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Such a nice chilled game, yet challenging and fun too! :D

sure thing! :D
Also well done for getting featured on Mark's video yesterday! Wooo hooo! :D

Yes, gotta have a little bit more to the gameplay :) Thank you very much for playing! :D 

I googled Root Beer Tapper, you're right that the gameplay are quite similar! Definitely more tweaking needed to get the game to be more strategic. Thank you so much for playing, and for the feedback! :D 

Yes, the enemies blocking line of sight was on of the intended game mechanics (decision whether to shoot more to get them down faster, or to move on to other enemies)... but the placement of enemies wasn't well spaced out, so they could overlap and bunch up, which can be unfair, certainly something to fix! Thank you so much for playing, and for the feedback! :D 

Thank you so much for playing! :D 

Interesting game concept of a reverse dating sim, pairing it with politics requires some strategizing! Good job! :D 

Reverse Vampire survivors, nice take on the theme! The game mechanics are simple, but fun nonetheless! Good job! :D

Love the sensor of humour in the game, the notes really do move the game along, and provide hints! The levels are well designed. Good job on a unique game! :D 

The different towers having different shooting mechanism was a nice touch! The graphics, animations, and sounds were well done! Good job! :D

Nice game concept, had fun figuring the puzzles! Also had some parallel parking nightmare flashbacks .. haha! Good job! :D

Nice take on the theme, even the play screen is reversed, nice touch! The interface looks cool, love the retro style! Well done! :D 

I'm glad you noticed the tutorial, I was quite pleased with it too.. especially after the text appears, and the enemy described appears.. programming magic, the little things in life! haha! Thank you for playing! :D

Pretty good, especially having 4 MASS! :D

Amazingly polished game, and fits the theme well! Intuitive game play, and great level design! the physics work so well! So many nice little touches too, from the projectile path, impactful explosions, shadows casts by the blocks, to the background music and sounds! Full marks! Well done! :D

Funny game concept, I loved the art and the vibe of the game... cheerful on the surface, horrors just lurking beneath the surface.. I'm never trusting any life guards again! Good job! :D

Pretty clever and fun gameplay... throw the pins into the path of the bowling ball! There's some strategy involved too, even if the pins are out of the path, there a chance of lining other pins so that they could hit them! The physics work great, wonderful programming! The interface is clean and intuitive! Very well done! Can't believe it's your first game too! Full marks! :D 

Thank you for playing! :D

Glad you liked that mechanic! Thank you so much for playing! :D

Already having a reference for the art, sure does save precious game jam time! haha! ahem.. the aim of the art was only to pay tribute to the fantastic arcade original! Thank you for playing! :D

Nicely done! Thank you for playing, and for the kind words! :D 

FMV for the win! Fantastic presentation with the video, gives the game it's oomph, and motivation to carry on! Interface is intuitive, and the puzzles are at a nice level.. not too hard, not too easy! I know a few people who'd like to learn programming, I would certainly share your little game with them, I believe it would be a great introduction! Well done on a fantastic entry into the jam! Full marks! :D

Nice game concept, it has the potential for a fun strategic resource management game! Good job! :D

I had Thanos in mind when I wrote that, but you're right.. it's more Ember Spirit! Wow, brings back memories of Dota! haha :D 

Nice game concept, card deck mountain defence! I like that there's a voiced introduction, spared no expense on the production value! Good job! :D 

Balance in all things! Nice game idea, the gameplay is literally the theme! I like the polished feel of the game, the neon glow of the art! Good job! :D

Once I got the hang of it, it was great fun! The game concept is quite cool, it's split second decisions, whether I'll be in time to save my tower! Good job! :D

Such a funny game, I like that the chickens turn into fried eggs after getting hit! Well done! :D

Flow like water.. haha! Nice game concept, bomb throwing fishermen certainly upped the ante! Good job! :D 

Nice game concept, it was fun spawning the aliens! That astronaut is certainly a tough one, swinging the sword and other weapons! I liked art and animation very much. Good job! :D 

Thanks for playing the game!! :D 

This is quite a clever take on the theme! With my potato camera controlling skills, I seem to be just nudging the guy along by hitting him with the camera periodically! haha! The art style looks good, and the gameplay unique. Well done! :D

This is definitely new, nice take on the theme! The movement certainly takes some time to get used to. After that, I feel like Robocop.. move slowly, methodically gunning down enemies... for a few seconds at a time, I only last a short time on each try. haha! Good fun nonetheless! I like the tutorial presentation.. if you can't move, no game for ya! haha! Good job! :D 

Nice take on the theme, gameplay is fun but challenging! I love the art style, and the vibe of the game! I knew I had to play it, when I saw a dragon/dinosaur and a cute princess on the thumbnail! Well done! :D

Nice take on the theme, the movement feels smooth, but my reaction times are still too slow to react, haha! I love the art and animation, it's so slick! Well done! :D 

I adore the noir detective vibe.. from the music, to art and ambience, to the voice over! The disappearing text did hamper my endeavour of creating an unsolvable mystery though! Well done for a thoroughly atmospheric game! :D

Release the Kraken!! :D
I like cheerful graphics, and music! Gameplay was fun too! Good job! :D

P/S: Shout out to a fellow Godot-er! :D 

The game mechanic is quite clever, and fits the theme well! The levels are well designed, making use of the available abilities. I had fun figuring out how to beat them! Well done on a polished and fun game! :D 


Strength in numbers! Thank you for playing! :D