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Thanks for the feedback!

Reminds me a bit of Papers Please! The writing was fun but I was expecting some feedback / tracking on the progress.

Thanks for the feedback! As you said, aiming with the mouse was a bit too easy. I feel like i should have put an aiming hint (like a red laser on a gun to show the direction). For the colors switching, good idea :)

Nice game. I liked the art! The gameplay reminds Lara Croft GO.
Unfortunately I didn't really understand the link with the theme.

I really liked the atmosphere and the art. But I was not convinced by the music / rhythm part.

The game is really difficult! The concept of giving people gifts was funny, I should have done the same for my entry (I have similar game mechanics with yours ;p).

Were you trying to make Braid like? The physics are a bit buggy and I can see that you tried to put the theme in the game but could not do it unfortunately. Keep working on it even if the game jam is finished :) 

Cute little game! Reminds me KuroNeko delivery service in Japan :p

Cute game. The only problem was I can spam at throwing gift without any penalty.

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Oh, maybe it is a bug with AZERTY and QWERTY keyboard :( Sorry about that. Thanks for playing my game!

Hehe, i also want some day make an Overcooked like :) Did you try a raycast for the bench selection?

Your game looks like Overcooked! I think you should show exactly the controls scheme in the game. I was a bit lost at the beginning of which button to press. I also had some tough time in putting the items on the right tile (tile detection problem?).
Otherwise, it was fun.

Thanks for the comment :)
You are true, it is just cubes ;)

I just played the post-jam version. It is really good and well made! I am really impressed. I really liked the graphics, the sounds and the atmosphere. Everything fits together!
I would love to see more levels / game mechanics :)

Update:  New level design (POST GameJam)

Thanks for testing our game! We really appreciate the feedback :)

Haha, nice reply ;)

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My keyboard could not handle some of combinations haha. I think I need a good gamer keyboard to play your game :D

Nice game! I like the atmosphere / art style. There is one thing that I didn't like was the "win" animation at the end of each "stage". The animation was blocking my controls to move forward :P

You should definitely make a reload function when you have time :D
About the gameplay, the left / right movement seems so slow / heavy compared to the height of the jump. I felt this a bit strange. 

Love the art :)

I like the shooting mechanics (slow motion, cone of range). You could add some explosions, screen shake to make it more interesting :)

The core of the game is there. You could improve it by adding some game feel like music, particles, animations etc. Keep going!

I was confused by the game. It seems like it is a Mario Party like about music? :D

The art is really nice! Good job.

Cute art style and story! However I was a bit confused with the fight system and I tried many time to convert someone with low hp but got killed at the end haha :P

Reminds me Tricky Tower. I think it will be nice to have some kind of spells / power ups :)

About the controls, I think you could add a way to brake / go backward.

I like the atmosphere of it :) The options menu is always displayed and I could not get the goal of the game.

Thank you for testing my game! I will do the same to yours soon :)

Does the speech bubble change? (Do you only see ** SPEAK **?) Normally, when you talk on the microphone, the speech bubble text should change. If it does not detect a microphone or you don't make any sound/noise for a certain period of time (in that case, game over), the text should be ** ERROR **.

I am not sure about other countries but in Japan, lightbulbs don't go to glass :) Sorry if it was misleading!

It is a nice game! I like it!

Thanks for organizing it. I didn't realize that you were also making a game, AttacKnight is a well polished game! I would have loved to see my game playing by retro gamers ;) If there is another game jam next time, I will be glad to participate again.

** Drum Roll ** for the selected one :)

The stream was set perfectly, so I can watch things I missed. 

Actually, I just realized that I made a mistake ... I implemented a global / internet leaderboard and the documentation of the arcade machine specifies no network connection. I can make another version of the game next week if it is still possible :)

I am not living in America so 2pm MST is really late for me.
It would be wonderful if you could save the video on Twitch after the live.  Thanks! :)

I just finished my game (in Unity). Hopefully, it can also be played with the arcade machine :) If not, I would love to have some feedback to make it work!

Simple and addictive game! I like the animation of the monster when it eats me :D