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I still laugh at the Magikarp joke from time to time. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Just a quick question if you don't mind. Which button layout would you have found more comfortable?

Hilarious experience. Simple and short, but the voice acting really made the whole thing really enjoyable. Nice work!

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Interesting concept. The boolean nature of the game is mind-bending in a good way. Nice job with the post processing effects as well. Controls feel responsive and the shooting mechanic does feel satisfying.

The lack of audio is a drawback, tough. But overall is an enjoyable game. Good work!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Just a quick question, which keys would you have found more comfortable?

Simple and short. The use of spritemasks for platformig is interesting. The jump does feel a little bit unresponsive at times. Nice work. (:

Not lying when I say my brother told me the exact same thing. Lol.

Glad you enjoyed it! Just rated your entry as well.

This is great. I'm not really sure where did the idea of turning an airport into a tower defence game came from, but it totally works. The main menu animation is  great, and the tutorial level is genius. It really makes the objectives and controls clear, as well as seamlessly establishing the beggining of the difficulty curve.

Good work with the aesthetics. Taking on the extra challenge of working with 3D for a game jam does deserve recognition. The music loop is sick, I love it. I think that some short audio clues would have been helpful. For example, two sounds indicating when the luggage is picked by machines (for light and heavy luggage, respectively), as well as a third sound to indicate that it was picked by someone instead of one of your machines. That kind of thing. Other than that, the camera movement did feel at times a little bit odd.

Great work, overall. Congratulations!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback and the kind words. We actually used the theme a bit more on the narrative side of things. I'd suggest giving it another shot if you have the time to play it till completion and would like to see it.

Just rated your entry as well. Nice job!

Interesting entry. The random pattern mechanic is both challenging and unique, altough at times feels a little bit unforgiving. Don't take that too seriously, tough. It might also be just me not being random enough.

Good work with the aesthetics. It is always nice to see someone take the extra challenge of working with 3D assets for a game jam.

Even tough it is stated on the UI, a small message indicating how to fight would have been helpful. Camera work also feels kind of abrupt. I did encountered a bug leading to flying wolves which was actually pretty funny to see.

Great work, overall. Extra kudos for working on 3D!

Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback, it's really appreciated. Honestly I'm glad to hear the overall movement of the character feels natural, since that was one of the major goals.

Just took the time to rate your entry as well. Great work there!

Outstanding work for a game jam. The attention to detail and game feel is impressive, specially the overall behaviour of the explosions and particle systems. I particularly enjoyed the slow motion mechanic when shooting the agents, it's just incredibly satisfying. The main menu idea is also pretty clever.

The aesthetics and audio are really well suited for the casual feel of the game. The music doesn't feel annoying or repetitive at any given point, and I believe that's because the attention is at the most part being drawn by the audio of the explosions.

My only two suggestions would be to implement some sort of shop to be able to spend the earned currency. I'd be more than willing to spend some coins so that I could select my first weapon beforehand, for example. The second one would be to release the game on mobile platforms, seriously.

Amazing work, guys. Congratulations.

Thank you so much! Glad you enyoed it. (:

Oh man... I loved the athmosphere you created. The sound and art are amazing! Honestly, I've always liked horror games. Great job!

Overall amazing game. The only drawback I see is the lack of a checkpoint system. Having to start from the beggining every single time you die does feel like a bit too much punishment. Great job!

Well that was a fun experience. Nice job with the graphic effects as well. Great job!

Nice twist on classic. Good job!

That is actually not bad for a first game. Keep up the good work!

I like the graphics and the movement animation of the character. However, I also was unable to interact with the environment, and colliding with the enemies did not seem to affect me whatsoever.

Pretty solid platformer. The art is quite cute as well. I really liked the whole inner toughts idea with those phrases floating around. Nice job!

Nice job on this one! The creepy atmosphere is really well made. Not sure how it fits the theme, but it certainly was fun to play.

Really interesting take on the theme. Audio is top notch and the whole game feels really polished. Nice job!

We certainly had fun making those animations. Glad you enjoyed them!

We're very glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, the whole Amazon disaster was a tough one. We wanted to do a little something about it, even if it is just keep people talking the whole thing.

We're so glad to hear that! It was a major inspiration for this game.  Glad you liked it!

That's awesome! Glad you both liked it. (:

Overall an amazing game. Gameplay and graphics are great, but the audio work here is awesome! Great work!

This was very fun to play. Altough it took me a while to get used to the movement, running from door to door trying to shoot everything on sight was very fun. 3D Graphics and effects are simple, but make a very unique atmosphere, which is great.

Great visuals and audio work. The gameplay part was a little bit tricky, however. Took me a while to understand what was I supposed to do, but once I did I realized that it fit the theme really well.

Awesome graphics and audio. Cinematics were also really well made. Controls felt a bit clunky sometimes, but overall great work!

Enjoyable, fun, and kind of addictive also! Great work!

Great audio and lovely animations!

Amazing work. This is exactly how I figured Pokemon would be before getting into the games. Game boy aesthetic looks great, and the controls feel amazing too. 

Overall amazing game. Controls feel really polished, and the animations are really cool. Great job!

This is absolutely outstanding. Everything about the game feels incredibly polished. Amazing job!

Great game overall. Challenging with great visuals. Loved the transitions between scenes!

Pretty cool to feel like Rick once in a while. 

UI work here is outstanding. Not only does it fit the series flawlessly, but also all transitions and UI animations are really smooth. You captured the essence of the series perfectly.