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Cheers, nice to get feedback :)

Usually c# is the best language to start with as unity uses it, if you want to use unreal engine (although some could say that's overkill) then c++ is best but the languages are quite similar.

I have already rated yours, it would be cool if you would do the same if you haven't already, cheers :)

The submission page for this entry (game jam):

Already played and rated :)

Hi,is it good if you could play mine :)

Here it is:

Rated :)

Love the art and animation :)

Rated :)

Nice game, i like the art and theme of it. Although it was a bit difficult to read the instructions of the first scene :)

rated :)

Wow, really polished game, love the music, love the pixel are, well done :)

rated :)

Not bad, considering you had 2 days its good, nice character movement too :)

rated :)

Very ambitious project, given the time frame its amazing, well done :)

Rated :)

I like the camera movement, how it follows the direction of the car,. And like the other comments, it really feels like an io game. Well done :)

Rated :)

Nice game with a great concept, reminds me a lot of superhot :)

Rated :)

I really like the crisp art, nice music and love that scene transition :)

Rated :)

Wow, really nice game, i love the switch between 3d and 2d :)

rated :)

Nice game, i like the music and light heartedness of it :)

rated :)

already rated, nice game :)

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Nice simple game, i like the charge attack feature :)

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rated :)


Personally i didn't change anything, i posted it a few hours before, but i can understand how relieved you must have felt to have that extension :)

Nice, simple game :)

Nice game, i like the calming music :)

Nice game, i love the atmosphere and the loading screen :)

Nice game, taking pacman and putting in 3d is a nice twist :)

I'll be rating games - just send them to me.

It would be nice if you take a look at mine and rate it too

Nice game, i like the little cut scenes :)

Nice game with a nice concept, well done :)

Here is my game:

Ill take a look at yours now :)