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Gabriel Cassimiro

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Very well implemented within the theme! very fun, very good graphics, too good sfx, well done gameplay, for sure a well executed game!

Very fun game, with very good feedback, very nice visuals, very good sounds, very interesting game! Congrats!

The game is a lot of fun, it was right in relation to the theme, for having passed very well the relationship to confinement. Good gameplay, good art, good sounds, a good game! Congratulations!

Very fun game, with simple but very beautiful art, sounds fit very well in the game, the visual effects were very good and the gameplay was excellent. Congratulations on the game!

Very nice game, fun, and nostalgic because of the Rangers. :D

Gameplay simple and easy to learn, but I had difficulties at first for being used to use WSAD to control any character, and use the arrows at first was complicated, but nothing that hinders the game. Parabéns pelo game :D

Thank’s, i’m happy that you liked the game :D

Thank you very much, I am really happy that you liked the game :D

Nice game! I like it :D

Very nice game :D

Very beautiful game! very frenetic, I liked it a lot, BUT the control is VERY difficult.

I liked it! Fun game, and visually beautiful!

Simple plus fun! congrats, fun game to play!!!

Congratulations on the game, very good, and a lot of fun!!!

I really liked the pace of the game, visually nostalgic, very fun, very cool sounds!

Very fun game, visually beautiful, very good gameplay, congratulations an amazing game!

Very cool game, difficult at first but then gets the hang of it. congratulations very good game!!!

Amazing game, very good gameplay, very good sounds, great visuals, congratulations!

Ficou massa em

hahaha Valeu!!! tenho certeza que nossa artista com certeza vai ficar feliz demais em ler seu comentário!!!

Fico muito feliz em saber que gostou do jogo!! Muito obrigado de verdade por votar <3

> Responder - Valeu Marcelo!!

That game surprised me! It has a great gameplay and a really challenging difficulty level! It's really fun!

Very challenging and fun game! It has a good looping to make you want to stay playing, only the jumps that sometimes seems that it does not detect that was pressed the button, but this does not diminish how much fun the game is!

It would make a great mobile game!

Very good idea, I like it! :D

Very creative idea, very challenging and fun!

Magic Realm was a project that started in May 2019, but we moved again in March 2020. Magic Realm was a game developed for graduation work, and was developed in just over 4 months.

Now we can announce the release version of the project!

Magic Realm is an RTS (Real Time Strategy), in which the player controls the scientists, and must defeat the magicians. Embark on this adventure, and have fun in a 3D game, with stylized Low Poly graphics.

Muito bom! Nós ficamos muito felizes por ter jogador e gostado, e também por ter gravado! :D

Utilizaremos este tópico para responder dúvidas e perguntas sobre a Game Jam, e afins.


Thanks for playing our game, and we were very happy for a make video playing our game.

thanks for playing !!! :D

Hehehe Fico feliz que tenha gostado do jogo e tenha ido até o final!!!

Thanks MadMilligan for the ideas I will be updating it in the future !!!
Glad you enjoyed it !!!

Muito obrigado Cakiiih !! :D 

Valeu Quibao!!! Ficou muito feliz que tenha gostado!

Jogo muito divertido e bem completo! Parabéns pelo jogo!

Gostei muito do jogo muito mesmo! Tem uma ótima qualidade, na gameplay, audio, arte, em tudo! Parabens Excelente jogo!

Thanks Pygo! :D

Muito Obrigado Joseph!

Jogo está muito divertido, com arte e modelagem muito boa, gameplay e som também muito boa, parabéns!