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Thank you for your kind words! Also, the drawing with the soup is a very good idea! I'll look into it :)

When I browsed through the cartridges to choose one to implement myself, I wondered what one would do with the more abstract ones... and here's your game, such a great interpretation of one of those carts, and a fun thing on its own right as well! I really liked the screen shake and the way it self-adjusts difficulty by lengthening/shortening your "paddle"

This is exactly how I would imagine the game based on the cartridge, you captured the wackyness of it so perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

Really liked the art style, and the way you built up more and more complicated bullet patterns , it's super fun to play! And the pulse beam is immensely satisfying :)

Very cool interpretation of the cartridge, and really fun to play! Thanks for sharing it

Thanks, I'm so glad to hear that 🥕🍄

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! 🐰 Sadly, the 2.5D "engine" I've built this game on can't move the background textures with the player, but I totally agree with you that it would make the scene much better; in fact, adding this feature has been on my TODO list for a while, but I ended up dropping the idea as I ran out of time I could spend on this project... but thanks for the feedback, I'll try to add this in my next first-person game!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! 🐰

My favorite in the fragment jam so far, thanks for sharing it!

This is awesome, such a fun concept! And I really liked the writing.

Really cool collection – and the effort you put into presenting your fragments is the cherry on top 🍒

Thanks :)

Yes, with the fire-immune family (I can't remember their in-game name, although I remember that seeing it the first time made me smile :))

Thanks :) Dropping the minimap is very good point, and I actually was on the fence if I should keep it or not. In the end, I decided to keep it to make sure that players understand that seeing the same things twice doesn't necessarily mean they ended up being in the same room twice (which could be especially confusing for people who haven't seen the episode).

Thanks, I'm so glad the atmosphere worked so well for you :) And you're completely right about the sprites – that's where I had to diverge from my initial idea the most, due to the time constraints I had. I know they feel a bit "dirty" now :)

Thanks! :)

I was hesitant to try it at first, and didn't really "get" the goal immediately, but once I grasped the concept, I started liking it a lot! Fast-paced, "just one more round" kind, with cool GOT-like family names and artwork! Congrats :)

So apparently I'm the only one who didn't even find the package :D Regardless, I liked the atmosphere a lot, and the creepiness it brings, and overall it resonates well with the BM episode – maybe it was just too dark for me to spot what I needed to find.

Just to go against the popular opinion, it didn't feel unfinished to me – I mean, the game is called Ask to prom and, well, both endings are about the outcome of that goal, and it was quite fun to find out the way to the happier one :)

Haven't seen the original, but this is so cool now I'm interested where it comes from :D

Wow this is so funny, I especially liked the "bidding mechanic" :D It's also very cool that you took your time to make the value of the containers "realistic". One of my favorites in this jam! :)

I've found it a bit hard in the beginning to figure out the process, but honestly it was actually fun to mess around with the tools until I found out what does what – I was quite proud of myself when I completed the first level :) Then it was more like farming simulator, nothing stressful, just clicking the right places until you have ticked all the boxes to exit the level. Very nice overall!

Great gameplay and I absolutely adored the visuals :)

Awesome pixel reinterpretation of the show, with classic gameplay and difficuly – though on that not I think I would have preferred to have the attack buttons also on the keyboard, but I get that this is a matter of taste. Very nice overall :)

Pretty cool interpretation of the source material, provides genuinely funny moments clearly inspired by the cartoon, which is a huge plus! Congrats :)

My god the penguins holding their phones to capture my inept search for coffee is somehow even scarier than the original Black Mirror episode, yet the whole thing is so cute overall – very nice!

Fun little game, reminds me a bit of Prehistorik :) (I mean, for being able to turn enemies into food and collecting that :D) I didn't know this show, but from what I've seen in the cutscenes it looks like a fun interpretation. Liked the art style too!

Really cool, one of my favorites in this jam! I didn't reach the end on first try (I'm really bad at first-person jumping) but I think I'll come back :) (Maybe campfires could serve as checkpoints for hopeless people like me?)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks! And yeah, I wish I didn't have to cut half the features I envisioned, but I guess that's how game jams go :) (at least for me).

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you found it enjoyable without the context :)

Thanks! :)

This is the only game I tried where I have no idea what the source material is about, but it looked so cool that I had to give it a go, and well, it didn't disappoint one bit! Really fun to play, thanks for making it :)

At first I wasn't sure what to do but when it finally started working it was more satisfying because of that :D I wish you could rotate the pieces but other than that it's a fun factory builder! Congrats :)

Wow I was so happy to see someone making a game out of this! And it captures the mood perfectly (except maybe for the fact that the "dogs" feel significantly less dangerous than they are on the show – but I guess making them that overpowered would have made the game impossible to win :D) Congrats!

Captures the style of the show perfectly, especially "cutscene" before the encounter. Awesome :)

I liked the atmosphere a lot, and the story drew me in instantly. I hope you'll have a chance to follow up on it :)

Definitely the entry that gave me the biggest smile so far :D

Cool CRT look, nice interpretation and not your usual arcade gameplay – quite fun to play through! Congrats :)