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There are many Tapas on GMPuzzles, in the database and on Puzzle Square among other places.

Pattern:Script is a fork of PuzzleScript which adds a bunch of features. Primarily arbitrary sprite sizes and the ability to automatically generate a lot of repetitive code with some additional syntax (which is very helpful for more complicated projects like this one). The link in the game’s description has all the details.

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Added a link to the description.

The trick is to (rot13) gvzr lbhe qryvirevrf fb gurl’er bssfrg sebz gur tbyrz’f. Vqrnyyl lbh jnag gb qryvire lbhe cbgvba juvyr gur tbyrz cvpxf hc gur arkg bar.

Sure. ROT13 hints, read as much as you want:

Gurer’f gjb znva ceboyrzf urer:

Lbh arrq gb ubyq qbja obgu yvsgf (va n jnl jurer lbh pna jnyx bire obgu bs gurz gb npprff obgu cnguf).

Naq lbh arrq n gnyy wryyl gb chfu qbja gur guveq yvsg ng gur raq.

Gel fbyivat obgu bs gurfr vaqrcraqragyl svefg. Svther bhg ubj gb trg n gnyy wryyl, naq svther bhg ubj gb npgvingr obgu yvsgf jvgubhg znxvat n gnyy wryyl.

Let me know if you need more. :)

Thanks! Yeah, squishing up into another block is an interaction I haven’t implemented yet. Clipping is honestly one of the nicer things that can happen if you currently try it. :D I’ll get this implemented at some point, but probably not without also making levels to introduce and make use of it.

Yeah, this game is asking a lot of the PS engine. Though that lag sounds much worse than anything I’ve seen. Sorry to hear that. I’ll have a look if I can optimise it any further, but if it’s lagging half a second for you now, I suspect some lag will remain.

That’s generally the right idea.

Hint 1: Gel gb svaq n pbasvthengvba bs gur wryyvrf juvpu ernpurf sebz n pryy arkg gb gur ybjre yvsg gb gur hccre yvsg.

Hint 2: Abgr gung ng gur cbvag jurer lbhe pbagencgvba ernpurf gur hccre yvsg, vg’f bxnl sbe cnegf bs vg gb qebc gb gur tebhaq sybbe (gurl whfg unir gb or fhccbegrq ba gur cerivbhf ghea).

Hint 3: Erzrzore fbzr bs gur zber fhecevfvat zrpunavpf lbh’ir yrnearq guebhtubhg gur tnzr.

Very cool! You’ve designed some lovely puzzles with interesting new deductions throughout. If I had one suggestion for improvement it’s that I’d like to see more non-square grids in the second half of the game, but I imagine that was a victim of jam constraints. :)

I also got really stuck on this level, but finally figured it out. I’m not 100% convinced the solution I found was the intended one, but it was an interesting one. FWIW this was the penultimate (and last difficult) level.

This is one of the best games I’ve played from the jam so far! Very unique and interesting controls, and the puzzles you designed around them were fantastic. The only change I would suggest is maybe move level 9 several levels earlier. The difficulty seems more on par with levels 3 or 4, but maybe I was just much more used to the controls by then.

Oh, and it gave me a chuckle when I noticed what you did in the final level. :)

To be honest, I think the difficulty curve in the second half of the game was already a little all over the place before the updates, if not worse. It’s mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t get those playtested properly in the jam, but probably also that I was too afraid of making levels too hard towards the end. That’s definitely something I’ll need to work on in the future.

I’m glad you enjoyed the game anyway! :)

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for the kind words! :) There’s a few more levels I’d like to add to this version, and I’ll look into adding a level select afterwards. It’s always a bit of a pain to add it to the exported game, which is why I just opted for a level skip this time (but admittedly, that’s a little annoying to use with over 30 levels).

Just solved it! I had some trouble getting started, but I really liked the main puzzle. Rest of the feedback in rot13, because spoilers.

V arire svtherq bhg ubj gb npghnyyl ybbx ng gur qrpbe. Nsgre abgvpvat gung V pbhyq gnyx gb gur ryrcunag naq ybbx ng vgf obql cnegf, V svtherq V’q whfg gel ybbxvat ng gur guvatf gurl xrrc orvat pbzcnerq gb, naq gung jbexrq. Gur qrfpevcgvbaf bs gubfr (naq gur snpg gung gurer’f nccneragyl n gnax gung gur fanxr vf va) znqr vg frrz yvxr gurer’f n jnl gb trg gur qrfpevcgvbaf bs gur birenyy gb znxr bhg gurfr bowrpgf.

Nsgre gung, vg jnf n yvggyr grqvbhf gb purpx rirel pbzovangvba bs vgrz naq crefba, rfcrpvnyyl fvapr gurer jnf ab punyyratr vaibyirq.

Svanyyl, nffrzoyvat gur pyhrf, V zbfgyl fgnegrq jvgu gur uvagf nobhg yrggref naq jbeq yratguf/pbhagf naq gura svtherq bhg gur nantenzf. V znqr fbzr rqhpngrq thrffrf nobhg gur fanxr pyhrf naq gura bayl arrqrq bar be gjb bs gur sna pyhrf gb svther bhg gur fbyhgvba.

V ernyvfr gung fpbcr vf n ovt yvzvgngvba va wnz tnzrf, ohg V guvax n sha jnl gb znxr guvf n yvggyr zber ratntvat (naq qrny jvgu gur vffhr bs gur fbyhgvba orvat birepbafgenvarq) zvtug or gb ybpx rnpu vgrz naq rnpu crefba oruvaq n fznyy ohg havdhr chmmyr. Fb lbh’ir tbg 12 bs gurfr fznyy chmmyrf, naq qrcraqvat ba ubj znal lbh pna fbyir, lbh trg naljurer orgjrra 0 naq 36 pyhrf sbe gur fbyhgvba (jvgu na vapragvir gb zvk vgrz naq crefba chmmyrf), nffhzvat gur jnyyf jbhyq tvir pyhrf nf jryy.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and really liked the theme/metaphor of the elephant. :)

​Very impressive level design. I was really surprised how many genuinely different, hard, but solvable levels you managed to get out of the same fairly simple set of rules. Awesome work!

No level stumped me as much as the third one, but part of the reason might be that I was stuck on it for so long, that I learned a ​lot​ about the game’s possibilities while trying to figure it out.

Great work! I really like the Witness approach of letting the player figure out the rules from examples instead of telling them explicitly how it works.

That said, the third area didn’t work very well for me. I needed a hint from Discord to figure out how the plus signs worked, even though I had already solved about 10 puzzles. It didn’t help that a lot of the examples either already had a unique solution when ignoring the pluses, or admitted several solutions that seemed very different. The mechanic itself is really cool though, so if you rework the puzzles that try to teach it, this has a lot of potential.

I’ve also got some feedback on the second area, but spoilers, so I’ll message you on Discord. :)

This was fun but I wonder if this might need some additional mechanics to scale up the puzzle difficulty? In these levels, at every step there was always at least one elephant whose placement was enforced locally (because a baby elephant could only be reached from one side, or because an empty cell could only reach one baby elephant). Though letting trunks cross might already be enough. Definitely a cool idea! :)

Very clever core mechanic! Had to skip the two “Twisty/ed” levels but was otherwise able to beat everything in order. Nice work. :)

​Incredibly impressive jam game. The puzzle design is just fantastic and the trunk mechanic looks like it has a lot of potential for further exploration. :)

Wow, this is really clever level design. Nice work!

Thanks for trying the game and the kind words! Crosses turned out to be real stumbling block, yeah. We're working on a post-jam version that should also make the rope controls a lot more intuitive. :)

Crosses turned out to be a significant and unintentional difficulty spike. I'd recommend skipping it for now using the level select and coming back to it later. :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback! :)

Yeah, the diagonal movements are a bit fiddly. We have plans to update how the rope transformations work so these diagonal moves becomes unnecessary (and would be replaced by a set of more intuitive straight moves), but the diagonals were easier to implement for the jam.

As for the rope targets, at the very least we need to change their colour or something, because it's very hard to read the tan rope on top of the targets in any case. We'll see if that fixes the readability of crossings already, but otherwise some form of highlight for incorrect crossings is a really good idea, we'll keep that in mind!

Very impressive and polished entry! The main mechanic is a really clever idea that leads to a lot of unintended mayhem. :D I could see that working in a PvP multiplayer game as well. If I had one suggestion it would be to add a much longer cooldown to the cauldrons. As it is, if you're going to toggle their movement direction once, you're very likely to toggle it three or four times, which makes them very unpredictable and takes a little bit away from the "puzzle" part of the "action puzzler". ;)

This is pretty incredible for a game jam entry. Mechanics, level design (and amount) and presentation are all superb. My only complaint is that starting at around level 2-4 I really would have liked an undo mechanic (which should be fairly doable outside a jam scope since you're snapping to half-grid positions anyway). I think I found a bit of cheese in 2-3 and 3-star, but nothing to take much away from the experience. Really fantastic work all around! :)

This is a really clever idea. Reminds me a bit of the puzzles in Gorogoa but plays out very differently. Nice work!

Super clever idea and incredibly polished presentation! Could make a really neat zachlike with an additional metric or two and maybe a couple more operators. :)

Wow super impressive entry. The polish is through the roof. I wish it were a little more obvious how multiple expressions are going to combine together (and I think there's a bug where the displayed expression sometimes uses an incorrect operator to combine them), but it's still a really fun game with clever puzzle design. :)

Really fantastic puzzle design! I could easily see this expanded into a full puzzle game with a few more mechanics. Even the couple of mechanics you already have provide a lot of depth. Great work! :)

Very juicy and satisfying to play! I think I'd prefer the wrecking ball to move a tad faster so swinging it into enemies would be a more viable option (as opposed to just parking the ball behind enemies and then letting go of space), but this is a great idea for fun little time killer. :)

Thank you! Yeah, Crosses turned out to be quite a difficulty spike. It was a fairly late addition and we misjudged its position in the level progression. No shame in skipping it and revisiting it later. :)

Neat puzzles! This core mechanic has a lot more depth than I would've expected. If I had any suggestions it's a) undo (though if your engine doesn't give it to you out of the box, it's not really feasible in a jam, of course) and b) it feels like I should be able to move away from connected boxes if they're blocked by walls in between (though of course that would require some changes to your level design).

Very very good! Such a simple yet effective idea. And quite a lot of interesting levels. I suppose it would be neater if they had unique solutions, but it's hard to make sure of that in the scope of a short jam like this. And I like that it would work equally well as a paper puzzle (if you had a ruler, I guess). Also very nice and juicy presentation.

Cute collection of mechanics! The splitting slimes seem to make a bit too easy to cheese levels because they disappear when duplicated or next to a wall. Those levels might work better if the move was disallowed if it doesn't create exactly two new slimes (of course some of the levels would need changes).

Very impressive level design for such a short game jam! Nice work :)

The elastic connections are a great new spin on the "Shackle formula", nice work! Some really fun little puzzles in there. :)

Very neat! The last three levels were Recursed-level headscratchers. The core concept also seems to have enough depth to expand it even further. And thanks for the music recommendation. :)

Neat concept and nice level progression! Could do with a few more levels, but jams are jams after all. :)

Thank you! There's a level select at the bottom if you want to check out what the game has to offer later on. :)