as me. I'm not here to cheat, I don't know what to tell you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah it would have been cool to show a different weapon for each, to really take it a step further but we were on a crunch.

3 artists haha, 1 doing character art, 1 doing level design, and the last polishing it all up and then a final polish pass by a fourth team member.

We actually didn't add the mouse wheel stuff until we got feedback on it so we won't be able to update until the jam is over on that. Number keys is a good idea too.

Uhhh okay man, I have the git history to prove it but sure

Pretty funny game but also infuriating


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The game is pretty cool but after I choose my reward it just stops there. Nevermind it finally loaded. Once you start losing guys it gets impossibly harder to win. It's a cool concept but the playability suffers due to that.

Yup sorry, wish we had put even a screen in explaining the combat system. You just have to roll in the range of the enemy to hit it. It's best to use a dice that narrows that range better for better chance of success. Like if it's (1,2) your best bet is a d4 as you have a 50% chance of getting it, whereas if you use a d20 you'd have a 10% chance.

Yeah it gets impossibly difficult pretty quickly.

Thanks. Yeah like I said I went with floaty for the movement because SPACE. But also we wanted the bulk of movement to be done through the grapple but didn't want to take away movement entirely. For the space ship's movement it's also a little floaty because space but it has stabilizers. I do think it probably would have been better if I just went with direct velocity control so that it was really tight controls and just felt better. The thing about the space ship movement is if you are always inputting a direction you have pretty acute control but as soon as you let up it gets floaty.

The changing states thing is a byproduct of it being multiplayer oriented. It's much easier when you don't have to be responsible for everything and you can have team mates do other jobs. Switching states was worse before cause you could get in and out of the ship with space and switch between piloting and not piloting with f and it was just too much so we tuned it down to just space to get in, automatically pilot if nobody else is, space to get out, and space to jump.

Cool game. Felt like there was a bit of mastery gained as you continued to do laps. I felt like I was getting better and better as I played.

Please check out my game as well, thanks:

Cool game. It's really well made and I thought it was super easy until I got stuck on the last level for a really long time haha. 

If you get the time please check out my entry:

Thanks. Great work.

Yeah I think after the Jam I'm going to at least add instructions in the start screen so you can try them out without any threat and maybe I'll add a menu you can check for them (won't be a pause menu probably cause networking but still).

Cool game. I really liked the way it played. I really liked the dithering. Really solid game overall.

Could you try out my game if you get the chance:

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Cool game. It is a brain bender and I think it's so cool. I like the menu, how you have to jump off to quit or run through the door to start, it's a great touch. I think the selecting options in the level select could use more feedback, still not sure if I was selecting anything or if it was just showing me progress. I also got stuck on the last level. Very, very cool though.

Can you checkout my game if you get the chance:

It's definitely easier to play with friends as you can focus solely on flying the ship or solely on shooting or solely on collecting stuff and bringing it back to the ship

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I only made a downloadable version of the game but I wanted to add a WebGL build so it's easier to experience my game and I didn't know if I was allowed to add it or if it would be considered working outside the jam. The build doesn't have any major differences from the downloadable version but I did have to add a tiny little bit of code since it's multiplayer and it needs to know it can't really host if it's WebGL. Otherwise the game is identical to the download version, only difference is you can't host from it.

Is it fine for me to enable the WebGL build?

Hey I saw your post in the community tab. I rated your game. I think it's got a really solid base, the music was pretty strong, overall solidly built game.

Please check out my entry if you get a chance:


Thanks for the feedback.

We definitely considered creating a small tutorial but ran out of time. Figured it was more important to deliver a finished product, though I solved a few problems by having a begin button at the beginning so that you could kinda mess around without any real threat. My plan for a tutorial was to have each part of the game explained, an enemy that doesn't shoot at you, a pickup to bring back to the ship, how to heal the ship etc. 

As for the feedback on hit, definitely should have had some animation/hitflash/damage noise/particle effect. Definitely want to make it feel good to play.

A few other notes: The controls might feel a little loose but I kind of wanted that effect since it's space, but I find that while giving constant inputs it feels pretty good and when letting go it kind of drifts which was neat but maybe not the best experience. I'd considered making the controls super tight which would probably feel ultimately better. I've definitely had that problem of having to refer back to the game page for controls myself, so I'll try to remember that next time.

One last bit is it's pretty obvious that the single player experience suffered due to the multiplayer and we should have made it more additive than reductive, but we would have missed out on the cool interaction between the players and the main ship. Flying the ship, then jumping out to grab loot, and then jumping back into the ship is incredibly difficult for a solo player, especially as the difficulty ramps. And of course the ramping difficulty into infinity is kind of a cop out for real gameplay design but I felt it was fine for this jam.

We also should have added in a credits section, I'm noticing a lot of people did that. The art is from so we can't claim that unfortunately mostly. The music was hand crafted though.

Very commendable for doing something in VR. I believe it's important to focus on the things we want to make that's why the game I made is multiplayer even though it probably hurt the single player playability:

Don't know if you are looking for suggestions but keep it up and cut back on your idea to something even simpler next time. I find when introducing multiplayer or VR to my jam projects it increases the complexity quite a lot so it's important to try to keep the base idea as simple as possible.

If you have time please check out my game. Thanks.

I really enjoyed it. I loved the physics character controller and found the mechanic to be very cool. I did find the controls to be a little strange sometimes, like I think I was playing with arrow keys until the climbing part but it didn't seem to work and had to switch to wasd to climb. Also had some glitches where it wouldn't let me move from spawning, but overall very cool.

Since I didn't submit my game from my profile it doesn't show it in this comment but could you please check out the one I worked on if you have time:

This game is really awesome. I love lofi type music. The art is really cool too. Great work.

The comment thing won't show my game since it wasn't submitted from my account but please also check out the game I worked on:

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I saw tiny little bits of space at the edges of the screen so I stuck a portal up there and thought it was going to end up being like portal where the real game begins when you start to escape. Would have been neat if you kept doing the same puzzles over and over until you discovered that you could escape. I guess portal was kinda heavy handed with forcing you to escape. Anyway I got outside the level and fell forever, so I guess I got the secret ending.

Edit: I thought it would show the game I was a part of, but it didn't so please check out my game here:

Oh cool. I have heard of this program but I actually thought it cost money. Well that's good to know.

I wish more of these were OpenXR, I feel like I can't even play half of these games cause they're Oculus only. :(

Yeah, I would have loved to get some nice hit effects in and maybe some health bars or something on enemies. But there wasn't quite enough time. I was basically coding nonstop the last two days. It was crazy and crazy fun. I'd definitely like to improve on the experience. We actually had to cut out a lot of content. Still I think the core idea shows through. I was definitely thinking that having some info about what you can do in the game would help but didn't have enough time to cram it in. We were literally making and testing builds right up to the end.