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A Shoot 'em up based on the TV Show Futurama for the TV Jam 2019
Submitted by robertreneker — 7 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline

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Gameplay Innovation#652.3332.333

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This game takes inspiration from Futurama as a series, but takes special inspiration from the Episode When Aliens Attack

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Komiku - Battle of Pogs

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Captive Portal - An Example For

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Arrow Keys to move, space to shoot, and z to fire torpedos

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I liked the old arcade style of the game, though it felt a little slow paced. I also liked how you added the ability to destroy the upgrades. I've never seen that in that type of game before, though it logically makes sense and adds a challenge (and prevents spamming space bar and just shooting everywhere). The red/blue dots kind of blended in with the white dots of the background, but I'm not sure if those could hurt me or not. I was really surprised when I suddenly died upon touching the boss (got too close trying to get an upgrade), but I liked that mechanic, as well.


Really nice little game! I especially liked being able to destroy the repair crates. 

that retro style graphics was on par... this has been the first space shooter that i played where you actually destroy the pick up...i was like shoots.. I NEEDED that... overall a fun experience!!!


The dialog and music set really cool atmosphere. I like artstyle and the retro feel of this game.


Well done, sir. Very nice. Although I was killed, repeated times. So I couldn't make it to the end of the game. But in my own defense, alow me to say, I'm a pacifist. So I'm not good at shooting. Never learned it. Go on like that.


Simply awesome. The dialogue at the start was especially a highlight, set the perfect mood for the game and genuinely felt like part of the series! Well done :)


Dialogue at the beginning was exactly what you would expect from the series (in fact I was watching an episode when I played this!). I liked the artwork and the game play was pretty good. I liked the inclusion of being able to destroy the repair and torpedo refills, gave a reason not to just continuously shoot. Though despite that, it was a bit easy to get through by just holding down shoot and dodging without needing torpedoes at all. Maybe giving the enemies the ability to fire in multiple directions or more bullets would have given it more challenge. Great game overall I felt like it really captured the spirit of the series and was fun overall! Congrats!


Good news everyone, we have a nice game here! I especially liked the pixel art and the introduction dialogue, it is very faithful to the series. The gameplay is solid. Well done! :) 


Love the dialogue at the start and the pixelated portraits. Gameplay was sound and great choice of music. The background stars look too similar to the bullets and shrapnel though - some difference in contrast would help. Some sound FX would help with the game feel as well as the enemy bullets didn't feel very threatening.


Pretty good, could definitely use some polish, such as sfx. Great dialogue and art.


a bit of a classic - but intro dialogues are funny - and well so it's the game .-)


A very nice shooter! Well done! I would only change the particles a bit to unlink them from the ship.


Great art, enjoyed the sprite work and the dialogue. Music was good too, didnt hear any audio fx though. Think it might be good to significantly speed up bullets, as well as make particle effects duration shorter (they stick around for awhile).


You know what. The art isn't terrible it is actually quite good :D