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thanks for including it in your compilation

thanks :)

Yes you are correct!!

I will definitely polish it atleast the controls a bit

There are still various bugs in the game. But its enough to convey my take on this theme.

Well you can see your Turn Counter on top of the screen.. If that turn counter hits zero... ITS GAME OVER.... 

Here's what you need to do.

Find the key for the backdoor and car. And escape the house before turn counter hits zero.

The car key needs to be assembled tho.

HINT 1: The first part of the car key is in the fridge inside an ice cube.(use LOOK FOR action while standing next to fridge)

HINT 2:  You need to "Use" that ice cube and stand next to stove to recover first part of the key.

HINT 3: To "Use" any item you need to click that item in the inventory and then click the "Use" action button.

The driving mechanic seems fun. I loved the presentation of the game. Love the Main Menu/TitleScreen.

A really beautiful game!!! Interesting concept with shapeshifting...

I love the screenshots but sadly I am unable to play the game .. all i see is a white screen.

if he lands on the edge of the block .. then he wont jump.. other than that he jumps pretty fine.. or maybe i just could not see it.. since i have been playing it over and over again...

Its just a single jump... and you can only jump once you step on the ground..

wow what a way to celebrate.. congrats NOA

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Pretty interesting concept.... Spamming right arrow key is tempting to unleash all the action sequence in one flow but then you need to be on the edge of your seats ,in case, the change reel icon occurs...

This whole game was like a mad rush... since i wanted to score higher and scores reducing every tick was acting like a time bomb..... I loved that gameplay

Loved the game !!! Pretty dope intro animation sequence...

thats a unique take on football/soccer penalty kick which is actually quite fun... I loved the vocals

Sure.. will do// Thanks for checking my game

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thanks glad you liked it!! your gameplay maybe smoother if you just tap the arrow keys as and when required.. i mean thats how i tested.. any suggestion on improving the physics is also welcome!!

I liked the concept of like opening the hatch on the surface of the planet and actually getting into the core of it to light it up... but somehow the game crashed on me on level 2.. I made it to the core and lighted it up and then the enemies started piling on top of me and then the game crashed at that point... my CPU was singing while running your game..... are there any memory leaks or somthing??

Good game.. although sometimes my clicks are not detected on the meteorite. The visuals are crisp and I love it. You might need to balance the game out a bit ... the meteorites start overwhelming me within like 10 seconds into the game

damn it had a virus 

Is it safe to open?

simplistic art style that somehow clicks ...pretty fun arcade game.. I found the controls a bit odd... like do w/s for up down and set those x/c combo like somewhere off .. so that I can actually play using two hands.. other than that ..Good job

Loved the visuals

I loved the visual appeal.. but sadly no matter how many bullets I shot to the enemy.. it dint kill/stun him. I coudnt figure out how to get past the first level. Otherwise the game felt slick in I could predict where am I gonna land

Loved how some parts were so synced with the music.... simplistic artstyle that actually complemented this kinda gameplay...

glad you liiked it :)

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Fluid Gameplay!! loved that cinematic before a crucial encounter.. loved the roll mechanic

did you unity store assets?

for particle effects

The game looks beautiful....

I increased the pace and got some particle effects :)

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i will definitely work on polishing it ..thanks for the input..not sure about adding levels tho

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busting the s*** out of planet earth was fun but I dont know why alien started losing patience with me ..did I hit the asteroid?.. And why wasnt I seeing the earth shrink?

Its a good game.. simple yet effective mechanics but.... I'd suggest just letting the ball bounce off in a slightly different direction once it hits the mouse pointer.. Because.. I was able to just place my mouse pointer ... right along the line joining the centres of two bodies and voila... you can survive indefinitely which is boring... BUT other than that.... ITS DOPE!!!!

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You know what, I loved the idea ...its so goood and new..although its difficult to see those pesky comets and asteroids sneaking right under your nose.. Also its like so hard to keep an eye on that green bar.... BUT GUESS WHAT .. I love this game

how do i evade the plague?? Am I doing something wrong?

for some reason it felt like, I was entrenched in the ground.. the gun load and shoot mechanics were good.... although i was expecting AUTO RELOAD once my gun ran out of ammos.... I dint shoot any zombies... maybe they were all stacked one top of another.... but i liked the feel of it.

3 words.. "SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE" ..... but its too hard for my taste... I woke my mom up mashing the keyboard buttons xD

that retro style graphics was on par... this has been the first space shooter that i played where you actually destroy the pick up...i was like shoots.. I NEEDED that... overall a fun experience!!!