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Wow, this is such a poignant experience wrapped in silky smooth art and fitting music! It is truly a vicious cycle, watching TV, and going for sadness naps... goes to show how easily our lives can spiral out of control into addiction. I am truly impressed at how well thought out the statistics of each activity is, for example video games are great at elevating misery, but causes fatigue. This mirrors our real life struggle everyday so well. I played the game a couple of times, but have not managed to completed both tasks by the deadline yet. However, I do get better each time.. and I believe that's what matters, be better than we were before :) Thank you for making a wonderfully thoughtful game! Well done! 

Nifty game mechanics, it's nice to see that everything has to be done else life gets out of control! Good job, I had fun playing your game :)

The concept is quite funny, I laughed quite a bit looking at the Rambo guy spraying bullets everywhere but not hitting anything without your help!! There is an element of challenge in the game play too, balancing exposing the enemies and also protecting Rambo! I liked the game a lot, good job! :)

Love the wackiness of the setting, the intuitive game design, and the polished art work! Good job :) 

You've got something special going on there... I immediately felt empathy towards the poor little guy, and wanted to help him out :) The music sets the tone just right, the animations are smooth, and the controls are fluid. Although I did have to type with one hand, and use the other to move the mouse to move the green words to counter the red. I do like the concept a lot, the simplest and smallest words do mean a lot, like a tiny light from a candle can make a big difference in times of absolute darkness :) Reminds us to be kind to others, and to ourselves. Thank you for creating this game!

Things got out of control really quickly! haha :)

Great concept, there are various elements that work against the player, making things out of control! I couldn't get pass level 5, any tips? or is that out of my control to win? haha! Good job on a game well done :)

Nice interpretation of the theme! It's like shouting in a room full of people, very out of control! Good job! :D 

Ah no, the flashbacks return! Everything is always out of control in the weird world of gamedev! Well done on a funny game, and a creative take on the theme! :)

Pretty creative and hilarious interpretation of the theme, absolutely relatable! Good job :D 

That is pretty much like real life isn't it? The more we try to control it, the more it slips out of our control! haha ;)

Nope, you're not high on monkey juice... the monkey cookies do turn back into plain bubbles if you apply the magic on them :) Hopefully it adds an element of precision and strategy to the game, than just click everywhere.

Indeed, after passing the out of control threshold.. there is no turning back the monkey horde! :D 

Thank you so much for playing, and for the feedback, my friend! :D 

Bloodsplosion.. haha nice! :D 

I shall keep an eye out for the fixed version! Look forward to seeing the story :D 

Thank you so much for playing, and for your kind words! I'm glad there is a challenge to the gameplay, took quite a while to try to balance it. I'm glad you approve of the art style, it's from a school of art I follow called last minute panic-ism... best practised by converting all the prototype circles and squares into something coherent a couple of hours before the deadline! :)

I believe 70%+ is the best we can go with skill... the rest of it.. as they say is up to luck, and is out of our control! haha ;) 

Always a pleasure hearing from you, and playing your games! :D

Ooo I like the over the top style of the game! It gets crazy after a while when the items are not as they seem. The game slowed after a few levels, and eventually crashed...  I thought it was part of the out of control theme, but realised my computer crashed too, perhaps due to overheating, the game is quite resource intense! Anyway, good job on creating a whacky fun game :)

Wow, I'm impressed by the physics and how violently fun this game can be! I like the physics, and the carnage one can cause. Sorry to hear about the bug, buddy... something's are really out of our control!! But good job on creating all the game, would've loved to see it through till the end :D 

This is a deep zen experience! I'm sorry, I got stuck on level 2 for a long time. Love the presentation, and psychedelic opening! :D 

Gem Heist! It gets crazy when someone spots you, everybody tries to swarm you. Nice swarm and detection AI :D 

A nicely polished thunderball of fun! The art, sounds, and music sets the ambience just right. I love the glowing effect when the lightning strikes! Good job! :D 

Pretty creative little gem of a dame. 
Laid a big smile on my justice when things controlled out of spiral.
Dove it! :D

The techno mumbo jumbo text dump and eerie music certainly set the mood straight away... felt like I was in a run-down spaceship from the movie Alien! I definitely felt that everything was out of my control. Must've taken quite some time to work out all those details, story, statistical paths! Kudos for a fantastic effort, buddy! :)

Hey there! Thank you so much for spending the time to play, and comment on the game! :D 71% is pretty impressive!! You're so right, it should have a leader board or a  highest percentage achieved stored... give it a lil' something extra to work for! :D

The exciting unskippable introductory cutscene and excellent music did very well to distract me from the buffering/loading of the game in the background. I appreciate all the various control schemes being laid out in full detail, I always do like to memorise those ahead of playing. I was impressed with lack of options,  I don't like fiddling about with those.  Everything was well punctuated by text and loud sounds, I appreciate the thoughtfulness. As for game play, I'll have to delay my review of it, as the game crashed... certainly due to the low specs of my hardware. I'm sure an upgrade to the latest graphics card and processor would do the trick. I look forward to buying the DLCs, and hope they'll be some surprise mechanics implemented too! :D 

Finally getting around to playing more jam games. I do love a good detective mystery! I like the art, and the relaxing music. It was satisfying when something clicks, and I realise which item is for which person. I would've like a bit more closure to the story after finding the culprit. All in all, great game! :D 

WOW WOW WOW!! That's an amazing achievement, all hail the Sandwich Hero!!! :D I feel an online leader board needs to be added! I've made a list of things I wanted to add, but couldn't find time to work on it yet, due to busy times with work! Thanks for sharing, keeps me motivated to get back on the game! :D 

Thank you so much for your kind words, buddy! It really means a lot to me that you remember my game out of all the 2000+ amazing games in the jam! :D I shall look into expanding the sandwich making experience in the near future, all bread, trumpets a tutting and the whole she-bang! I look forward to seeing more of your fantastically creative games too! :D 

My friend, you are the ONE TRUE SANDWICH HERO!! *Bows down* :D
That is an incredible achievement, I'm am extremely humbled by your dedication to game! Thank you so much for playing it, for so long! :D

I shall investigate the mysterious case of the disappearing sandwich fillings, thank you for reporting it! :) 

Thank you so much for playing! :D 

This is a fantastic game, the graphics and movements are so polished! The game mechanic is simple yet needs quite a bit of thought to get through the levels.  The music keeps things upbeat and cheerful. Well done on well made game! :) 

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Fantastically addictive game! The game mechanic is deceivingly clever; I thought it'll be easy to beat, but I spent quite some time trying to get to that elusive 1 second. Even though I failed multiple times, I thought it was fair... I get panicky as soon as the bars get shorter, and I have to resist the urge to press the space bar at the end of every bar, because sometimes one just wants to fly off in the same direction.  The graphics are clean, and emphasizes the gameplay.  The thud sound, particle effects, and screen shake gives the game oomph! The music sets the ambience just right. You've got a winner here buddy! Well done! :) 

You've got all my stars.. all the stars...!! :D 

Disaster selfie!! haha!! That's an amazing fan art, love your creativity! Thank you so much for playing the game and for the fan art :D

Thank you so much for playing the game, and for the useful feedback! :) I look forward improving on the game. Yes, the character does have shifty eyes, hard to trust a character like that.. haha! ;) 

Thank you so much for playing the game!! :D

I like the simplicity of the combat system, yet it takes some time to get a hang of it. The graphics is nicely drawn, and the sounds makes the punches have impact. Good job! :)

Thank you so much for playing! :) Well done on the loooong sandwich, it does gets crazy when swinging around a long sandwich! haha! :D

I always spend too long tweaking animations, picking colours, and adding sound; I'm so glad you appreciate it! :)

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The game looks fantastic, love the lightning and atmosphere! The little story pushes the game forward nicely. Well done on making a juicy game! ;) 

With one click, survive as long as possible by making and eating Sandwiches! How big of a sandwich can you make?? :)  

One Click Sandwich Hero

The amazing things we can do with only one potato! I like the art style very much, and the cheerful music makes me feel happy. There was some trial and error in figuring out the game mechanics, and what the cave drawings mean... but I got there in the end, and was rewarded with the ultimate potato, and knowledge about potato growth phases! Good job on the game! :)  

I like your fan artzzzz!!! :D 

One Click Sandwich Hero

I like the atmosphere the graphics and the lighting created! The destructible environments are a great addition to prevent mindless shooting. Great job! :) 

Deep, I was thoroughly inspired by the end, felt like I've learnt an important lesson! The art style is very effective, I love it. The piano music is so relaxing, it distracted me on my way to success. Great job! :)