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Don't blame you, had to make some music from scratch for the jam and I am the furthest thing from a composer :)

Hi, I've gotten a lot of traffic for this game recently and its kinda strange because I released it over a year ago. Did you find this from a youtube video as its saying there's some traffic from there :)

Hi, this is the game that my team made. If you want to,  please take a look. Hope you enjoy.

Nice, fun, simple game. Great art and style made the game satisfying to play, well done :)

Nice to hear that you learned a lot and had fun, that's what game jams are exactly for. As for stopping the dog from rotating or falling off like Ryuzaki said, inside the rigidbody you can go under constraints and click freeze rotation and freeze position in the axis you want. Otherwise well done :)

Nice concept and love the 3D models :)

Nice game, I like that there are multiple endings :)

Fun game with great concept and good art, maybe some fast paced music would have been nice but otherwise great entry :)

Sorry to hear about your issues, hope i can play when you fix them. But the art and lightheartedness of the art is nice from what i can see :)

Haha love the "i received a badge" sfx. Fun game, well done :)

Played and rated, great concept :)

Nice simple concept with great music. Fun game :)

Played and rated, loved the atmosphere !

Hi, yeah i know its not too close to the theme. Originally we were going to have the character move from "pack yak" to "pack yak" as he got better but had to scale down due to time. The story at the beginning explains it a bit. I'm going to upload a new version after the jam ratings end which adds a small passage for movement and fixes some small bugs (that I'm glad not too many people have found :) Glad you enjoyed the game though :)

Nice game, love the art and like the concept of having to weight whether or not to sting so you save bees :)

Cheers, took a while to perfect and make feel nice :)

Thanks for the feedback, the game was originally meant to progress from one "Pack Yak" to another but we had to scale down because of time. So now you only travel on one pack yak. Was explained a bit in the story but i get what you mean. :)

haha love the sfx and music. The art is really crisp and mechanic all works smoothly, well done :)

Hi, here's my game if you wanna take a look, ill rate your too :)

Here's my teams game if you wanna look

Ill look at yours too

Bit heavy on the ol pc but was fun. Loved the music and 3d modeling. Really added to the "scary" atmosphere :)

Yeah my brother found that one too, i'll upload an updated version when the jam ratings are over :) Ill take a look at your game now

Played and rated, great entry :)

Really fun game, love the art, but boy, if you don't have the supercharge bullets its hard, made me spend them wisely :)

Actually already played and rated it, loved the game :)

Haha i know of two minor bugs, but they're not harmful and they're hard to find :) Ill take a look at your game now

I've played your game already, really good. Have you looked at mine ?

Haha I'm the developer and all I can get is 12, well done!

Played and commented, nice to play 3D too :)

Really fun game, although I'm not too great at it :)

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Played, really fun :) If you haven't already, maybe take a look at my entry?

Really fun game, love the art and chaotic music. Great entry :)

Nice game, rated :)

A lot to read but a fun game. Had to be quick whilst still using strategy. Well done :)

Played now, great game :)

Commented and rated, very good game :)

That's really cool, downloaded it on my phone and wasn't disappointed :) Really polished, interesting and fun. Well Done !

You've already seen my game, ill take a look at yours :)