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Glad you enjoyed the game, thank you for playing! :D

Thank you so much for playing the game, and dropping some feedback! :D 

The dumps do keep us on our toes! More shapes, more colours, more memes!! :D 
Thank you for playing the game, and for the feedback!! :D 

That's quite a smart and unique game concept! The game not only tests your brain in figuring out how to go about a level, but also dexterity in executing the plan! I like the charming pixel art and animation, the music really sets the mood! Good job on a clever and polished game! :D 

Reversal of the theme, split apart rather than joined together, I like it! Simple to learn, but hard to master.. requires some patience, sniping accuracy, and luck! Things do escalate quickly if a molecule gets accidentally hit, and starts flying about! Good job on a fun game! :D 

Fantastic game, really tests one's patience, timing, and ambi-dexterity! Can't just shoot off quickly, have to time the angle and force just right.. for both astronauts! I really appreciate the key ball being magnetically attracted into the key hole when it gets near, I don't think I could manage precisely placing it! haha! I like the floating physics, and the rope animation. Good job on the game!! :D

THIS .. IS .. HODL!! 13/10 Thanks for playing the game! :D 

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Extremely creative and unique game mechanic, plus it fits the theme so well! One not only has to solve sequence puzzles, but also manage grouping the items into the required shapes, platforming while keeping the shape, and not accidentally knocking overly many over the edge! So so cool!! Fantastic graphics, straight forward and easy to understand. The sound effects really do help with knowing what mode the magnet is in. Well done on a well designed game!! 13/10!! :D

Heartwarming story of families coming together always get to me. Charming artwork, and nice story, good job! :D

Hoppa! Strong visual style, and fun concept! Well done on a fun game! :D

The story and art style is adorably charming! The game play does represent how hard it is to form a proper sentence when one is socially awkward. Maybe next time I'll get her number! haha! Well done on heart felt game :)

Interesting game mechanic with the rope taking down the enemies! Great graphics, and nice soundtrack, really sets the the ninja mood! I had fun playing the game, good job! :D

I like the humour, the pixel art animation, and the fun platforming. Well done, I had good fun being an IT guy joining computer systems together! :D 

Thank you for playing the game, and dropping a comment! To the moon, buddy! :D 

Holy cow, I wasn't expecting to be a hero spider... that was quite a plot twist, things escalated quickly from dinner to armageddon! Love it, made me smile so much!! :D Love the spider's Jack Sparrow like limbs, creative game play, and most of all the sense of humour!! Well done, you are a true Gamejam American Earth hero! :D 

After never-ending 24/7 crypto trading, let's relax with a chaotic block chaining game! hahah :D Indeed, more spice is needed, I shall take that to heart for the next endeavour! should start accepting Dogecoins... haha!

Thank you for playing the game, and dropping some feedback! To the moon, my friend!! :D 

Great game play design, really polished game! It does require some patience to slowly rotate and move to connect the pieces.. but when they do connect, it is satisfying! I do get a bit sea (err.. space?) sick, when the ship spirals out of control.. hahah true to life space simulation! Well done on a great game! :D 

It is totally a meme game, gotta cash in on memes! Thanks for playing the game, and dropping a comment.. I will take your word for it! :D 

Haha oh yes, hope the crypto markets pump soon in real life.. HODL!! Thanks for playing the game! :D 

Creative game mechanic packaged in a minimalist art style, I love it! It did become quite tough when the door have timers on them, not only have I got to figure the level out, but also execute the moves flawlessly in sequence quickly each time! Well done on good game! :D 

Such a polished and clever game! The art style totally oozes charm, and the game mechanics totally fit the theme. The level designs are smart too, really teased my brain a few times there. I appreciate the quick restarts, because boy, did I need to play a level many times to figure how to pass it! I had a blast, well done! :D

Gravity rules! It's always fun when projectile movement is messed about by gravity.. tried to do it sniper sling shoot style to protect poor old earth, but my calculations are always off! Rambo style it is then hahah! Interesting and fun game mechanic indeed! Fun game with charming graphics, love the chilled out music! Well done :D

Creative and unique gameplay, fantastic level design too! Really teased my brain at trying to figure out how to use the my mistakes to my advantage. Pity the poor little ghost, being dragged around... but cool lighting effects on him! Including the walkthrough video was a great move, got little hints from it when I got stuck. Good job on a fun game! :D

Thanks for playing the game!! HODL Amigo HODL!! :D  

Yum, Peanut Butter Jelly! I love your art style, the bread's little smile just melts my heart! I am glad they got a happy ending. Good job on a fun game! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and noticed the little touches such as the trembling candles! :D   

Thank you so much for the kind words, and for playing the game! :D 

That's a creative story, and a fun addictive game! Frazzled my mind trying to be ambi-dexterous, but I keep coming back, and playing "just one more game"! My high score is only 7 ... for now! Mua ha ha ha! Well done on a fun addictive game! :D

hahaha I am unable to doge that pun! Sorry for inducing crypto related PTSD! But now, I can claim that the game is "based on real life", as verified by a crypto investor ;) 

You're right, there was no way to predict the next block. I was hoping things were chaotic enough that nobody would notice, good spot! :)

Thanks you for playing the game, and dropping some feedback! Hope your real life crypto coins go to go the moon! :D

I love the art design and the music; they give a light hearted relaxing vibe! It took me a while to figure out the game mechanic, and it was satisfying defeating the spider! The little fly guy is so cute! Well done on the game! :D 

Yes, the gameplay is certainly very simple.. spent too much of my time on the effects! haha! :D

Thank you playing the game, and leaving a comment! :D 

Love the art style, the dogs are so adorable! Simple yet effective gameplay elements, took a few tries to figure it out though. I love that the enemies are just their care takers trying to catch them to take a bath... made me smile! Good job on the game! :D 

The classic thoom and shake.. learnt it from the best eletrodud around ;)

Your ears don't lie, I did recycle the sounds from previous games!! Caught red handed!! :D 

Thanks for dropping by, and playing the game buddy!! :D 

The gameplay is pretty creative, the bros are all joined together! The clean art, great lighting, and superb voice acting certainly sets the mood for a heist! Challenging yet fun! Good job on a game well done :D 

Shotgun weddings are so last year, bring on the Lasergun weddings!! hahha! I loved the pixel art, and the funny yet relatable game setup.. who doesn't want to shoot your relatives at weddings??! :P Good job on a very fun game! :D

Nice game mechanic, really tested my ambi-dexterity, and multi-tasking! But I certainly got great satisfaction when I made it through each level! Good job on the game :D

Sorry the game doesn't run, buddy! Your game premise sounds interesting, certainly piqued my curiosity... look forward to find out about metaphorical people and arguments! Good effort on your first jam! :)

Nice gameplay concept, can't go too trigger happy and shoot all the pieces together! It was straight forward and fun. Loved Mr Jigsaw, his face is so friendly. Well done on a good fun game! :D

I like the sci-fi ambience, retro game pixel style with cool lighting! The music and atmosphere makes it feels like a relaxing floating simulator. Good job on the game! :D 

Creative concept indeed, the gameplay works well! The characters, dialogue, and art are charming! A game well done! :D 

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Creative game mechanic and level design, really had me thinking and retrying quite a few times! Like the charming art work too! Well done for coming up with the challenging yet fair puzzles! :D