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A jam submission

Planet RecoveryView game page

Explore the planet, find your way to the core to fix what is amiss
Submitted by Dave Allen (@daveallenbpm) — 22 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sounds and Music#143.8333.833
The Experience#263.5003.500

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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very nice game. relaxing music and nice gameplay. took me a while to catch all blocks. one little note, sometimes I had the feeling when jumping the edge of the background was on screen.

feel free to try-out and rate my game.



Yeah the edges are way too visible! Thanks for playing


I really like the audio, very relaxing. Graphics are simplistic and cool. I'm not sure about the floaty controls, I guess I would personally prefer more strict controls. On the other hand floaty controls really suit the idea of the game


Thanks! Yeah I agree, definitely need to tighten up those controls. Thanks for playing!


The music was nice, and the way things synced with it, but the player controls felt clunky and unresponsive, so i didn't get very far unfortunately.


The audio is good and the game is quite fun to play,  but halfway through I managed to break the game and the SpaceBar wouldn't work anymore :(


Uh oh I'd better look into that. Thanks for playing!


Loved how some parts were so synced with the music.... simplistic artstyle that actually complemented this kinda gameplay...


That was a surprisingly cool experience. I loved the audio. Initially I hated the floaty physics, but then I connected it to the music and it started to feel good. Loved the parallax background on level 1. Felt a good sense of accomplishment when I got to the end, even though it was a short game.

Did you make the audio? It's really good. Is it all procedural, or composed?

Loved and Rated!


Thanks!  Yeah I made the audio, the main soundtrack is dynamic - it's a bunch of music layers that I arranged in FMOD, and certain layers get faded in / faded out at different triggers in the game. E.g the drums are triggered as you progress in the core, and are set to cut out when you get to the precipice of the final fall. I put a lot of the jam time into the audio for this game, so I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Submitted (1 edit)

What's your secret for synchronizing or beatmatching the various loops? I like using for composing music, but so far, I've just dropped a 3 or 5 minute piece into the background. Haven't played with adaptive music yet. (But I'd like to!)

Edit: Oh Dang. FMOD is free, but it seems like there's no plugin for Godot yet. Sounds like a cool utility.


Yeah pretty much all that's done in FMOD. Record and export stems from Reaper, then arranged in FMOD. Yeah it's crazy useful!  You might be able to use the API directly, afaik it's compatible with C++ and C#. Having the plugin in unity does make it a lot simpler though. I haven't used before, will check that out!

Submitted is just a toy :) Probably not suitable for serious musicians.