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It is a nice game! I like it!

Thanks for organizing it. I didn't realize that you were also making a game, AttacKnight is a well polished game! I would have loved to see my game playing by retro gamers ;) If there is another game jam next time, I will be glad to participate again.

** Drum Roll ** for the selected one :)

The stream was set perfectly, so I can watch things I missed. 

Actually, I just realized that I made a mistake ... I implemented a global / internet leaderboard and the documentation of the arcade machine specifies no network connection. I can make another version of the game next week if it is still possible :)

I am not living in America so 2pm MST is really late for me.
It would be wonderful if you could save the video on Twitch after the live.  Thanks! :)

I just finished my game (in Unity). Hopefully, it can also be played with the arcade machine :) If not, I would love to have some feedback to make it work!

Simple and addictive game! I like the animation of the monster when it eats me :D

Cool game! An option to be able to restart without refreshing the browser would be nice.

Really fun game and original idea :)

Thanks for the nice feedback :)

Hope you will also like my future projects!

The concept is fun and really hard, much harder than my entry lol.

With more development time, the game physics could be improved (sliding too much, stuck near a wall).

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Got the same bug described by Strikefinger.

A way of improvement could be making easier to edit during the human mode. When I wanted to move an object I could not easily, I had to remove it then click on the button then place it again. 

Cutting edge soda physics are awesome ;)

It is really short and easy but it fits the theme and it was fun. Good job.

 About the controls, as Tanikaze said, the physics / collisions feel a bit weird. My character was constantly jumping high / flying.

Sorry I didn't exactly get the goal of the game. I was talking to many NPCs without understanding what to do / consequences. Maybe with some explanations I can try again and give a real feedback on the gameplay.

I think it is me who is missing something but I was stuck at the end of the second level... I jumped to right and switched constantly until I reached a door on both environment and then I could not go forward. The door did not teleport to another level / my character literally climbing the door when I was moving to the right.

Overall, impressive for the short amount of time.

Thanks for the feedback!

I also thought about moving the snakes independantly but after few tests, I thought it was already really hard to control once at a time so I focused on that. As you said, it could another mode.

I do agree about the speed increase, it was just a lack of time for this game jam. I may do it later on and maybe port it to phone :)

Thanks for playing!
I am sure you will be top 1 with 86 points if there was a leaderboard :p

Thanks! About the speed, I was thinking of a speed increase depending on the score but I didn't have time to do it :p

Thanks for the feedback :)

The project cover image is awesome :) 

About the game, I personally prefer a keyboard/gamepad controls instead of mouse especially when there is no pathfinding. As an example: I killed every monsters and I have to go to the exit, I have to click with my mouse 10 times to the exact tiles in front of me. 

The core concept is implemented and seems to be a good start for a fun game. I ran into: red platform spawned inside a blue platform. I think it is what StrikeFinger described. From a player perspective, I think it is a bug and not a feature lol.

Overall, good job.

I like the concept! Check my entry, it is somehow a bit similar with yours ;)

I was impressed that you took time to do a nice "tutorial" screen. I felt it could be a perfect game with a bit more time / polish: remove the debug display, better ui assets, randomness in the waves.

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The concept is nice :)
It is out of the game jam but something you can do later to improve the game could be minimap, life, timer...

Quite laggy on my (old) mac but the game looks very good! Well done.

A bit lost in how to play / win the game even with the instructions o_o

The game is quite fun, good job! The art fits well the theme. 

Really difficult game due to the physics engine. After a few tries... I gave up unfortunately at level 1 :P
As a general comment, congratulations for this first published game and keep continuing!

Really nice game! Like it!

Cute game. I found it really hard... :P

I like the idea but I got some problems while playing it.
On the first map, as an example, I avoided the fire by jumping on the bottom platform. But I could not go to the next level because I had to go to the top platform. 

Funny game lol!

I got 17 souls! :)

Good job for only one hour :)

I unfortunately didn't really understand the "story".

@all Thanks for everyone who rated my game :)

I just made few changes on the game to make it more challenging according to what most of people said about the game. I hope you will enjoy it more!

I was not a big fan of the game mechanics (basically click randomly everywhere until I die) but I really liked the story and the design. It fits well with the theme. Overall, nice polished game.

I like the art. I feel like the character movements could be improved a bit. Otherwise good job.

@KrankerApfel, @CraigItsFriday Thanks for the comments. When I made the game I thought it was already too hard haha. For each level, I only increase by one AI agent on the screen, I think an exponential growth could have been better and more challenging. Thanks for suggestion about visibility / more gameplay mechanics, I will definately implement them after the gamejam :)

Quite fun. A bit more bonuses (destroy all obstacles, freeze time...) would have been better I think :)

Liked the "particles" effects.