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I do love a dungeon crawl, the atmosphere and graphics are spot on! The 3D sounds is great for knowing where the goblins are, but takes me quite a while run there! The goblin laugh is quite creepy, especially when it appears behind you ;) Good job!

It's pretty creative to have the game be in a bathtub! The water effects looks really good. It does feel like a zombie survival game, because after a while the ducks get so many and swarm you. Good job! :) 

The controls are a bit hard to get used t, but pretty cool concept to be battling it out in the solar system. Good job for making the game :)

Thanks for playing the game! :) The little green lights indicate the number of items drawing power at a time, the more green lights, the faster you’ll need to crank ;)

Excellent game! I can't believe how polished the game is given the amount of time, truly impressive :) The artwork is faithful to the tv series, the gameplay mechanics are solid, and the atmosphere is generally filled with fun! Well done! :D 

The game looks amazing (pulls off the limbo aesthetic really well), the controls are smooth, and music is atmospheric! I haven't watch the TV series, so I couldn't get the references, but it feels emotional. I couldn't catch some parts of the dialogue, but nice job with the voice over! Well done! :)

Very cool trivia game, I'm impressed at the number of different topics available in the game! I imagine it took some effort to categorise all the questions into the topics.  Also love the aesthetic design, like in a TV show. Well done! :)

Thanks for playing the game! Yay, Godot FTW! :D 

Well made game. The mechanics are solid, the animations are smooth, and the graphics are nice! The music is adds to the atmosphere! Love the little cut scenes, makes it more cinematic. Well done! :)

Thanks for playing the game, and for the feedback! :) The game should come with a keyboard may break warning! haha! ;)

Such a well made and fun game to play! The graphics were cute and nicely drawn, the characters were friendly, especially my bruh the reaper! Music is moving and so relaxing. The gameplay mechanics were very innovative and clever, made me think hard about each person coming through! Well done on a excellent game! :)

This is such a fun and funny game, I laughed when I realised I could steal the everything including the fridge.. strong steal indeed! haha! The jazzy music sets the tone of the game well, and the pixel art is amazing! Well done! :)

Cool fighting game. The fighter animation is good, and movement fluid. The music is nice and lively too, however, it only kicked it at the point where the waves of enemies started coming in. A little more polish, and this would be a great game! Well done :)

Impressive and fun game! It was satisfying figuring it out, and watching that first short bread popping out! Solid game mechanics, a little more polish to the interface (e.g. recipe book display not obstructing view of machines, tool tips for the items/parts, ability to move multiple parts simultaneously etc), this would be a perfect game! Well done! :D 

Pretty cool game concept, nice pixel art, and I especially love the music.. it's in stereo too! The intro screen was straightforward and informative, I liked it. However, I didn't figure out I had to kill all the cylons to win the game, until I read the comments below. Well done on a fun game! :)

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aha! I didn't know I could pause, thanks for the info! :D  As for the assets, you assembled them all together pretty well!

A excellent point n click adventure game, the graphics are great, and the dialogue is witty and funny! The game runs smoothly, and kept me wanting to see what happens next! The music is nice, but I felt it was quite soft in certain places. Well done on a fantastic game! :)

It's a cool game concept and the increasing difficulty caters for a wider range of players. The drawing and animations work well for the chilled out feel. The music adds to the atmosphere. Well done! :) 

Excellent little game! I loved the drawings of the characters and the dance audio, so cute! Solid gameplay too. Fantastic game, well done! :) It's also great to see another game made with Godot! 

Pretty impressive game! Polished graphics, great music, and solid gameplay. The settings is quite funny too, couch potatoes fighting for control of the TV, genius! Well done! :)

A cool game.. the flight controls are solid, the graphics looks great, and I love the music on the title screen, such a cool retor vibe! A small niggle might be that the font colours sometimes blend into the background, so might be hard to read when flying. Apart from that, a game well done! :)

It does spark joy when one throws things, you have cracked the secret of the KonMarie method! haha! Innovative, funny, and stress releasing game concept. The picking up, throwing, and physics works well. The music adds to the atmosphere! Good job! :D

Pretty innovative gameplay mechanics, needing to know where to be in each channel to be able to progress.  I like the death sound effect "uhh".. which I hear a lot! haha! Nice graphics, especially the little running robot. Well done :)

Fantastic buddy, thanks for playing the game, and saving the Mole Women! Hashbrown Awesome! :D 

I do not own a Joypad, can I play using just a keyboard or mouse? I seem to only be able to run and jump with the keyboard. However, I do like the look of the game, the pixel art and animation is nice! Well done! :)

Ah I'm afraid not, it was easier to get ahead during infernos using Dracarys ;) haha 

I love the timey whimey game concept behind this, having so many versions of yourself wandering around at the same time! The instructions seem like they are given by the Doctor, do this, do this, and oh don't do that! haha! The music has ooo-wee-ooo feel to it, awesome! The art work is splendid too! Well done, geroonimoooo! :) 

Refreshingly funny game, I like the humour, and the varied games with a twist! The art is very nice. The music goes really well with the show! Good job! :D

This is such a cool take on the TV show in the TV show! ;) Love the CRT look, the graphics looks good! Good job :)

It's a nice game concept that ties in really well with the TV series! The graphics are well made, and the music is very well suited. I had fun playing the game. Well done :) 

Excellent game all round... great art, fluid animation, solid game gameplay, catchy music, varied and creative level designs! Well done indeed! :D  

I like the crayon scribble art style a lot, and the music fits the theme well :) The game play is decent but difficulty for my butter fingers! Good job on the game! :)

That's quite a different take on the RPG genre! The humour is nice, and the graphics are good. It'll be interesting to see where this goes :) Well done!

The pixel art is so pretty, and the theme music is replicated perfectly! Solid gameplay, though a bit difficulty.. gotta have patience (or skill) to get pass those white walkers! Good job on creating a great game! :)

Nice word play... Sword "pixel" art! haha ;) Decent gameplay idea.. with more variations of the swords, this could be an extra fun game! I was dodging so intensely, but towards the end, I only realised I could not die! hahah ;) Good effort! :)

ah makes sense! Thanks for the explanation.. it's always illuminating to peek behind the curtain, to understand the reasons for certain design choices! :)

I love the portrait drawings of the various houses, and their descriptions... draws inspiration from the source material with a little twist, not to mention funny too (Cannisters! haha). Short and sweet, fast paced gameplay! Music is top notch too. Well done! :)

I can see how this is inspired by the walking dead episode :) There are some trippy rooms and zombies.. I like the different patterned rooms! Good effort :D 

A different take on the source material, reminds me of the old school dungeon crawler games ;) Good job!

Such a sweet little game! Great pixel art and music :) Well done!