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A very polished game, and addictive game! Really felt like the wild west, just barely staying alive as the dice can be cruel! haha! Best I could do was Day 10! Great job on a fun, addictive game! :D

Pretty cool game mechanic!! I thought it was going to be a slow burn puzzler, turns out it's a quick thinking dice rolling action game!! Trying to visualise how to map the dice's face still boggles my mind, but the animation of the dice rolling sure does help. Well done on making the game! :D

Dear gamedev, I would like make a police report of a case of missing time.. all I remembered was clicking onto your page, and suddenly lost a lot of time! :P This is my favourite game in the jam so far! Slick and smooth gameplay, relaxing music, yet superbly exciting and tense at the same time! Never know when those chain reaction explosion are going to happen pushing dice off the table... and yet I still try to make them happen... accumulating all the dice up in the corner, and ricocheting one lucky die from behind in there! The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward! Muahahaha! I'm also impressed at the physics, they felt natural, and I haven't encountered any stuck die situation! The icing on the cake were the satisfying sounds of dice rolling on the table, hitting each other, and exploding.. pretty awesome that you recorded those yourself! Very well done, for a fantastic game! :D 

Pretty cool game, I enjoyed it a lot! The dice rolling FPS game mechanic is quite clever, and surprisingly fun!! It takes some strategy, some reflexes, and some luck! I like the art style too, minimalist yet effective! I did encounter the dice replacement bug too, just needed to restart the game instead of using the Retry button. There were quite a few runs that I thought I was going to make it, but the my gun keeps jamming! As they say: It's not the die's fault, it's yours! haha! Well done on making a fun clever game! :D 

Chainsaw dice, that would be a cooler name for the game!! haha! Thank you so much for playing, and for the feedback! :D 

Yes, the controls do need some time to get used to! Thank you so much for playing the game, and for the feedback! :D 

A mind-bending arcade game with a sense of humour! The shooting is satisfying, and the movement smooth, I could do this all day... until the Button Dice spoils it all! haha! It does take quite a bit of effort to remap my mind to survive. Well done on a fantastic and funny game! :D

There's something really satisfying about the sounds of dice rolling on a wooden table top (great sound design)! I had good fun with the game, figuring out the powers, and trying to stay away from the little enemies! The art is top notch, consistent with the table top D&D theme. Good job on a well made game! :D

This game is certainly a brain teaser! Trying to visualise how to roll the dice to get a certain number takes quite a bit of effort for my tiny brain! haha! I do like the chilled atmosphere, and intuitive interface. The mouse is so cute! Well done, on a polished game! :D

Aww I'm so sorry that happen! I use a Windows PC, so I can't test the other platforms, just exported them! They used to work... perhaps I got a check box wrong, I shall look into it! Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention, and for attempting to play the game :) 

Thank you very much for playing the game! :D 
You've spoken the unspoken rule of game jamming, play thee other games who hath play thou game! ;)

Aww thank you for noticing the physics of the dice, spent half the jam trying to make it feel "right" enough! Yup, getting stuck between a dice and the wall can happen... good old collision shapes and maths eh! Thank you very much for finishing the game, and for the feedback! :D

I do like the concept, and the art style! I did get stuck on various things on the map, with swarms of enemies on me... it is not an easy game! The 3D golden dice are very fancy! Good job on making the game! :D

The game feels and looks quite polished. The chilled music creates a relaxing atmosphere. The gameplay is nice, combining strategic planning, and reflexes! As the other players pointed out, it certainly takes quite a lot of patience, as one wrong move, and we have to do all the levels again! Good job on a polished game :)

Polished, and clever gameplay! So many times, I've just painted myself into a corner due to not thinking it through. The art style, and music adds to the ambience. Well done, on making a fantastic game! :D

Smooth gameplay, great graphics, and challenging! Nice that there's a variety to the levels, with boss fights too! Took me a while to realise I can pick up powers with the mouse, without being near to them... game changer! haha! Good job on another polished game! :D 

Deceptively addictive and fun gameplay, and it certainly fits the randomness theme well! Very polished, the art, music, and feel is just right! As reported by Jaco, at a later stage, I encountered only claw (tooth), then no more upgrades after that... uncertainly whether I've the max level on everything, or it bugged out? I got till level 68 and died, else I would've been here slot machining it all night! Does it go on indefinitely? haha! Well done on a superbly fun game! :D

I had great fun playing the game, I do love tower defence! The randomness of the tower's ammo certainly adds an element of luck to the game! It's clever that the pricier the tower, the more sides the dice has, thus more chances of getting higher rolls... fits the theme so well! I do love the brightly coloured art, and the fantastic animations... the walking cards do make me laugh, they are like super models strutting down the runway! Well done on making a superb game! :D

Lots of chain explosions = satisfaction, I will remember that for the next game! :D As for the bar, it only charges up if we are spinning fast enough... and to spin fast, we have move fast. Sorry the relationship is a bit complicated. I'm glad you made it till the end! And sticking to the ceiling is intentional, I thought it would add some extra options for moving around ;) Thank you so much for playing, and for the feedback! :D

Superbly polished game, it was good fun dicing the enemies! It's not just spamming the attack button, takes some patience and planning! the random dice effects of every level certainly adds variety, I was down to 2 stamina at one point, plenty of circling the enemies and trying to hit multiple in one slash! Love the pixel art, and retro music! Good job on a game well made! :D

I had good fun throwing dice at the chess pieces, I do love some tower defence! Using chess pieces as enemies is quite creative, as each of them move differently! Well done on making a fun game! :D

Wow, this is a extremely creative use of the dice! I am able to complete a couple of levels, by painstakingly matching each track individually... I am thoroughly impressed by the game mechanic, and also the technical aspects of coding a game like this!! The interface is intuitive, and transitioning between windows is buttery smooth without losing a beat! Well done on making a fantastic game! :D

It's a fun game! I like the pixel art style! The randomness of weapon drops add variety to the gameplay! I didn't like the sword at first, but after a while, I love it, it seems to be the fastest, and most efficient weapon for killing the stronger bats!! Well done on making the game! :D

Does what it says on the tin, run around punching the big die into the small dice! Creative random effects! Good fun, well done on the game! :D 

Awww.. it's too bad you didn't get to finish the game! Great cover art though! Good luck for next time! :D

I do love a seafaring adventure, the art style is is full of piratey goodness! However, if I don't make it to port on a dice roll, the game seems to get stuck? I did ESC and Continue, and I got to port a few times... didn't encounter the any relics or any other adventures on high seas though. Good job on the game, cool cats! :D

A simple, yet addictive game! The leader board was a stroke of genius, kept me playing for way too long. Unfortunately, the sixes just love me.. especially when I get too greedy and keep going! haha! Full marks for atmosphere, one can only dream of being on beach, just throwing dice! I also read your post on having to pivot half way through the jam, I can totally relate... great that you managed to turn it around, well done on a game well made, and another game jam conquered! :D and oh, congratulations on the upcoming marriage, levelling up in life too! ;)

I'm sorry the controls are not working well... it's just WASD or Arrow keys on the keyboard. The movement may need some time to get used to, you can only jump after touching a horizontal plane (ground or ceiling). Thank you for playing the game, and for the feedback :)

Yes, the movement can be a bit janky, and unintuitive at points! I'm glad you managed to get the hang of it! Thank you so much for playing, and for the feedback! :D

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I like how zen and relaxing the game is! The puzzles have some challenge, but it was a nice level of challenge. I also like how clean and polish the design and interface is! Well done on a fantastic game! :D

Thank you so much for playing, and for the feedback! :D

Thank you very much for playing, and for the valuable feedback! :D 
Oh yes, that is certainly a pretty good score!! The higher the streak, the faster the calls come in.. so at your streak of 48, it will be Hectic! :D Which explains the sudden time interval drop you are seeing; once the streak is reset to 0, the call intervals resets too. Perhaps the call interval should be dependant on other factors too, not just the streak.
Not having to click on each socket would certainly save precious time, when things get hairy. 
Yes easy mode with the faces shown is a great suggestion.
Thank so very much for the input, I shall improve for next time! :D

You're an adrenaline junkie, works well under pressure! Thank you for playing, and for the feedback! :D I'm guessing you played it on one of the other platforms (apart form Windows), and it works... that's good to know, as I only have a Windows system to test with! :D 

Thank you very much for playing, and the helpful feedback! :D A way to cancel a connection would've been good, so it wouldn't destroy a streak or lose a life due to a mis-click! Winning back lives from some special combo is a great idea!

Well designed levels, interesting puzzles, and a fantastic challenge progression! Love the gameboy pixel art style, and retro soundtrack too! Good job on a well made game! :D

Nice dungeon crawler game that you've made! I like the chain lantern, and how t ricochets off the walls.. that's a nice little game mechanic, connecting the lantern to the flame pits! Well done on solid game :D 

Wow, such a polished and creative game!! The levels are well designed, and each have a little twist the the formula! I love the minimalist, smooth, and intuitive interface. Fantastic job on a well made game! :D

I love the mystery noir vibes this game has, made my hair stand various times just from the creepy atmosphere! The lighting and art are fantastic, really brings the world to live. Well done on a great adventure game! :D

Fantastically fun game! Such a creative and innovative gameplay mechanic, that fits the theme perfectly! The level designs are superb, gradually increasing in challenge, and introducing new methods along the way. Love the retro graphic style, and chilled music! Perfect package, well done! :D

Insanely polished, and fun game! The neon cyberpunk ambiance works really well. The game play is smooth, and exciting. The upgrades gives a sense of progression, and eggs me on! Very well done on a fantastically fun game! :D