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Thank you for reading it and leaving a nice feedback!
I will definitely keep on sharing some insights to the community! :-)

Yes I created one:

I am going to polish and add more gameplay with people's feedback and then release it :) 

Thanks! I did not use any special shader for this game :) Feel free to join our Discord channel if you want to know more about it!

Thanks for the awesome feedback! I just played your game and left a comment :)

I really liked the art, the sounds and the general atmosphere of this interactive and touching story! 

I can see the amount of efforts you put into the art (3d modeling, texturing, post processing), well done on that. I also liked the sounds.
On the downside, I will say that the game runs very slow on my old laptop, the User Interface is not deserving well the game (for example: add a background image, game logo on the start screen), I managed to fall off the level infinitely (there are some gaps at some walls) and I didn't find any kind of goal / hook to keep me playing over and over.
I think for a gamejam, you wanted to do something too big and didn't have time to finish it, but you could use what you made as a base to continue and build a great game on top of it!

Thank you! I am really happy that you liked the heartbeat mechanic :) My friend, who made the soundtrack, will be very happy to read that!

Thank you for playing it and leaving a feedback!

Thanks for playing and leaving a feedback! My friend who made this amazing soundtrack will be very happy to read your comment! We are thinking about continuing and making a complete game :) 

Thanks for the lovely video! :)

The concept is innovative, the graphics are simple and clear to understand what to do. However I felt it was too hard to control my characters due to the physics. Overall, good job!

Done! Left a feedback and rated your game ;)

Thanks for playing it on stream :) I will try to make a longer story... Maybe a real game instead of a gamejam entry :)

Really happy to read that! Thanks for playing and leaving a feedback :)

Thanks for streaming the gamejam entries and especially mine :)

Graphics of the tutorial/first level are amazing! The BGM was nice also, I thought however the SFX a bit too loud. About the game itself, I was lost so I just tried to click everywhere :P

I just played, rated and left a comment on your game!

I just played, rated and left a comment on your game!

Very nice graphics and SFX! Simple but polished game. 

Good job with the low polys and the story! I thought however the mode between attack and normal non intuitive. 

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The thumbnail is really mysterious ;) The learning curve may be a bit steep but it became fun when I get used to (very impressed by the 80k high score). I think you should definitely put an online leaderboard. Overall, I liked the tight physics, UI, particles and SFX.  Good game!

I like the graphics/animations! I feel the music a bit repetitive. One problem with the gameplay I found was I can jump in the air (if I don't jump and i felt down and there is no ground on my feet, I can still jump :p). Good job!

I did every levels, it felt a bit too short. Your game has exactly the same concept of mine: cannot see, need to find the love one by doing some "noise" / "echo"! So I liked the reveal system :) I think you could add some "red" rectangles that could kill the player if touched for example! (Just an idea) Overall, good job!

Nice art style! I wanted to finish it but I got stuck with some UI bugs. 
I could not click anymore on things I wanted, I tried desperately to close the drawer.

Good potential but I think due to lack of time you didn't finish everything you wanted to do! I also took the same concept of "being closer means being blinder :)". One thing you could improve easily is to make the "spikes"/"obstacles" more different than the background image. It was not intuitive at the beginning that it will kill me. Keep updating it :)

Done! :)

Thanks for the feedback! Few people told me also that I should have reduced a bit the post processing hehe. I may try later to do that and see if it looks better :) I checked your game even if I am not a big fan of horror games/movies :p

I am really impressed by the game! Loved the music, the pixel art and the game/level design! It kept me entertained until the end. The only thing that could have made the experience perfect (from my perspective) is a better physics / collision system. Few times I got stuck on a slope. 

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I like the heartbeats sound ;) The atmosphere is pretty cool and relaxing but I felt the "girl" voice effect a bit scary :P I think making the camera look a bit down while jumping would have been helpful (it is really challenging to understand where I am going to land). Nice work!

Very nice idea! Everything was fitting well together.  Good game!

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You did a good job in the modeling and putting a scary/creepy atmosphere! 

I just played, rated and left a comment on your game!

I didn't really understand how to win... I was just randomly launching a bunch of balls :) It was actually quite fun and similar to a piece of modern art!

Thanks :)

Very nice visuals and audio! I was also really surprised by the quality of the cinematics (for a gamejam), nice work. I was also trying to shoot the rocks but they could not be destroyed unfortunately :P

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If there was a story or an humor category I will give you 5/5 for sure! The echo / sound from the princess is "a bit similar" to my idea but in a different way: Nice concept! The art is very cute and fits well with the game humor :)

Nice game! I liked the concept (reminds me a bit of Paper Mario / Fez  where players need to toggle the world in order to find hidden obstacles/items) and the cute artwork.

Very fun to play! I like the crossover between Crossy Road and Snake. Graphics/SFX are simple and cute! Blood is splashing everywhere haha! Good job!

Happy to hear that you liked the atmosphere / emotions by playing my game! "A good number of levels", does it mean you didn't finish it? Just joking ;) Thanks for the comment!

As you mentioned, the soundtrack was inspired by Thomas was alone :) Thanks for playing my game and leaving a feedback!