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This is fun, but not really "So bad it's good" I enjoyed it, but it doesn't really work for this jam.

How did you manage to make so many games in such a short period of time? I'm thoroughly impressed. All of the games within this offer a unique experience and I personally think you did yourself injustice by entering into a "So Bad It's Good" jam.

I enjoyed this game, it felt very 'So bad it's good'.  I didn't really see how it was retro, but it was a fun to play game!

I’m glad you enjoyed! :)  I got my the Windows XP windows from Google Images. Then I edited them.

i got wreckedeys.

I liked it a lot!  This really captures the "So bad it's good" theme of the jam. The Lets Player in the corner was my favorite part. :)

Nice, but too difficult for me. I wasn't able to play legit.

hey, the name is similar to mine tbh.

Cool game! :D

I’m glad you enjoyed! :D Sorry if the music was loud, while testing my volume was pretty low so i didnt notice.

Yeah, my goal was more to make a cool little experience rather than a fully fledged game. I still hope you enjoyed :)

I’m glad you enjoyed! :D

After your done typing have to press backspace to get to the next line. As I said i'm updating the description sorry :/

Sorry if it was unclear. Your supposed to type what you see on the notepad after you get to the desktop. Like a 2009 tutorial video. I’m gonna update the description of the game.

I like it! Impossible Quiz-esque 

Thanks :D

I did put an epilepsy warning in the description. I hope you enjoyed anyway.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Okay, good to know its intentional. :)

Unfair mario but fair! I like it

Fun game! Only issue I want to point out is that instead of dying my lives go negative :P

What about pineapple pizza?

Unfortunately, we had guests over at our house and afterwards I was sick for a few days so I'm only starting today. :{

Umm. I don't know what just happened but ok i guess...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Awesome game. Also, cant wait for Dreadful Whispers!

I wanted to  add that but i didn't have time to :P sorry but i hope you enjoyed nonetheless!