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Oh hey, a fellow match-3 submission! The polish of this game is incredible and I really like the concept. I love combining match-3 mechanics with other gameplay, and this might be the most interesting implementation of that general idea I've seen. As others have pointed out, it's currently not very playable due to the lack of movement, but I think there's a fantastic (and sellable) game here.

Maybe you could just separate movement from the rest of the mechanics. That could be anywhere on the scale from "the player can move freely at any time" to "the player can only move forwards by X steps per turn", but that seems like it might be easier than rebalancing the grid to provide you with enough movement tiles (without losing the flexibility among your combat options).

Anyway, despite the movement issue, this is a fantastic game and absolutely incredible work for a 48 hour jam. I hope you polish this up a bit after the jam and release it properly!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying it. :)

Thank you! <3

Ohhh, I see. Maybe painting the target configuration on the wall instead of putting it into the actual play space might work? Or putting it inside a glass box or something, just to make sure the player understands they're not supposed to interact with it.

Let me know if you've got some cleaner Vive bindings at some point, would love to give it another shot and see the rest of the game.

There's some nice ideas here, but the balls moving me through the scene make me a little too nauseous. I would also recommend not making the direction of your own movement relative to your head position. That means if you just look around while moving forward, you starting curving in the direction you're looking, which I find really disorienting. But I also don't deal well with smooth locomotion in general, so this might be perfectly fine for people who don't mind smooth locomotion.

Neat little puzzle game! It was a little unclear at times (especially last couple of rooms) how exactly the connector was supposed to work, but I got to the end with a bit of trial and error. The wiring-up mechanic definitely has a lot of potential for a longer puzzle game. I love the minimalist aesthetic, nice and easy for a game jam but still cohesive and not too bland.

This is fantastic, probably the best game I've played in the jam so far.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the seesaw to tip for some reason, but there's a lot of potential depth with these mechanics (and presumably you could add even more spells, or more interactions to the existing spells). And the level of polish on visuals and audios is through the roof!

The controls with the Vive were a little weird, it seems that cycling through spells also immediately triggered them, and there was no way to stop casting the spell except to drop and regrab the wand. Still, very impressive jam game!

Neat interpretation of the theme to have one of the uses interrupt the other! I found controlling the turret with the trackpad a little awkward, might be a little easier to control by just mapping it to the orientation of the hand?

Also in terms of gameplay, it might be good if the player had something to do while the download is happening as well instead of having downtime between firing sessions. Though the soundtrack is an absolute banger so I just used the downtime to dance. :D

Interesting, I would have thought that the Index controllers would be particularly good at grabbing and throwing, but I guess the dev needs to account for them in a more elaborate way than just binding a button. I'm thinking about getting some Index controllers soon, so I might be able to test it out then and see what can be improved (but definitely after the rating period).

Regarding the scroll, there seems to be a bug when you pick up the scrolls with your hands instead of throwing the orb at them. The first scroll should give you an ability where you can view the world from the orb's perspective to spy around corners.

Regarding the spinning blades, you can already kill the enemies in one hit by setting the orb on fire (by throwing it into a torch or a fireplace), though not all enemies have sources of fire nearby. We would definitely like more combat options though, e.g. being able to use the orb like a grenade by triggering an explosion after throwing it (which would also make the sticky upgrade more useful).

Again, thanks for the detailed feedback, I'll check out your game in a bit!

Thank you so much for the kind words. In theory we have a ton of ideas to expand this into a more complete game, but we're also not sure we can could actually do them justice without an actual budget (plus, I'm already working on a different longer-term project). It's definitely going on my backlog of potential game projects though, because we think there's a lot of potential here.

Will give your game a spin in a bit!

Oh thanks for the heads-up and for recording our game! You're not the first to mention that the teleportation system can get a little tiring after a while. A full game would probably contain an accessibility option to just shoot the ball along an arc to mimic standard teleportation more closely (but the levels could also be designed to avoid long stretches of travelling without anything to do along the way).

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Thanks for trying out the game! To address your various comments:

  • Sorry about the bug with the scroll, not sure what happened there. Do you remember which one it was?
  • Regarding the bindings, what controllers were you using? Index?
  • We personally really enjoyed traversing the castle by throwing the orb, but I can definitely see how it can get tiring. If this were turned into a full game, we would probably add a setting that lets you "shoot" the ball along an arc (making it more similar to traditional teleport mechanics), if only for accessibility.
  • The assets are indeed not original. The list of free Unity assets we used is on the game page (most of them are from the Ultimate Low Poly Dungeon).
  • I actually thought several times about adding a "floor" below the castle so the ball couldn't drop too far if you chuck it out of a window, but ended up forgetting. :D If you do throw it out a window, you can still summon it back into your hand, but could take a good while if you don't do it immediately, so that's definitely something that would need to be addressed.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Thank you for the kind words! Sorry about the Oculus controls. We mainly developed the game using Vive controllers, so the Oculus bindings could definitely use some work. Though you shouldn't have to hold the joystick down while throwing the orb. Clicking it while pressing up should just put the orb into "teleport mode", and then you can take your time to throw it. That probably could've been communicated a little more clearly.

Thank you! Sorry about the bug, I don't think we encountered that during development. The first scroll gives you an ability that lets you see the world from the perspective of the orb (press centre of trackpad on Vive or X/A on Oculus). It's pretty useful for spying around corners when you want to avoid enemies.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it! :) I don't have an Oculus headset here, but I'll ask my team mate if he can give your entry a spin.

Ah I see, I'll check tomorrow if I can set up some working bindings for the Vive.

Cute idea and interesting choice of tool. :D I had a really hard time shooting the bananas all the way to the monkeys though, so I didn't even get a chance to build the raft. I'd also consider snapping the bananas into hand in a fixed position, so you don't have to regrab them several times until you have an orientation where you can easily peel and shoot them. It's a neat game idea though, you could probably get even more uses out of the bananas (e.g. if there were some kind of enemies, you could eat them yourself to heal or drop the banana peels to make the enemies slip). Keep it up!

Cute little idea. I assume the idea of the egg game would've been to move them into the pan with two hammers without breaking them? The nail minigame is surprisingly engaging, but pressing the phone keys is a little janky :D ... maybe it would help to add a little bit of space between them? I could definitely see this expanded into a fun minigame collection with stuff like whackamole or table cricket.

How do you move around in this? The usual press-trackpad-to-teleport doesn't seem to work (I'm using Vive controllers).

That did work, but then I couldn't figure out how to make a fist with the Vive controllers. :D Part of the problem is also that the hand skeleton doesn't really match what I'm supposed to do (e.g. when I pulled the trigger, it did accept the first gesture but the hand skeleton actually had all fingers except the thumb folded into a fist).

Thanks for the feedback! You're definitely right, sound would be highest priority if we continue working on this game. For the jam though, we felt like half the orb mechanics wouldn't have made sense without a working enemy. But maybe we should have prioritised sound over particle effects. Definitely a lesson learned for the next game jam. :)

Thanks, I'll give it another shot later.

This looks fantastic. Would love to play this, but I'm afraid I can't deal with the movement in this game. I'd also recommend adding teleport, at least as an option. And even for smooth locomotion, I'd make the movement direction depend solely on the hands and not the head orientation (if I move forward and rotate my head to look around, I keep moving in the direction I'm looking, adding to the nausea).

Let me know if you do patch in teleport, I'd love to try this and rate it based on its other merits.

Just wanted to give this game a go, but I can't seem to run it on Windows?

I mean... I did try a number of things with the buttons, but I couldn't get the hand skeleton to even do the first gesture (touch thumb and index finger while extending all others) with the Vive controllers.

This is really impressive! Definitely the most game-y I've seen among the entries so far. I really like the idea of having this separate sandboxy tutorial area first to get people to understand the controls.

The puzzles themselves are neat, though just from a personal-preference standpoint, I would prefer the various tiles to snap to a grid or something. But I just like my puzzles to be a little more rigid than completely free-form physics puzzles (because in the latter it can sometimes be hard to tell whether your solution just doesn't work, or whether you just didn't execute it well enough). Still a neat game and I also really like the puzzles sprinkled throughout.

Maybe the multitool could see a little more use. I'm pretty sure in the first room I didn't even pick it up at all. Though to be fair I didn't play all the way through, so I can't say whether it becomes more central to the puzzles later on.

Keep up the good work!

Should this work through SteamVR? It's not coming up in the headset. Since you have a Quest build, I guess you made this either on top of the Oculus SDK or Unity's new XR system?

This looks and sounds fantastic! Unfortunately, I've only got a Vive here, so no individual finger tracking on the controllers. Anyway, nice work, I'll try to remember giving this a shot if I ever get myself an Index.

Nice work! I could definitely see this being expanded into a goofy VR golf game. Like I already said on the forum, Golf Story might give some fun inspiration for further uses of the golf club.

I would probably consider tuning down the strength of the hit a little, it felt really difficult to do precise short hits. And the club could probably be a little shorter, but then again I've never played golf in real life, so what do I know. :D

Keep it up!

Thanks! I'll check out your game in a bit. No audio unfortunately, we were too busy with gameplay. :D 

Summoning the ball is actually fairly straightforward, we just turn off physics for the ball and move it towards the summoning hand manually.

Thank you! Yeah, we ended up scrapping audio to get a bit more gameplay in.

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Our tool is an orb. You throw it around to teleport (or onto higher platforms to replace a jump), you throw it at enemies to damage them, you set it on fire to burn things, you make it glow to have a "torch" in the dark. You can even see the world from the orb's perspective to spy around corners. (We've got a dozen other ideas that would work well with these existing mechanics, but you gotta limit your scope in a game jam somewhere :D.) We built a little dungeon-escape adventure around these mechanics, but we think they could be turned into a really interesting VR metroidvania. :)

Your golf game looks neat, I'll check it out over the weekend! (I just recently finished Golf Story, which definitely convinced me that a golf club is very good candidate for "One Tool, Many Uses" :D.)

Edit: overlooked the "share your screenshot" part.

Screenshot from Orb & Sorcery

Charging up the orb's teleport ability, before throwing it to move around.

It's virtually impossible to steer two bikes at once. Thanks for trying it anyway!

I tried to solo it a few times during development and it's basically impossible. I think the only thing you can really do is always press the buttons in sync, which makes the bikes drive a symmetric path as long as no items are collected (since the steering wheels stay in sync). I have some ideas for how to make single-player mode viable, but they were way beyond what we could've accomplished within the jam. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! That could be neat and is probably not even that hard to implement. I also briefly thought about some race-track-like levels you could try to navigate in single-player mode.

Hey, a fellow local multiplayer submission! (Although ours is competitive, not co-op.) I really like this concept as a co-op game that's about communication and coordination. A bit like a multiplayer-QWOP. I think it needs a fair bit of polish to be playable though.

Currently, the main issue is that it's really hard to stay on top of who can do what. You constantly have to monitor the text panels in the corners, which takes attention away from the main game. We actually had the exact same problem in our game (the steering wheels initially were in the corners of the screen), so we ended up moving them right where the action is, so there's only one place to look at. That could be a bit hard for this game, although you could make the character considerably larger and then use coloured body parts to indicate who can do what. Alternatively, have an obvious countdown and let the screen flash when the controls change, so you can't easily miss it and know when you need to shift gears.

Anyway, I think with a little redesign of the UI, this could be a really fun and addictive co-op experience, since the core idea seems pretty solid. :)

Hey, a fellow local multiplayer submission! Played this with my wife and we quite liked it. I like the idea of a capture-the-flag game where you can just punch the flag away and send it flying.

It seems like it would be a blast with more than two players, but with only two it's a little too easy to outrun the other player, especially if there's a bit of disparity in platforming skills between the players. Maybe you could be slowed down while munching away at the cheese? The controls could probably also use a bit of work to feel tighter, but the wall jump is pretty great. Keep it up!

Hey, a fellow local multiplayer submission! It's a fun little idea, but I think it could use a bit of rebalancing. The sheriffs are so slow, they're basically trivial to evade. It's also not clear when and how money respawns. And there seems to be a bug where you can run into a fence and disappear completely.

All that said, I do like the trade-off of being able to carry more money at the cost of walking more slowly. That gives you some interesting risk-reward decisions to make. It would be cool if there was an indication how much money a player is currently carrying, so the opponents can make an informed decision of whether its worth to use their one bullet on them. At the same time, I feel like the ability to carry multiple bags at all kinda breaks with the jam's theme?

Anyway, it's a cool game with potential, but I think it needs a bit of work around the edges. :)

Hey, a fellow local multiplayer submission! I really enjoyed this. The controls are a bit wonky, but the concept is really neat. I also quite like the different special abilities. Especially the wizard, he makes you feel like Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy. :D

There seems to be a bug with him though (maybe with other characters as well, not sure). If I shoot immediately when the game starts, the arrow just vanishes, and I can't get it back without dying.

I think with a bit of polish and a few more characters, this could be quite fun for a long time.

We did experiment a bit with the speed of steering wheel. You're right that making it faster actually makes the game a bit easier, and we found that once you sink a couple of hours of playtime into it (as we did during playtesting) it gets a bit too easy if the wheel is any faster than it is right now. So we decided to make it a little harder to leave more room for getting better at the game. I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway! :)