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Yay, thank you :D

Thanks, really encouraging to hear that :) Coming from "line of business development" (i.e. not the game industry), one of my defining ideas for this project was to apply a modular, component based structure to bullet hell game design (and make coming up with new patterns as easy as editing a text file, with no recompilation), so I'm especially glad that this goal seems to "come through" in the actual code structure. Thanks again for organizing this jam :)

A very stylish way to kick of Bullet Bash! The explosion animation when you perish is especially awesome :D

While not a completely new game (I've laid down most of the groundwork in 2012 – and then haven't really touched the game ever since, except porting it from XNA to MonoGame and publishing it on Itch, roughly a month ago), the Bullet Bash Edition is the first time I've added new features to the game in 5 years: dynamic difficulty and scoring – both of which I've been wanting to add for a long time, but really needed a nudge to actually do it – touching 5 years old code is hard, even if it's your own :)

The Bullet Bash was the nudge I needed, so thank you very much for organizing it! I'm really looking forward to see all the entries tomorrow :)

Very nice idea, and the way you introduce the mechanics through the levels works really well. It's been a while since a puzzle game "clicked" in my brain so well!

Superb idea, and it works really well! Congrats on finishing it!

Simple but awesome!

Looks really cool, I couldn't put it down 'till I reached the end! I hope to see more of it in the future :)

Dance of Bullets is a bullet hell shmup I worked on around 2012-2013, and now I decided to dust it off for the #ropegamejam.

Looking at the current selection of bullet hell games, while there's definitely a plenty of them, there's one aspect of Dance of Bullets that feels unique to me: its flexible, highly extensible and easy-to-create format for levels, enemies and bosses, that could make it possible for everyone to create their own bullet hell shmup without programming knowledge of any kind.

And I can safely say, the prototype I released for the jam holds up to this promise! (But if you are not into creating your own levels, the included 3 levels are also fun!)

Best of all, it's free & open source! Download it here

Thanks for stopping by!

I really like the aesthetic, it immediately stood out to me when I scrolled through the submission feed!

(Just a quick note regarding the Windows download: I was only able to open it with 7-zip, it didn't work with Windows' default ZIP handler – I guess it didn't like the '?' in the name of the folder, but I'm not sure.)

Thanks, The Attic's a Dungeon looks really cool too! :)

Back when I was actively working on it, I put a lot of time into its development, but when I dusted it off over the weekend I was surprised how easy it was to put all those half-finished parts together to something playable for the jam!

It's based on MonoGame, but I use some Windows-specific APIs fot the level format – so all in all, porting to macOS and Linux should be possible, but challenging. (I personally don't have a Mac, but the game is open source, so anything can happen ;))

Woo :) Thanks for including the game in your video, and yes, that was indeed the purring – you can get that by pressing space next to a fast running cat (you will typically meet them at the right side of the screen). Anyway, thanks for the great compilation!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks :) You can actually pet the cats with SPACE – when you press it, you can see your character crouch as he tries to reach the furry beasts :) However, not all cats will let you pet them – try stroking the ones that are running faster than the others.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! It's especially charming how you liked the "light" mostly hiding from you and showing up just time to time to "check on you" – I originally wanted it to stay on screen, and it's actually a bug that makes it this "shy", but I'm happy I can call it a feature from now on :) Really nice compilation, thanks for letting me know!

Thanks, glad you liked it =)