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Guilty ConscienceView game page

Can you escape the nightmare?
Submitted by Mystical_Pidgeon, OliveIsAWord, FriedClam — 2 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#2543.1753.175

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Rated - Really awesome animations and sprite art for the character and backgrounds (neat parallax bg too!).  Very cool endless runner!  I think the clown should giggle after he talks too early or lies.  Then it would seem purposeful and not an audio error.  Hope you learned a lot this game jam, and good job submitting a game! Take notes on peoples suggestions and improve your next game. When you have time, please check out my game~ good day!



 nice game, played and is very nice. only minor point for me is I don't see the theme.

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,




The instructions alternate between the truth and lies. To succeed, you have to switch between doing as your told and ignoring it to light the enemies on fire. I'll admit it's not well hinted at in game, but we hoped that some of the fun would come from figuring out what the lie mechanic was and how to work with it.


Atmosphere of the game is great, sounds are cool but I usually jumped too early because I was told to too early XD I really love the artstyle and animations, creepy and so beautiful! Wasn't sure when to use fire tho


We should have telegraphed it better - pay attention to the background and keep an eye on how changes there affect the enemy behavior. That should help.

Glad you enjoyed what you played tho :)


I loved the character! The art style overall is really nice! Reminds me of Coraline. I like the, infinite runner concept where rather than just avoiding things, you can fight it too!


Very nice graphics. So cute and scary.  Good job guys!


Rated! I really liked your game! Unique idea!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Felt like I was at Cirque du Soleil!  The visuals and that type of artsy feel!  I guess I'm not enamoured with the game play, however, and would have liked something more.


I did find the talking in the background music to be very distracting in the wrong way. I would hear the difference between the that and the hints, but because the talking was too quiet to hear what was being said it was just irritating mumbling. 


Very nice visuals and audio, creates a good atmosphere!

The only thing that bugged me (heh heh), and I may be mistaken but there doesn't seem to be a clear indication on which enemies can be burned and which cant be burned? Correct me if I'm wrong!

Great game eitherway! 


There is a way, this is something that I keep kicking myself for not hinting at better. Pay attention to the background and you'll be able to tell when you need to avoid them and when you need to burn.


Oooh, I see what you're talking about! Alright now it makes more sense xD Good to know!


Oh man... I loved the athmosphere you created. The sound and art are amazing! Honestly, I've always liked horror games. Great job!


Wonderful idea, cool idea on the VO, and great graphics - I really appreciated the paper cut out feel of the whole thing. Sadly, I am real bad at endless runners , so I never get to the first flag even, before keeling over :D Great sub for the jam!


The art is awesome!!!!!
I had the same volume glitch as well jajajajaj.
My congratulations to the team !


Insane art and audio work. Really impressive all around. Great game. Probably one of the jams best.


I played for half an hour to get to the end and then you give me that end screen?? You m**********r ahahah 

Seriously, this game is awesome, probably one of the best of this jam.

The art is astonishing as well as the music wich is truly great. I just did't completely liked the abrupt increase of the volume between the first and the second stage, a little fade in will do the job for me.

Also the voice of the clown was a little bit cheesy for me if I have to find some flaw about this game.

Everything else is absolutely stunning, every little detail in the art and audio sets out the mood of the game perfectly.

Well done guys!! I'm totally going to follow your page!


Thanks, glad you liked it :D

The volume changing is totally a bug - it was supposed to just fade between audio tracks when you get to a new phase. At the last minute I was going through and toning down the volumes on everything but messed up on that part.


Good game, nice art style. Could you also please check out my game? any feedback would be appreciated :)


such and awesome game, the sounds and art are really good and I took a little bit to understand how to not make the enemies turn around but after is was fun!

keep the good work!


I really liked the art. It is a bit repetitive when you look specifically the way the background elements are scrolling, but it is beautiful. Music is nice, but sound effects are way too low in comparison: it's hard to hear when the narrator is giving a hint. I think I'm bad at this type of game that requires timing, but the difficulty curve looks okay. I just don't like the way the enemies can get back to you from behind, I think this specific design choice is not helping the game. Game isn't very innovative but it is fun even if it's going harder the more you go, which seems to be normal to me. I'm just not sure about the theme here.

That's still a good submission for a 7 days jam, good job guys.


Hi! :D The art and music in this game were amazing! I loved the creepy circus atmosphere and the concept fits the theme very well. I wasn't able to get past stage 2 but enjoyed playing the game. Great job! :D 


The art and soundtrack are amazing, but even with the hints of what to do, I failed to reach the end of the game.

Good job!

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